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Best Betta Fish Food – Healthy + Colorful Betta

Betta fish are popular tropical pets that are easy to take care of. When you first get a Betta from a store, you want to make sure you have everything you need. A proper tank, filters, and plants are essential in creating a livable home for your fish.

However, if you want your fish to thrive one other important item must be considered.

Food for your Betta is among the most crucial components to your fish’s health and well-being. So you want to make sure you get the right food for your fish. Bettas are known to be picky eaters so this choice is essential.

With so many types of fish foods on the market, it can be hard knowing which food is right for your fish. You don’t want to buy the wrong food or lower quality food. In addition, you want to make sure that you are feeding your Betta properly.

Overfeeding your Betta can cause dire health consequences for your fish. So read on if you want to learn more about your fish, the food they eat, and what food to buy.

In this article, we will introduce you to the best Betta fish food. We will also give you useful tips so you make the most out of your food purchase. By the end of this post, you should be able to find a quality product for your pet to consume!

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Best Betta Fish Food: Six Great Options

Now you know a little bit about your Betta fish’s food needs. You also know what kind of food you can choose from. In the next section, we will provide you with a buying guide. This will make choosing Betta food easy and efficient. We want you to have the best Betta fish food. So we compiled a detailed list of foods that will be perfect for your fish.

In this list, we will describe the benefits of each product. We will also tell you some of the drawbacks. A lot of Betta fish products contain chemicals and other low-quality ingredients. This makes some foods unsuitable for your fish. As we have said before, your fish needs high nutrition food to live healthy.

With our list of top food, you will have no doubts and issues when you make your purchase.

1. Wardley Fish Food

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Wardley fish food is a pellet based food. It will have a suitable taste for your fish and meet all the nutritional needs of your pet. Wardley is well known among the fish keeping world.

This brand won’t fail to give you high-quality products for your fish at a low cost! Wardley also makes its products in America. This means that your fish food adheres to strict health and hygiene rules. So you won’t find any problems with the manufacturing of this product.

No chemicals or other artificial materials

Another selling point of Wardley food is their use of ingredients. Wardley does not use chemicals or other artificial materials to make their food. Everything in this product is natural and nutritious! Your fish will get its needed protein, some minerals, and other required vitamins to live healthily. This product will also prevent your water from becoming discolored or murky.

A lot of fish food can contaminate the water if it is left in the tank. This is not the case with the Wardley. Your water will stay clean and clear. And your fish will stay swimming with lots of energy.

Bettas will get plenty of calories in a small pellet. Their appearance will also look bright and shiny! So try this brand of pellets out. It is one of the best Betta fish food.


  • Made by a trusted company with a good reputation
  • Reasonable low price for a high-quality product
  • Pellets are full of calories and nutrition to fight off sickness
  • Pellets will not make your tank dirty or cloudy
  • These can be used exclusively to feed you fish
  • Will give your fish energy and make them look more colorful
  • Easy for your fish to eat this


  • A lot of nutrition but as much nutrition as live food

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2. Hikari Betta Bio-Gold Baby Pellets

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Hikari pellets are on the expensive side, but they are sure to be worth the money.

These floating pellets will stay on the surface of the water for a longer time. Bettas like to scavenge for food at the top of a tank. The properties of the Hikari pellets make it easy for them to do this. When your fish swims to eat its food it will be met with a nutritious snack.

The pellets are made of dehydrated meat and vitamin C. Bettas will get a lot of protein out of this product. They will also have a glossier and healthier look after eating the pellets.

Hikari pellets are on the smaller side, so you can feed them a bit more than usual. The company suggests giving your fish around five to ten pellets for every meal.

But make sure to test this out for yourself. See how much your fish is willing to eat and then go from there.


  • Floats well at the top of the water
  • Easy for your fish to eat and search for
  • Has a lot of protein in the pellet from meat
  • Contains Vitamin C which will help Bettas immune system
  • High-quality product worth the money
  • Keeps your fish looking good


  • Could cloud up your water if left in the tank too long
  • Is pricer than other pellets but not that expensive
  • Not as nutritious as other products

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3. Tetra Bloodworms

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Tetra Bloodworms are a dried-freeze fish food that works perfectly as a snack for your fish.

You don’t want to use this to feed your fish every day. But you can give this to your fish once or twice a week for extra protein. In nature, Bettas are known to eat insects. So they will definitely like the taste of these bloodworms.

This food will also help your fish’s health! When you put the worms in your tank, you will help stimulate your fish’s environment.

Your Bettas hunting and searching impulses will be encouraged to flourish. In the process, your fish can get a little more activity in your tank as they hunt. This is also a good product to have on hand if your fish isn’t eating.

Sometimes Bettas stop liking certain foods you’ve put them on. With the worms, you can give them a different option while you choose new food.

In the end, this product will give your fish something extra to eat along with their normal food. Tetra is a world-recognized brand so you won’t have to worry about the quality of this product.

We recommend you get this item to add on to the health and the nutrition of your fish’s diet!


  • Extra nutrition not seen in pellets and flakes
  • A ton of protein contained in this product
  • Will help your fish learn how to hunt better
  • Makes the tank have a more natural environment
  • Good price for this product
  • Can be used when your fish is not eating a lot
  • Good taste that your fish will love
  • Quality product from a quality brand


  • Doesn’t have all the nutrition needed for your fish
  • More of a supplement to be eaten with other foods
  • Can’t be used alone to feed your fish

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4. TetraBetta PlusFloating Mini Pellets

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This is another Tetra product that will help promote the health and happiness of your fish. You can buy the bloodworms along with these pellets. This way you make sure your fish has the healthiest diet. Or you could just buy the pellets and still get your fish all the nutrition it needs to thrive. Tetra Plus pellets are packed with great ingredients.

You won’t find anything artificial in this food. Everything in these pellets will boost your fish’s well-being. You can use the Plus pellets daily to keep your fish fed.

Bettas will get essential proteins and Omega-three’s. These nutrients will help your fish grow and stay disease-free. The formula of the pellets will also bring out the natural color of your fish’s body.

For a very low price, you will get great value out of this Tetra product. The food is made specifically to keep your water clean. It will also stay at the top of your tank so your fish can get at it easily.

On the whole, your fish will be satisfied and look forward to its next meal. This product is another contender for the best Betta fish food!


  • Great food at a low and reasonable price
  • High-quality ingredients used
  • Nothing artificial or unhealthy put into the pellets
  • Your fish will feel full on these pellets
  • The pellets float so it’s easy for your fish to get too
  • Formulated to keep your waters clear
  • Can be used every day to feed your fish
  • Small pellets that are easy to eat for Bettas


  • Not as many nutrients as live food

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5. Omega One Betta Buffet

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Omega One is a great pellet based food full of rich protein. If you want to make sure your fish has enough protein this is the product for you. You won’t have to buy a supplemental snack for your fish with this item. Omega one is made of a blend of salmon, shrimp, and robust herring.

This product has almost the same protein content as the Tetra bloodworms!

So you will get a lot of nutritional value in a single package of this food. Along with the protein, your fish will get its fill of fatty acids and other essential nutrients. All the ingredients are natural and filling for Bettas.

The pellets themself are small and easily digested by your pet. They won’t make your water murky, but they do sink to the floor of the tank. So make sure to clean up any leftover food. You can feed this to your pet each day without any issues!


  • Great nutrition and protein in this product
  • Won’t need to buy snacks for extra protein
  • Made out of natural materials that are healthy for your fish
  • Great price and value in this product
  • Food won’t make your tank look dirty


  • Not as nutritious as live foods
  • Food sinks in the tank quickly

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6. Zoo Med Betta Dial

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The Zoo Med comes packed with several types of snacks for your fish at a low cost!

The dial stores the snacks and can be turned to select a delicious insect for your Betta. There are bloodworms included, mysis, and daphnia. These freeze-dried critters are nutritious and brimming with protein. These can be great if you want to add some variety to your Bettas diet.

You can also use these as a replacement for pellets. If your fish likes their pellets though, you can add these as a snack once or twice a week. Either way, your Betta will get a lot of nutrition at a low cost.

There is a lot of food put into the wheel so you shouldn’t run out of this purchase easily. The wheel comes with a spoon to measure out the food too. Less than a spoonful should be enough.


  • A lot of snacks are put in these products
  • A spoon is included to help you measure
  • Insects with a lot of protein and nutrients
  • Great as a snack for your fish add variety to food
  • Cost-effective price for this product


  • Better used as a snack but can be used in place of pellets
  • Might take your Betta a little bit to get use to these snacks
  • Could cloud up your tank so take out uneaten food

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Betta Feeding Ring

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The last product on our list is not fish food. Instead, we have decided to include a fish feeding ring. This useful product will make feeding your Betta even simpler. As we have discussed throughout the article, Bettas love to eat their food from the top of the tank.

The Betta Feeding Ring will keep food in place at the top of the tank. This will make it simple for your fish to find their food and eat it!

The Betta Feeding Ring include suction cups. The set up for this product is hassle-free. You put the suction cups at the top of your tank and you are done. Just put the food in the rings and your fish can get to their meal. You don’t have to worry about turning down water flow or worry about food floating away.

This product takes care of these common tank problems. Another good thing about the food rings is clean up. You won’t have to scoop into the depth of your tank to clean out the food. Overall this is a cheap product we recommend purchasing in addition to your fish food.


  • Cheap quality product
  • Will make it easier for your fish to feed
  • Materials in the ring are safe for your pets
  • Any type of food will work with product
  • Good customer service from the company


  • Your fish won’t swim around as much in search of food

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The Importance of Properly Feeding A Betta

Feeding a Betta fish is not rocket science. Still, you don’t want to drop pellets in your tank without thinking. To keep your fish healthy, feeding should be measured and done at a regular time. A fish will need more or less food depending on its size. Keep this in mind when you feed your pet.

Most Betta eat two to three pellets per meal. If your Betta is on the bigger side give it three pellets. If you think your giving your fish to much food check the water. Leftover pellets floating in an aquarium means you have given your pet too much food. If you see this try reducing the amount of pellets you put in your Bettas tank.

When it comes to feeding times, you can give your Betta food once or two times a day. Older Betta can survive on one meal a day. Younger fish are different. They will need two meals per day to supplement their growth.

On the whole, though, you don’t want to overfeed you Betta. Your fish’s stomach will expand uncomfortably, and your fish can get constipated. Constipation can lead to a lack of appetite in your fish. It can also lead to a bloated stomach and a stringy white substances hanging from your fish.

Swimmers bladder

You want to avoid this because extended constipation can lead to further complications to your fish’s health. Swimmers bladder is one such complication your fish will develop.

This disorder stops a Betta’s swim bladder from functioning right. This organ helps orient your fish in the water and helps them swim upwards and downwards. If you notice your fish is not swimming around as much your fish might have this disorder. In this situation, the best thing to do is to stop feeding your fish.

Betta fish can survive up to fourteen days without food.

So it is better to skip a feeding and let the constipation run out of course. It’s not ideal starving your fish, but it is better than creating more problems with extra food. A small fast should fix their swim bladder and intestinal issues. If this doesn’t work try soaking your fish food in water before putting it in the tank. By doing this you soften up the pellets for your fish’s digestive system.

What Can Betta Eat

There is an assortment of food options when it comes to a Betta fish. Fish food comes in many forms and has different nutritional benefits depending on the type. Bettas have a big appetite but they won’t just eat anything you put in the water. So choose their food wisely!


Fish flakes are widely available and well-liked fish food. Fish flakes are inexpensive and found easily at any store. This makes them a popular food choice for new fish owners.

Flakes have all the basic nutrition your fish needs. However, they are less nutrient-rich than other products. Live foods or freshly made food will give your fish more benefits. So you won’t want to use flakes all the time. Try looking at some other food options for your fish.


Pellets better encompass the nutritional needs of your fish. They will give a fish the most nutrition in a small-sized pellet. You can use pellets to feed your fish every day.

This type of fish food is priced around the same as flakes. So consider giving them a try. We recommend this product the most for people new to Bettas. Pellets are among the best Betta fish food!

Freeze-dried fish food

The next type of food you can purchase is freeze-dried fish food. With this option, you get many of the benefits of fresh food, but the moisture is taken out. You can find freeze-dried food in the same section as live food.

This type is not nearly as nutritious as live food. Your fish will get more value out of it in comparison to flakes or pellet based food. Overall, freeze-dried food is pretty cheap and can be used on an everyday basis for your Betta.

Live Feed


Video: “4 Types of Live Foods for My Betta & How I Feed all of them”

The last and most nutritious food we will introduce to you is live feed. Live food is harder to get ahold of and can be a little pricer than other foods.

The benefits of live food are undeniable though. Your fish will live a longer and healthier life with this kind of food. Still, we don’t necessarily recommend this food for beginners. The upkeep for live food might be unappealing for people just getting into fish keeping. But if you are willing to do a little research you can reap the benefits of this substance. It just takes some effort.

Betta typically like worms or shrimp as live food. Cut up worms are the easiest and cheapest method of live feeding. If you want to keep things simple for yourself, then try getting frozen live food. They are a little less nutritious but you won’t have to worry about contaminated specimens. You just keep the food in a freezer.

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When it comes to your Betta fish, there are many great food options to choose from. Bettas are picky fish that won’t eat everything. That doesn’t mean you can’t find a perfect meal for your fish! From dried insects to pellets, to flakes and live feed many nutritious options exist.

We hope to have narrowed down these choices for you. Through this article, you will have learned how to best feed your fish.

Our buying guide also gave you several top of the line products. When you make your purchase you should be able to find the best Betta fish food!

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