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Best Food for Neon Tetra Fish – Top 5 Review

While cats and dogs are an evident and cheerful comforting company, fishes just make things better with their silent presence and fascinating characteristics.

Neon Tetras are one easy species to keep in your house.

When you are a beginner you need to research and learn about the way the species you got lives. It’s quite a hard task as it is a living creature you are dealing with.

One wrong move and the little mute creatures may be dead without even knowing what killed them. While this happens as an accident, you will be left with both deep grief and guilt.

In order to prevent such a state, you have to find the best food for neon tetra fish. Well, it is obvious all fishes need clean water and food to live.

You could feed them freshly brought worms from the lake but it is more convenient to buy fish food then catch it.

Therefore, our buying guide will help you find out which food serves neon tetras best and the reviews will introduce you to a few of the like.

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Tetra Blood Worms Freeze Dried Treat

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What exactly could be better than providing your pet with its exact favorite food?

Apparently, Neon Tetras love bloodworms and this Tetra Bloodworm is just the perfect food for them.

It comes as flakes and with just the right amount of protein for your Tetra Neons.

The size of the flakes is quite small and perfect for the Tetra Neons.

In fact, the description says it is great for Betta fish as well but most customers complain that it is too small for Betta fish- but perfect for Neon Tetras.

Other than that, Tetra takes care to remove the toxic stuff from the bloodworms so that the fish face no trouble.

Lastly, you will find this in100 ml packer with 0.28 ounces in them. You can store the food in the freeze.

And, it lasts quite a while unless it turns sawdust-like. Also, take care to not touch the food as it can cause allergies.


  • Just the right protein choice for Neon tetras.
  • Right size for the small fishes.
  • Good amount in a packet.
  • Quite affordable.
  • It lasts quite long and can be stored.


  • Caution when handling as it may stir allergies.
  • Not the best for Betta fishes as described.

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Hikari Tropical Micro Pellet Fish Food

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Neon Tetras have a small mouth and smaller the food the better. Therefore, this Hikari Tropical Micro pellet fish food is just what you need for them.

In fact, the micro pellet size is quite good enough for Neon Tetras and you get it in the form of pellets too.

You will find two sizes of packets to choose from- 1.58 ounces and .77 ounces. However, you may find this brand a bit expensive.

It does not fall back in case of quality. Apparently, these pellets have a nice blend of both marine and vegetable protein- just like your Neon Tetra would prefer.

Furthermore, it does not create a lot of waste either. You will like dealing with this food.

However, while it says it semi-floats, it often shows various levels of floating. Sometimes it just sinks right away and at times it does not want to sink even when it should.

So, consider how and from where your Neon Tetra likes to eat when buying this.


  • A very good size of pellet for Neon tetras.
  • It offers both marine and vegetable protein.
  • Packets that last a while.
  • Usually, semi-floats which is good for Tetras.
  • It does not produce a lot of waste.


  • A bit expensive.
  • The trouble with floating levels.

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TetraMin Nutritionally Balanced Tropical Flake Food for Tropical Fish

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Finally, something that takes care of everything for you! Apparently, it is not the only protein that Neon tetras need.

They need other kinds of nutrition as well and this TetraMin flake food has everything balanced in it.

It comes in the form of small flakes which is great for Neon Tetras. Although it is meant to float on top or middle, it often sinks and collects at the bottom.

But, not all of them. In a few cases, people even got bad packets with clumps. So, it is best if you check the expiry date well.

Other than that, this is quite an affordable package. The food is colorful and comes in quite a number of packet sizes.

You will find it in 0.42, 1, 2.2, 7.05-ounce packets. Also, if your needs are larger then you find them in 2.2 and 4.52-pound packets as well.

The food contains prebiotics in it which makes digestion easier for the fishes.


  • The great size of flakes for Neon Tetras.
  • It comes in quite a number of package sizes.
  • Quite affordable.
  • Completely balanced diet.
  • It has prebiotics which helps digestion.


  • Settles at the bottom.

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API Fish Food Flakes

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Want a carefully chosen diet for your lovely Neon tetras? Then this API Fish Flakes may be able to satisfy your fish’s pallets and also nutrition needs.

Apparently, this brand provides you with a perfectly balanced diet for your fish.

In fact, it contains high-quality amino acids from menhaden and squids in it. What the amino acids help with is digestion.

Your fish digests the nutrition better and produces less waste for you to deal with. In fact, this fish food not only supplies the correct nutrition but also makes sure your fish gets it.

The problem you may face is the size of the flakes. Apparently, they seem to get bigger at ties which is not ideal for your Neon Tetra.

Other than that, you may prefer buying from a store as the Amazon ones often do not have the green flakes that it is supposed to have.

You have the option to choose from a number of sizes- 0.36, 1.1, 1.7, 2.1 and 5.7 ounces. Furthermore, this food lasts for a while.


  • Supplies a balanced diet.
  • It makes the food easier to digest.
  • Reduces the waste produced and keeps the water clean.
  • Available in a variety of sizes ad is affordable too.


  • The flakes may get bigger at times.
  • The online bought ones often do not have the green flakes.

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Hikari Fish Food

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If you eat fish, you know that there are important vitamins you get only from fish. So, fishes need their vitamins too and this Hikari fish food has the right amount of vitamins for your fish.

In fact, fishes can get scared and stressed too and the vitamins act like their savior.

Furthermore, other types of nutrition are also provided. The best thing, however, is that this fish food is quite fresh.

You can store it in your freeze but it tries to supply your fishes with the freshest food.

Apparently, these are made by drying in the freeze which takes care of harmful bacteria as well. So, it is quite a good option for fishes.

However, the size of the pellets may be a bit big at times.

While the container is quite creative allowing you to sprinkle the food easily- the pellets often cloud the water and settle at the bottom.

Otherwise, you get to choose from a number of sizes like- medium, 0.42, 1 pack, 8 oz, and 8,8 oz.


  • Quite a safe choice for fishes.
  • It provides the fish with vitamins.
  • Fulfills other nutritional needs as well.
  • Quite affordable and comes in a variety of sizes.


  • Pellets may be a bit large at times.
  • Might cloud the water and settle at the bottom.

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What do Neon Tetras Eat?

Neon Tetras are beautiful creatures lighting up the room and they are quite curious as well.

In fact, just like many of us foodie humans, they like to get a taste of things. They will east almost anything they can fit in their mouths.

However, there are a few favorites. For example, bloodworms are something they absolutely love. They eat insects, insect larvae, even small eggs.

Furthermore, they like to eat brine shrimp, daphnia, microscopic animals, some plants and vegetables as well.

As you can guess, these creatures are not very choosy when it comes to food. Good for you!

Best Food for Neon Tetra Fish: The Buying Guide

 You have to know what to feed your neon tetras and the options you have first to choose the right food for your precious Neon Tetra.

Let’s take a look at the factors that affect you when you are buying.

The form of food you are offering

When you feed a baby, you make sure that the parts are small so that there is no choking risk. This is a similar concern when it comes to fishes.

Apparently, they probably won’t choke as they cannot even gulp in a huge piece of food.

But, when you are providing them with dry food, you have to be a bit careful as you want the fishes to eat the food and not let it go to waste.

Here are the many forms of dry food that you can give them:

Flakes: These are food in small thin sizes that are very easy to eat for small fishes like Neon Tetras. Furthermore, it is quite available as well.

Crisps: When something floats, fishes have the tendency to check them out. Neon Tetras have a greater tendency to check the object out.

Crisp tend to float for quite a while. As a result, it will be gone long before it sinks. Furthermore, they don’t create a lot of waste.

Granules: These take time to sink and also usually spread around the tank. As a result, fishes can reach their food easily.

Tablets: These are the heavier ones and sink quickly. Fishes that stay at the bottom or like to get their food from the bottom are the ones that require this kind of form of food.

Wafers: They sink quickly but are also larger. So, not a very good option for Neon tetras.

Sticks: This is longer so larger fishes find this food appealing, not Neon Tetras.

Pellets: These come in a number of sizes, if you have Betta fish in your tank then you can use the smaller pellets for your Neon tetras as well.

Blocks: If you are going on holiday, you may not be able to take care of your fishes. In these cases, leaving a food block behind will take care of the matter. Food blocks are blocks of food that the fishes bite through for days, gaining their nutrition to survive.

Therefore, you have to select from these the form of food you want to supply to your Neon tetra.

A Fully Balanced Diet

Just like humans need a fully healthy and balanced diet to live healthily- fishes do too. As you know Neon tetras eat a variety of foods.

So, they do need all kinds of nutrition.

Therefore, when you are looking at only one brand or one packet of food to supply to these fishes, make sure it has the “Balanced” features.

Because then the brand itself takes care of everything your neon tetra needs- even things you were not aware of.

A diet that is rich in protein

The little Neon tetras actually need good sources of protein to survive and grow. In order to provide them with the best, make sure the brand you choose contains protein from bloodworms or shrimps.

Not only do the Neon Tetras love the taste- but they also get exactly what they need to survive in the best way.

The Amount of Waste Created

It is always the food we eat that goes out. So, you have to make sure that the food your fish eats does not produce an amount of waste that could be toxic to its being.

As the waste fishes produce gets dissolved in the water itself- you will have to care about what you make it eat. High levels of ammonia can really harm your fish.

The Size of the packet and How long it stays fine

You do not want to supply your fish with expired food or food that rots fast. That will cause digestive problems and lead to death.

So, check the amount of food you need, the packet has, and how long it lasts. The food you can keep stored in freeze usually lasts quite a while.

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Fishes as pets are quite precious and fascinating. While you will love taking care of them and seeing them get excited when they see you because they expect food- it is not an easy job.

It is hard to tell when a fish is sick and not getting the nutrition it needs.

This is why you have to research and find the best food for Neon Tetra fish what is out there. However, there are many available and choosing one is not easy.

But, now you know of the factors to consider and what makes some the best. So, good luck to you and your little friend!

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