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Top 7 Best Goldfish Food Brands – Feeding Guide & Review

Searching for the perfect food which offers a balanced diet that your goldfish needs is a process of trial-and-error.

However, there are lots of companies that sell a variety of food for goldfish and it may be impossible to try every single one out there before you could find the perfect one.

There is no need to worry though. In this buying guide, we will provide you with all the information you need about goldfish feeding and the best goldfish food brands.

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7 Best Goldfish Food brands

hungry goldfish waiting for food

What follows is a list of the top 7 best goldfish food brands along with a detailed review of each, to help you determine which one suits your goldfish’s needs the most.

TetraFin Balanced Diet Goldfish Flake

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The TetraFin Balanced Diet Goldfish Flake is especially formulated for the optimal diet of a goldfish. It is made with ProCare, which is a health-enhancing formula that strengthens your goldfish’s immune system. It contains a precise blend of vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids, biotins, and immunostimulants.

Flakes are the most popular kind of fish food. Flakes are much thinner than pellets and are therefore easier for goldfish to digest. However, flakes lose nutrients rather easily.

Clean and Clear Water formula

TetraFin contains a Clean and Clear Water formula, which is designed to help prevent the flakes from leaching colors into the aquarium water.

The main ingredient is fish meal, which is essentially the parts of a fish which are left after all the edible parts have been removed. These leave the least nutritious parts of the fish such as the organs, bones, and fins.

Three of the ingredients – brown rice, feeding oatmeal and wheat gluten – are grains, which goldfish are not used to eating in the wild. The grain fillers give the flakes a better flavor, but the goldfish digestive system is not built for digesting grains. Also, TetraFin contains artificial coloring which may have a negative effect on your goldfish’s overall health.

TetraFin may be a delicious treat for your goldfish, but it may not offer the most nutritional value.


  • easier to digest
  • won’t leave aquarium water dirty
  • better flavor


  • not the healthiest option due to fish meal, grain fillers, and artificial colors

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Repashy Super Gold 

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Repashy Super Gold comes in a gel form, which is the easiest to digest for goldfish and contains a more optimal nutrient ratio. Its gel structure also means that the food holds together well and won’t dirty the aquarium water.

It may be more expensive than most lower-quality food like flakes and pellets, but the quality of its ingredient profile definitely makes up for it. Repashy constitutes a balanced meal, with a combination of high protein and a variety of natural ingredients which are especially good for the sensitive swim bladders of both fancy goldfish and slim-bodied goldfish alike.

The preparation process

Since Repashy Super Gold is packaged as a powder, you need to set aside some time for its preparation. It should be mixed using a 3:1 ratio, which means that for every one part of powder, there should be three parts water.

The preparation process is fairly simple. You can either microwave the water, or use the stovetop method of heating it up. Once the water is simmering, add the powder and whisk until combined.

The next step is to pour the mixture into a container of your choice and let the gel set. Once it has settled into a gel-like consistency, cut it into bite-sized pieces for your goldfish. Store any leftover gel food in the fridge or freezer.

One serving can last up to a week, so keep in mind that you shouldn’t prepare more than a week’s worth of gel food at a time. Also, depending on how many goldfish you own, a 6 oz. tub can last around one to two months.

Repashy may need additional prep time but it’s easier than having to clean out water periodically because of the cloudiness left by other kinds of food like pellets. The quality of its ingredients also far outweighs its price.


  • good for fancy goldfish with sensitive swim bladders
  • high-quality ingredients with no gluten or grain fillers
  • doesn’t make aquarium water cloudy
  • one of the best goldfish food brands


  • requires a little more prep time
  • a bit pricier than flakes and other lower quality food

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API is one of the leading companies in the aquatic industry and has been researching and producing marine products for over 50 years. They developed tiny goldfish food pellets that are easy to digest. This is great for baby goldfish that are still growing.

API goldfish food pellets are specially formulated with nutritionally-enhanced protein to aid digestion and reduce ammonia production by 30%. Less ammonia means cleaner water and fewer aquarium cleanups. Too much ammonia is also bad for your goldfish because it can cause damage to their gills.

Helps enhance a goldfish’s colors

The pellets also contain ingredients such as garlic, yeast, and vitamins C and E, which are good for the immune system. Spirulina and carrot are also included in its formulation, which helps enhance a goldfish’s colors.

These API pellets are sinking pellets, which means that it is more difficult to retrieve if there are uneaten ones. Uneaten pellets that remain at the bottom of a tank can decompose, making the water unclear and dirty. Multiple customer reviews have mentioned that although this product cuts down the amount of ammonia produced by your goldfish, it still clouds up the water in an aquarium fairly quickly.

This product packs the nutritional value for your goldfish, but you might end up having to change the water in your tank every once in a while.


  • contains high levels of protein
  • includes ingredients that are good for the immune system


  • clouds up tank water quickly

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Aqueon Goldfish Granules

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The Aqueon Goldfish Granules is a mix between goldfish flakes and goldfish pellets, which could be perfect for goldfish that are picky eaters. Given its smaller size, it is easier for goldfish to digest. It is also specifically designed in a way that your goldfish can eat more and make the most out of its food without creating a lot of waste, leading to clearer and cleaner water.

These granules are packed with the vitamins and nutrients that goldfish need to stay healthy, including protein, vitamin C, Omega-3 fatty acids, and other natural ingredients and colorings. It also contains spirulina which helps enhance the vibrant color of your goldfish.


Aqueon Goldfish Granules are slow-sinking, which are suitable for fish that swim near the bottom of the aquarium during feeding time. Food that float too close to the surface may lead to your goldfish ingesting too much air, which can be bad for your goldfish’s health. With these granules, both your floaters and bottom-feeders will be able to feed safely.

Aqueon Granules is one of the most budget-friendly food brands for your goldfish. One downside to it is that due to the size of its granules, they can get sucked into filters. However, this small issue can be overlooked because of all the other benefits.


  • easy to digest
  • natural ingredients and colorings
  • slow-sinking granules
  • budget-friendly


  • granules may get sucked into filters

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Omega One Goldfish Pellets

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Omega One Goldfish Pellets are all-rounder pellets that are specially formulated for the sensitive digestive system of goldfish. Three of its major ingredients – whole salmon, whole shrimp, and whole herring – are made up of real and fresh seafood sources.

These pellets are rich in Omega 3 and 6 that are helpful in improving a goldfish’s energy and immune system. It also contains six different highly unsaturated fatty acids (HUFAs), which are long chains of energy consisting of a combination of carbon and hydrogen that help build fat.

No artificial colors from dyes

Omega One pellets are also high in beta-carotene from salmon skin which helps enhance the color of the goldfish. No artificial colors from dyes were used for this product. Instead, the natural vibrancy from the salmon skin was used as a colorant.

On the other hand, there were multiple product reviews which revealed that the pellets have the tendency of making the aquarium water quite cloudy. This may be due to the fact that these are sinking pellets, which makes the retrieval of uneaten pellets more difficult.

Another observation was that the small pellets are extremely tiny, even described as having the same size as a flea. Purchasing medium or large pellets is recommended unless you have the tiniest of fish.


  • uses real fish and shrimp
  • contains Omega 3 & 6
  • high levels of beta-carotene


  • makes tank water cloudy
  • small pellets are too tiny

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Hikari Saki-Hikari Fancy Goldfish

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Hikari products focus on providing goldfish with premium diet formulations. Saki-Hikari Fancy Goldfish contains pellets which have been researched and tested specifically for the best nutrition of goldfish.

Saki-Hikari pellets are rich in protein, containing 45% percent of it. Protein is important for a goldfish’s growth and energy. Its high level of protein means that it is great for both young growing goldfish as well as older ones.

The pellets are also made up of 7% fat, which is more than the requirement of at least 1% fat level for a goldfish’s diet. Fats are essential components of hormones, nerve cells, and cell membranes. It is also a source of stored energy.

High-quality food for goldfish

Having a lower fiber content means having less waste from your goldfish. Typically, fish food should only contain around 3-5% of crude fiber. Saki-Hikari pellets contain no more than 3% of crude fiber, which makes it a high-quality food for goldfish.

The formulation for Saki-Hikari pellets includes a perfect amount of Astaxanthin. This is a carotenoid which is a pigment that helps produce the red, yellow and orange coloring of your goldfish. Along with pure-cultured spirulina, the Astaxanthin works by enhancing the red tones of your goldfish without affecting the white areas.

Another interesting feature that makes the Saki-Hikari pellets stand out is that it contains a scientifically developed living probiotic called the Hikari Germ, which has been patented by the company. It is a strain of Bacillus bacteria that multiplies in the intestine and hastens the digestive process. It also decreases the bad bacteria present in the digestive tract, which prevents further infection of your goldfish.

Aside from these, the pellets also contain a rich combination of vitamins such as vitamin A, C, D3, and E. These vitamins are essential for a healthy goldfish immune system.

Saki-Hikari pellets may be on the more expensive side of the fish food spectrum, but it ensures that your goldfish will have a premium diet which would positively impact its overall health and growth.


  • provides a healthy and balanced diet
  • great for both baby and grown goldfish
  • contains color-enhancing formulation and living probiotic
  • one of the best goldfish food brands


  • more expensive than most fish food

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New Life Spectrum Goldfish Regular Pellet

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The New Life Spectrum Goldfish is composed of tiny sinking pellets, which make it easier to digest. This leads to enhanced water clarity in the tank. The pellets also help keep the pollution level low because it can stay intact in the water for hours without disintegrating.

Its formulation includes Antarctic krill and squid as the two of the major ingredients, which gives it a high source of protein. Other ingredients include whole fish, seaweed, spirulina, fruit, and vegetable extracts, as well as vitamins and minerals. It does not include fillers, hormone additives, soybeans, or any artificial color enhancers, making it a balanced diet for your goldfish.

Contains essential nutrients

The ingredients in the pellets contain essential nutrients that help boost your goldfish’s immune system, and enhance its color spectrum at the same time.

The pellets sink slowly and take a longer time to spread out, which gives your goldfish more time to eat without leaving a cloudy residue in your tank water. However, some customer reviews have shared that not all pellets may sink to the bottom, and instead remain near the surface or end up getting stuck in filters. To remedy this, some goldfish owners suggest soaking the pellets in water first before dropping them into the aquarium.

New Life Spectrum Goldfish may be pricier than other fish food brands, but its high-quality formulation makes up for it.


  • easy to digest
  • improves water clarity
  • enhances goldfish color


  • on the more expensive side
  • some pellets don’t immediately sink

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Feeding Ring for Goldfish

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Given that a goldfish needs utmost care to ensure that it is getting the proper nutrition to keep it healthy, it may sometimes be necessary to take extra steps to make sure that your goldfish is getting the most out of its feeding time. One way to enhance your goldfish’s nutritional experience is by using a feeding ring whenever you’re sprinkling fish food into its aquarium.

A feeding ring is especially useful for picky eaters. Some goldfish may be too shy to eat with others or are just finicky in nature. Using a feeding ring to feed special food to the picky fish, while sprinkling standard goldfish food towards the general population, can help ease the feeding process.

While feeding your goldfish, some of the flakes or pellets may end up floating towards unwanted areas like filters. A feeding ring will trap any food debris, which helps keep the water in your tank clearer and cleaner.

Using multiple feeding rings can also prevent bullying among your goldfish. You can start by filling one ring with food to attract the more aggressive fish first. While those fish are preoccupied with eating, you can then fill another ring with fish food for the more timid goldfish to eat.

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How to Feed Your Goldfish

A goldfish is one of the most popular pets that a kid can own and are often thought to be “simple” pets, but taking care of one isn’t exactly just a walk in the park.

Feeding goldfish can be a bit of a challenge because you have to make sure that you don’t overfeed them. Overfeeding your goldfish can lead to problems with their swim bladder and intestines.

According to RSPCA Australia, an independent animal care and protection charity organization, it is important to only feed your goldfish two to three times daily, with just enough food that they can finish under two minutes. You must also retrieve any uneaten food so as not to contaminate the goldfish tank.

How to Choose The Best Food for Your Goldfish

When dealing with goldfish, one of the most important aspects of keeping them healthy is to ensure that they’re getting the proper nutrition. Finding the best food brand for your goldfish is all about making sure that the product has all the protein, fats, and essential vitamins and minerals that your goldfish needs.

Protein is required for a goldfish’s growth and development, and it is recommended that their diet should consist of about 30-45% of protein depending on their age. Fat is a good source of energy, which is why goldfish must have 5-10% of fat in their diet. Like humans, a goldfish also needs vitamins such as vitamin A, D, K, and folic acid, as well as minerals like zinc, iron, and magnesium.

Goldfish food comes in different forms and sizes. There are commercially-made food such as floating pellets, sinking pellets, flakes, and gels. Goldfish also eat live food such as brine shrimp and bloodworm, and greens like shelled peas and boiled or blanched vegetables.

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Goldfish require a specific balance of nutrients to maintain their health, which makes feeding your goldfish a much harder task than it sounds.

Choosing the best food brands for your goldfish can be difficult, but with enough research and proper observation, you will be able to find the most suitable one for your beloved pet.

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