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10 Best Plants For Aquaponics Fish Tanks

Isn’t it soothing to have natural greenery by your sight?

A busy life requires such calming factors to put you at rest and bring you close to nature’s beauty. Would you also want to keep fish in your house?

Those colorful and fascinating beings do look magnificent and increase the aesthetic value of your entire home. If you love both of these miraculously captivating and enthralling beings, investing in an aquaponics fish tank will help.

Owning such a fish tank will allow you to have both fish and plants indoors. Keeping both these things side by side will help both grow healthier.

This arrangement of fish tanks allows both the creatures to remain in clean water and develop a healthy life-cycle.

For providing the nutrients to the plants present at the top, the waste material from the fish is quite helpful. While on the opposite side, the presence of plants guarantees a cleaner and safer water for the fish.

Hence, in aquaponics fish tanks, you can observe a mutualistic relationship between the fishes and the plants.

If you are wondering about the plants that you should grow in your aquaponics tank, here is all that you need to learn.

What Are The Considerations Regarding Plant Growth In Aquaponics Systems?

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Heading straight to the growth of plants won’t be the best step to take. So, here is a list of all the things that you must consider for the better development of plants in your aquaponics fish tanks.

  • The type of system that is under your use.
  • It is essential to take the requirements of different plants in your consideration.
  • The environment is one of the dominant factors.
  • Do think upon the installation site and the needed space for your system and plants.
  • The ratio of fish to plants is yet a critical point to work on.
  • Think about your priorities. Get to know the plants that you want to grow and research well upon them.

If you want to know all the details, keep reading.

Which Are The Best Plants For Aquaponics Fish Tank?

Before going on to planting in your fish tank, you need to remember the fact that in such structures, you cannot grow all sorts of plants. So, it is quite vital for you to know about the ones that can develop well and the ones that are not appropriate.

To offer you help in getting all the required information, here we are going to tell you all about this topic.

The following list of plants is appropriate for you to grow healthily in your aquaponics fish tank.

As these plants require plenty of water for their roots, they will achieve ultimate success in developing amazingly. Have a glance at the following list of best plants for the aquaponics system.



If you are more interested in growing green vegetables, then growing an arugula plant will suit you best. In the case of this plant, you will not have to invest hard in its care. Also, the development cycle of Arugula is quite quick.

This potassium, antioxidants, and vitamin C enriched plant will begin flowering quite early by taking only four days.



This plant, known as Kale, is enriched with numerous vitamins and minerals as well. The favorites of this plant include a colder environment, and being in an aquaponics system can provide them this factor through a constant supply of water.

The growth of this plant through seeds is quite rapid.



With your aquaponics fish tank, thyme is yet another herb that you can grow efficiently. After planting this herb into the developmental bed, you can get the growth covered in almost five to seven weeks. It not only develops rapidly in an aquaponics environment but also smells fantastic.



Who doesn’t love the juicy taste of strawberries? What if we tell you that you can successfully grow these as well in your aquaponics fish tank? You will undoubtedly be happy to know this.

The growth bed of aquaponics can help in growing these plants plentifully. Just as many other plant types, you can also use the transplantation process to grow strawberries.

In the case of strawberries, it is important to maintain the proper and required humidity level and temperature for better yields.



When it comes to aquaponics systems, one of the most popular and easy growing plants are known to be lettuce. You can choose to use the roots of already grown lettuce plants or seeds to plant these in your system.

The best aspect of this plant is its quick maturation. On average, the cycle of development for lettuce takes about forty days.

Out of the vast range of varieties of this plant, you can choose to grow anyone as they are suitable to develop with aquaponics. For the successful growth of Iceberg and Crisphead, you would have to provide increased nutrients supply.



If you want to grow chives, an aquaponics system is great for this plant as well. Such plants require a moderate pH level and aquaponics are ideal for providing this benefit. The best way for you to grow these plants is to transplant them before their full maturation.

Carrying out this process in six to eight weeks will prove to be ideal.

But why not use seeds? Well, in the case of Chives, developing them through seeds can be a bit hard. However, you can still try this process out; it’s just not the easiest way.



Watercress is yet another plant that you can choose to grow. You will get the benefits of vitamins A, K, and C, coupled with high antioxidants with this advantageous herb.

The plants take three to four weeks for growth once you plant their seeds in your aquaponics fish tank.



Tomatoes can prove to be an amazing plant choice for your aquaponics fish tank, particularly in the case of a full aquarium. The reason behind their efficient growth in these systems is that they require the same pH level that aquaponics systems offer.

Prior to actually planting the tomatoes in the tank’s growing beds, it is crucial for you to remember that you must wash their seeds for making them free from the soil that can have adverse effects on your fishes.



Aquaponics systems provide a perfect environment for herbs to grow healthily. This is the core reason for basil to grow efficiently in these units.

As a fresh herb, basil combines perfectly with vegetables and meaty dishes. The balance of pH level is important for the growth of these herbs.

In the case of aquaponics systems, the pH range of water lies in the neutral zone. As for basil’s growth, a pH level of 6.5 to 7.2 is ideal.



About this plant, in particular, the broad structure of roots does its job in making it grow efficiently with the aquaponics fish tank. Other than having a favorable pH in the soil, the humid conditions and sunlight also affect their growth positively.

Another factor that they require is ample space. Aquaponics fish tanks have the potential to meet these specifications. However, the placement of the tank should be at a place that is wide and gets proper sunlight as well.

Which Plants Cannot Grow In Aquaponics Fish Tanks?


Although many different forms of plants are best for you to grow in your aquaponics fish tanks, some are not as appropriate. Here are some examples of the plants which may find growth difficulty.



You will not be able to grow Chrysanthemums when it comes to the growth of plants in aquaponics fish tanks. Want to know the reason? Here you go:

  • In the case of Chrysanthemums, the needed pH level of the soil is more than 7.0. However, aquaponics being neutral cannot provide this factor.


The following reasons explain the ineffective growth of potatoes in such systems.

  • They grow best under the soil.
  • They do not require plenty of water for growth.
  • The absence of the required environment leads to poor and shapeless growth


Blueberries are yet another type that is not appropriate for you to grow in an aquaponics fish tank. Here’s why:

  • Blueberries flourish in acidic pH levels.
  • The pH level of the aquaponics system is moderate or neutral.


Aquaponics fish tanks are one of the most appealing systems that can bring relaxation into your life. The combination of fishes and plants and the observation upon how these two beings help each other in thriving is remarkable and hard to put into words.

However, one important factor before making the decision is to know about the best plants for aquaponics fish tank.

Plants that require neutral pH and wet conditions will thrive amazingly in these systems. Examples include tomatoes, basil, lettuce, and many more.

But, having an idea about the ones that do not grow well in aquaponics systems is also critical.

These plants include the ones that do not require much water and need pH levels that are below or above the moderate level. Potatoes and blueberries are the best examples of such plant types.

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