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7 Best CO2 Diffuser For Aquarium Reviewed

When you get a CO2 diffuser, you want to get the best co2 diffuser for aquarium plants. To get the best possible product, there are a few things to consider.

First off, you want to make sure that your tank diffuser is made out of quality material. Some devices are made cheaply, and won’t work as efficiently as higher-quality products. Going with these options could result in poor results for your tank.

So get a device that is made of steel or glass and is well assembled. Luckily, we will be going over some products that meet these qualifications. So you won’t have to search for great brands. We have them all in this guide.

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Best CO2 Diffuser For Aquarium

In this next section, you will learn about some of the most popular co2 diffusers on the market. We want you to have the best co2 diffuser for aquarium plants. To make this a reality we put the most efficient and high-quality aquarium diffusers in our list.

We will tell you everything you need to know about these products. The pros to the cons of these devices will be explained in detail. So you won’t have to research a thing. So keep reading to get the best information on diffusers.

1. Fluval Ceramic 88g

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Fluval Ceramic is a basic diffuser that will meet all your plant’s needs. This device has a simple design that makes it easy to use for any tank owner. It’s also made of durable plastic material so it won’t break. This small disk-like product is best used in smaller aquariums. It doesn’t have the power for bigger tanks but will keep micro tanks full of CO2.

Installation is simple, all you do is put the diffuser at the bottom of the tank. A suction cup will keep the Fluval in place.

This product does not come with everything you need. But it works well for the price. You might have to purchase tubing separately.

But if you aren’t planning on spending a lot of money the Fluval can keep your tank full of CO2 for cheap. This isn’t an aesthetically pleasing diffuser, like some of the other products on this list. But it does get the job done for your plants and fish.


  • Good price point
  • Great size for small tanks
  • Easy to install and not hard to use
  • Uses quality ceramic plates to diffuse efficiently
  • Durable product that will last for a long time
  • You can replace the disks in these
  • Keeps your water health and full of CO2


  • Valve and tubing come separately but are cheap
  • No U-Bend
  • The Diffuser does not have a visually appealing design
  • Not powerful enough for big tanks
  • A little difficult to clean

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2. NilocG Aquatics

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The NilocG Aquarium diffuser is a pricy product, but well worth the money you will spend. The product does not come with tubing but has a valve included.

This is a high-powered device that will give you the best quality CO2 bubbles for your tank. Carbon will completely dissolve into your water and be absorbed by your plants. It is an efficient machine that is perfect for medium-sized to large-sized tanks.

The device is not large and can be installed into your tank without issues. Suction cups will help the NilocG stay in place and diffuse your aquarium efficiently. The product can be placed to work with your tubes in any position.

Alternatively you can connect it with your canister filter and use it external.

Overall, despite the price, we consider this to be a contender for the best co2 diffuser for aquarium plants. The NilocG is durable, powerful, and great for any aquarium owners.


  • Work well to get CO2 in your tank fast
  • High-quality fine bubbles that will permeate the water
  • Valves are included with the device
  • Easy to put into your tank
  • Not hard to use this device
  • Easy to clean out your diffuser
  • Durable product that lasts a long time


  • Can be expensive to get
  • No tubing is provided with the product
  • No U-Bend is provided with this model

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This video is about In-line CO2 Diffuser in general, it’s not exactly about the  NilocG Aquatics Diffuser

3. fibst CO2 Diffuser

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The fibst CO2 Diffuser is the most robust model on this list. The product is made from steel and will hold up well in the condition of your tank. The diffuser disk is made from ceramic and allows CO2 to move freely into the water.

Anyone who buys this product can expect great results with the mist like bubbles. In addition, to its great performance you the fibst is easy to use. You can take the disk out and clean it with ease. Installation is also pretty basic, just hook it to the side of your tank.

For new tank owners, these are good features to have. This makes using the product all the more easier.

Comes in three Sizes

The Fibst comes in three variations. All models have the same features and are made of the same material. The only real difference is the size. There is a model for a ten-gallon tank all the way up to a thirty-gallon tank. Choose the size that will work for your specific tank. You want CO2 to diffuse properly in your water, getting the right size will ensure this.

On the whole, this is a sleek and stylish looking diffuser that creates the perfect quality of bubbles. The price is not too bad, and you get to choose your own size. Fibst is another contender for the best co2 diffuser for aquarium plants.


  • It’s made of out stainless steel for great durability
  • There is a warranty for this product (upwards of two years)
  • Tubes and the U-Bend are provided with the fibst
  • Nice design that is not clunky or ugly
  • Works well and keeps co2 flowing in your tank
  • Three great sizes to choose from
  • Good price for a quality diffuser


  • You can’t adjust the height of the diffuser
  • No valve included with this product
  • Can’t use this for tanks over thirty gallons

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4. JARDLI Pollen Glass CO2 Diffuser

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The JARDLI Diffuser is made of strong glass and gives you great all-around quality. JARDLI looks visually appealing in the water but also works efficiently. The plates in this product are made of ceramic and will stay in place. They are fused to the glass so you won’t have to worry about your product being damaged easily.

JARDLI also has some of the best gas pressure out of any product on this list. You can get this model to output sixty bubbles every minute. This is perfect if you have a lot of plants in your tank and need maximum amounts of CO2.

JARDLI bubbles are fine, mist-like, and dissolve in your water quickly. Bubbles will disperse in tanks up to seventy-five gallons!

Two models of this diffuser product are manufactured. Both of them have the same features but differ in their sizing.

The first diffuser has a width of one point five inches and works for twenty to fifty gallons tanks.

The second diffuser’s width is two inches and works with tanks that are fifty to seventy-five gallons. Again, you want to choose the right size for the best outcomes.


  • Has a U-Bend included with it as well as tubes
  • Good quality plates come with this
  • Very good price point for the diffuser
  • Powerful pressure creates best bubbles
  • Works for very big tanks at multiple sizes
  • Nice design that looks nice in your tank


  • No valve included
  • Sometimes algae can get stuck in it
  • Not a good option for small tanks

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5. ST International Aquarium Glass Diffuser

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The ST International is a budget diffuser, but don’t let it’s cheapness scare you! This product is known to produce high-quality CO2 gas and bubbles for planted tanks. It’s made of glass and can be mounted on the inside of your tank with a suction cup.

ST International diffusers will keep aquatic fauna well dosed with CO2. They bring bubbles to all corners of a tank without issue. This way your plants will stay in top shape.

While this diffuser provides you with much value, there are some downsides. The structure of this device is sturdy, but you don’t want to drop this product.

Some customers also complain about the noise of the diffuser. But if this isn’t a problem for you, the price and performance makes it more than worth your purchase!


  • Cheap price that won’t cost you a lot
  • Easy to put in your tank
  • Good bubbles made from this device
  • Not too hard to clean this device
  • Will give you your needed Co2 for plants and tank


  • Can be a little on the noisy side
  • Not super durable so be careful with it
  • No tubing included with this

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6. STARSIDE Aquarium CO2 Regulator

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The next diffuser to consider is the StarSide. The good thing about this model is that it has a valve, as well as a U-bend included with it. You will get everything you need with this diffuser kit. This also means you get quality tubing!

The well-equipped StarSide Diffuser can be purchased for a very low price. It has one of the lowest costs on the list and you get all these great features with it.

In terms of specification, the StarSide is made from glass and houses ceramic plates. The body of the device is bell-shaped and pretty sizable. Most reviewers praise the bubble quality of the StarSide.

Overall, this is a quality product. When purchasing this diffuser you won’t be disappointed by its CO2 diffusion! Your tank will have better water quality and your plants will be healthier.

Consider the StarSide if you want the best co2 diffuser for aquarium plants!


  • Good price for a great product
  • Made of quality materials
  • Well shaped for proper CO2 diffusion
  • Come with a U-Bend, tubes, and a valve
  • Nice fine bubbles that are not too big


  • Hard to get out for a cleaning

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7. Rhinox Nano CO2 Diffuser

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The last diffuser on this list is the Rhinox Micro. If you have a small-sized tank you’ll want to get this product. Rhinox Micro is designed for tanks under twenty gallons. Smaller fish and less demanding plants will benefit from the Rhinox. This is also an ideal product for people new to planted tanks. Installation is quick and only takes minutes.

The Rhinox Diffuser is also easy to use and highly durable. The glass body of the Rhinox allows for a good-sized diffusion site. It won’t break easily, and it has a simple design that is just as functional as other larger products.

Rhinox bubbles don’t come out of the ceramic plates as fast as other diffusers. Still, this low flow can be good for smaller sized tanks. You don’t always want a lot of water flow or movement with some fish. Something else to consider is the price. Not all tank owners have tons of money to spend.

The Rhinox diffuser is great if you are on a budget. This is the cheapest diffuser on the list, and it still manages to give you great CO2 bubbles.


  • Has a U-Bend with it and tubes
  • Made of high-quality glass
  • Works well for the price
  • Good if you wanna save money
  • Keeps the needs of small tanks in mind


  • No valve comes with this
  • You do not want to use this on larger tanks
  • Lower power than some of the other devices

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Importance of CO2 in Planted Aquariums

When you have a planted tank, your greenery requires certain nutrients and elements to survive underwater. Carbon is a key building block in plant growth. This element helps your plant stay healthy and thrive underwater. Plants use carbon, in the form of CO2, to gain energy. Without carbon dioxide, aquatic fauna can’t develop properly. They don’t have the power to grow. Sometimes they stop growing entirely and die.

To prevent this, you want to know the signs of Carbon depletion in a planted tank. The best indication that a plant is low on CO2 is discoloration.

Underwater leaves can turn brown or yellowish. This means you need to do something fast for your plant. When the leaves of your plant start to wilt they will fall off into the water.

Another potential sign that something is wrong with the carbon levels in your tank is algae growth. You might notice excess algae growth when your plant is not getting enough elemental carbon.

Avoid Algae

Tanks with plants possess the perfect environment for algae growth. The high-intensity light, nutrients, and other plant products make it easy for algae to grow. Normally though, this is prevented by your plants. They absorb the nutrients before any algae can form and take them to grow.

When your plants are not in peak condition this becomes a problem. Plants are not growing enough, and not taking in nutrients from the tank. Instead, algae absorb nutrients and grow wildly in aquariums. This can be bad for your fish and other plants in your tank.

Having carbon, or more specifically carbon dioxide helps keep plants healthy and prevents algae build-up. Unfortunately, though, there aren’t tablets or supplements that can add in CO2.

On the whole, tanks don’t have enough carbon dioxide, not like natural water environments. Whatever carbon is in the water is absorbed by plants for growth. Other remnants of CO2 can be depleted by water movement.

If you want to keep CO2 levels high in an aquarium, you’ll need to get a CO2 diffuser. This way you can add carbon directly to your tank and give your plants the best water conditions.

What is a CO2 Diffuser

A CO2 diffuser helps put CO2 in your aquarium immediately. This is accomplished through air pressure and specialized equipment. The most important component of these devices are diffuser plates. These plates are equipped with pores and are made of durable metal or ceramic. With these parts, CO2 is allowed to diffuse through the water, in the form of gaseous bubbles.

CO2 diffusers are easy to install and are usually put in a tank with a pair of suction cups. You can fully submerge these devices in the water. We recommend putting your device near the bottom of your tank. This allows CO2 to reach all areas of your tank with ease.

How does a Diffuser Work

Diffuser utilize high pressure to push gas through tubing and into your tank. The shape of the container and the tubes are important to the performance of your diffuser.

Spiral shaped tubes in diffusers offer the best surface area and results. So you want to consider going with this shape.

Bell-shaped diffusers and cone-shaped diffusers can work as well though.

No matter what form you go with, make sure your diffusor have enough power. Your tank requires a certain quality of gas.

This way your plants can get all the CO2 it needs. If you don’t have the right bubbles coming out of your diffuser your plants will not live long. You need a lot of pressure to achieve the right results.

For instance, you don’t want to get a diffuser with yeast reactors. These types of reactors will not give your device the force it needs. You’ll know you have the best CO2 diffuser when you see pollen like bubbles or microbubbles. Bigger bubbles will not help your plant absorb carbon.

Choosing the Right Size

Next, you want to get the right size diffuser for your tank. This seems like an obvious requirement, but some people don’t choose the right sized device. Not adhering to size requirements can be disastrous for your tank.

You never want to get a device that is too small for your tank. If you get a smaller diffuser, you won’t have enough surface area to properly distribute carbon. This makes your device next to useless, especially in larger tanks.

If you get a diffuser meant for a ten-gallon tank you can’t expect it to work right for bigger tanks.

Especially if you fit it in a tank twenty gallons or more. CO2 diffusers need as much surface area as possible to get carbon into your water. With ill-fitted products, you get insufficient carbon dioxide diffusion in an aquarium. Which might lead to your plants dying.

Extra Items

One last thing your diffuser should provide you with is good tubing, a u-bend, and valves. Unfortunately, some products don’t provide these items. You don’t want to spend extra money on these items so make sure they are included with your purchase. The tubes in your diffuser are essential to the functioning of your device.

As we mentioned before, the shape of the tubes is important. Shape dictates the flow of carbon gas in tank water and the quality of your gas.

Valves are another feature that could help you manage carbon in your tank. You can control the pressure and flow of gas in your tank. Which is ideal if you need to adjust settings.

Lastly, U-bends helps properly connect your diffuser to its tubes. This way it can get gas bubbles out of your device.

Not all products have this, but if you want the best co2 diffuser for aquarium plants keep this in mind.

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Planted aquariums should have the best possible environment to thrive in. CO2 is apart of this equation.

Without CO2, your plant won’t be able to grow and live inside an aquatic tank. CO2 diffusers help fix this problem and deliver CO2 directly to your plants.

In this post, we showed you the importance of purchasing these devices. We also introduced you to many top aquarium diffusers. Hopefully, you found the best co2 diffuser for aquarium plants.

Getting a quality product should not be hard with all the information we provided! Now your plant can live healthy and happy in your tank for many years!

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