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11 Best Fish For 29 And 30 Gallon Tank (With Pictures)

Large tanks can look great in your home. However, if you want something that is a little more manageable, try purchasing a thirty-gallon tank.

Thirty-gallon tanks are the perfect size for people new to fish. Tanks of this size are also great for people that have been fish keeping for a long time.

Really, the best thing about a thirty-gallon tank, though, is the variety of pets you can put in them!

All kinds of fish can be put in a tank this size. And, you can really mix and match plants and decorations in 30-gallon tanks. This way you have the exact aquarium set up you want.

Still, you might not know which fish breeds are right for a tank this size. So, in this post, I will get into the best fish for 30-gallon tank setups.

You’ll get to know each fish species so you can pick out the best pets for your aquarium.

Best Fish For 30 Gallon Tank Setup

The following fish will look great in your tank. These are generally peaceful and easy to care for pets.

They will also make your medium-sized thirty-gallon tank look amazing!

I’ll get into their temperament, look, and needs briefly so you can get the fish you want. And, by the end of this post, you should be able to create a nice community tank!

Harlequin Rasbora

Harlequin Rasbora is the first fish species I will recommend putting in a thirty-gallon tank. These pets are pretty colorful and they have a really friendly personality.

They get along with a lot of other fish species. So, they are ideal if you want to create a tank community in your thirty-gallon tank.

Rasbora is a small fish so you can fit a lot of them in an aquarium. They are small and like to be in a large group. I would say that you need at least eight to ten of these fish together.

Harlequin fish come in a few color combinations but you usually see them in black and orange. Or they have red and black colors.

These fish like both meat and green foods. So make sure to feed them properly, as well.

Overall these fish are great for 30-gallon tanks. They are one of the best fish for 30-gallon tank setups.

Platy Fish

Platy fish are the next breed I will introduce. The platy fish are not hard to take care of in a thirty-gallon tank.

So, if you want a simple fish to care for, these are great tank pets. They are small and they come in all kinds of great colors.

So you can have a lot of different hues and tones in your tank. Luckily, the platy also likes to be in a group.

Again, I would recommend getting a few of these fish in a group together. This will make them feel more comfortable in a large 30-gallon tank.

But, the platy, like the Rasbora, will do well with other fish breeds. Don’t be afraid to put them in with your other pets too.

These are very peaceful fish to have in a thirty-gallon tank.

Molly Fish

Molly fish are another small freshwater fish that will love being in a thirty-gallon tank community.

In addition, they are very popular with all types of fish keepers. It is not hard to find a molly fish and you can get them at a very affordable price.

Like the platy fish, you can also pick and choose which color pet you get.

Molly fish are not fussy pets at all. You can put them in a range of tank conditions, as these are very flexible and adoptable pets!

I would suggest putting in plants or other types of cover.

Your molly will feel a lot better with extra coverage, especially if you have other pets. Keep a few of these fish together in a group too!

Cardinal Tetra

Cardinal Tetra or Paracheirodon axelrodi

Cardinal Tetra is a type of neon tetra pet that is becoming more popular. This particular fish breed is red and has a nice shiny look to it.

They are small and like to live in a bigger schooling group. But they get along well with most of the fish on this list.

So that is definitely a plus. It can be a little hard to get their tank conditions just right. However, they are not overly difficult to care for.

Cardinal Tetra, are fun and great looking fish to have in a thirty-gallon tank. They do well on flake type foods and won’t give you much trouble.

Consider keeping your Cardinal school as one gender, though. These fish lay tons of eggs and can breed fast.

So if you want to keep your tank population under control have a tank of all-female Cardinals or all-male Cardinals.

Cory Cat Fish

Cory Cat Fish are not large fish, as the name might suggest. In fact, these small pets are another great addition to your tank community.

You can keep these fish in a small group, and they only grow a few inches.

Cory catfish have the look of a catfish and they love being around other pet fish. They are friendly but do have a shy side to them at times.

So, tank coverage will be important for this breed.

For the most part, you will find your Cory at the bottom of the tank. They like to explore the bottom regions of your tank. They will even clean up this area of the tank at times.

On the whole, this is a great breed for thirty-gallon tanks!

Bristlenose Pleco

bristle nose pleco

Bristlenose Pleco also likes to stay near the bottom of your tank like the Cory. These particular plecos are more compact and won’t overtake a tank space, though.

They are not the most social pets, but they do get along with other types of fish breeds easily. Bristlenose likes to clean up your tank too.

And, best of all, they live a long life in your tank. These fish are not difficult to care for in a thirty-gallon tank.

And, they mostly like tanks with a lot of vegetation and coverage!

German Blue Ram Fish

German Blue Ram Fish requires a lot of skill. So, I don’t recommend getting this fish as a beginner tank owner.

However, if you know what you are doing and want a more exotic pet this is a great fish for a thirty-gallon tank.

The German Blue Ram is multicolored and great to look at. It is friendly with other pets, as well.

But, it needs plenty of space to hide and swim in. So make sure your tank is adequately prepared.

And make sure the water conditions are exact and perfect for your fish.

Hatchet Fish

Hatchet Fish is another pet that will require a higher level of care. Hatchet fish come in a few colors but silver is a popular hue for these pets.

Hatchet fish are beautiful and have an interesting shape.

So, they can add to your thirty-gallon tank environment if you are willing to put in the work. You will need to put at least six of these fish in together, though.

And, make sure you have the right plants in your tank for this pet. Hatchet fish really like floating plant material.

Ember Tetra

Ember Tetra is similar to Cardinal Tetra. They are colorful, small, peaceful, and like to be in a bigger group.

This fish comes in deep red color and will swim energetically throughout the space of your thirty-gallon tank.

With Tetra, though, remember to have plenty of plants in your tank. And don’t forget to feed your school of fish plenty of food.

Guppy Fish

Guppy fish come in a ton of variety. These small fish have all kinds of designs and colors that will match well in a thirty-gallon tank community.

The guppy is also docile and easy to place with other fish. Which guppy you decide to get is up to you, though.

All of these fish are generally small and easy to care for. A lot of people new to fish keeping get these pets.

Just ensure that you get a group of these fish and buy them together. This way you don’t isolate your guppy fish.

Rainbow Krib

The last fish breed I will talk about is the Rainbow Krib. If you like colorful and vibrant fish, the Rainbow Krib is perfect for your tank.

Most of the color on this fish is found in its belly. Luckily, though, the Rainbow Krib is not a difficult fish to care for.

Though it looks unique, it is pretty simple setting up and maintaining a tank for a Krib.

In addition, these friendly fish can be bought alone and don’t need to be apart of a school.

In fact, you want to keep your Krib away from other Krib fish. They could start a fight with each other.

Other than this, though, the rainbow Krib can be a great addition to a thirty-gallon tank community!

Get plenty of plants, and fill your tank with other community fish!

Why Get a Thirty Gallon Tank?

Video: “29 Gallon Aquarium Pros and Cons: Should You Buy a 29 Gallon Fish Tank?”

Thirty-gallon tanks are a great option for all kinds of fish keepers. Again, many types of fish and plant life can go into a tank this size tank. You can even fit up to eight to ten pets in your water.

Sometimes, you can put even more fish in a thirty-gallon tank. It just depends on the type of fish you are putting in your tank.

So, you are not limited to your options when choosing this particular size. In addition, though, if you have not handled a tank before, this can be a great size aquarium for you.

Smaller tanks can be harder to manage actually. Filth accumulates much quicker in a smaller vessel.

However, when you get something over ten gallons, you won’t have to worry about maintaining your tank as thoroughly. Tank waste spreads out more thinly in the water. And, an array of tank equipment can better handle the filth in your tank.

This doesn’t mean that you never clean your tank. It just means that you don’t have to struggle to upkeep your tank as much.

In addition, thirty-gallon tanks come in a lot of fun and stylish designs and shapes. You can get almost any type of tank for your home.

And the prices on these tanks range from affordable to more luxury prices. So you can find something that will fit into your budget easily.

How to Set up A Thirty Gallon Community Tank

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Thirty-gallon tanks can be set up in a number of ways. In this final section, we’ll talk about the basics of setting up a tank this size, though. To start off, don’t forget to cycle your tank.

You want your tank water to have plenty of good bacteria growth. Your water should also have the right conditions for your pet fish. This way the fish in your thirty-gallon tank will do well and live a longer and healthier life.

Once the water is set up, and the temperature and conditions are ideal, purchase your fish. You should have done a little bit of research on your fish beforehand.

This way you know if your fish will be okay in this size tank. You can also match the temperature and water to your specific fish breed.

If you are planning to add more than one fish species to your tank, this is especially important. You want to look online and see if your fish breeds are compatible.

And an important thing to consider is personality and care needs. If one fish is aggressive, then it should not be with a more docile type of fish.

Really, you want to put friendly and peaceful fish together for the best outcomes. Of course, you also want your fish to be able to live in the same water conditions, as well.

After you know your fish can live together, make sure you have high-quality tank equipment. Get a good filter and lighting system.

If you need to warm up the tank water, also purchase a good water heater. Then, finally, you can add in decorations and other fun items for your pets!


Thirty-gallon tanks can host all kinds of beautiful pet fish. In this post, I talked about the best fish for 30-gallon tank setups.

This is just a shortlist, but you should have an idea of what species you can put in your aquarium.

Just remember, not all fish will be able to stay in the same aquarium water, though. So, I highly recommend doing a little more research about your fish. This is just to be safe!

Also, with this info, you will know for sure that they can cohabitate together peacefully. And, don’t forget to set up your tank with care.

I went over a few tank care tips too. From getting good equipment to preparing your tank water conditions.

You want to do everything you can to have a successful 30-gallon tank community!

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