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6 Best Substrates For Shrimps In 2023

You can put all kinds of aquatic pets into your tank. However, a pet shrimp is a great choice for your aquarium. They require less care than fish and take up less room in tanks.

So, you can fill your water with many of these energetic pets. Still, you want to create the best environment for your shrimp in their new tank.

Filtration and lighting are two important components of shrimp care, but you also need a good substrate for your tank.

In this post, we’ll talk about the best substrate for shrimp. You want a high-quality substrate product for your pet shrimp.

I have gathered up six different substrates for you to choose from. I will also talk about the good and bad points of each item.

So keep reading to find out what you need to know about substrate and shrimp.

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Fluval Plant And Shrimp Stratum

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The first substrate I will talk about is from Fluval. Fluval is a great aquatic company that makes some of the best products for tanks.

The [amazon link=”B00JMABYUO” title=”Fluval Shrimp Stratum” link_icon=”amazon” /] is no exception. It can be bought in multiple sizes and is priced at an affordable rate for shrimp owners. You can get this product at either four pounds, or all the way up to eighteen pounds.

It’s the same substrate for all buying options. You are just buying it in bulk when you go up in weight.

There is also an option that comes with a separate plant growing liquid which you can put into the substrate. The extra cost of this option might not be necessary, though, if you don’t have a planted tank.

Overall, this active substrate is a great product. It helps lower the Ph in your tank and is made from high-quality and mineral-rich materials.

The main ingredient of this substrate is volcanic soil. This is great for your shrimp tank!


  • Many size options, you can get up to eighteen pounds of this substrate
  • Great quality substrate that comes from the trusted Fluval company
  • Great price for this shrimp substrate
  • This Fluval product is specifically formulated for shrimp
  • Offers good coverage for newborn shrimp


  • Could be on the heavy side for some tanks, not lightweight like other substrates
  • This substrate could cloud up your tank a little bit, though
  • In larger quantities, this product could get expensive

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Dennerle Scaper’s Soil

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[amazon link=”B00LFWSXCO” title=”Dennerle Scaper Soil” link_icon=”amazon” /] is more on the expensive side for shrimp substrates.

Still, this product is worth your money if you want an all-natural substrate for your shrimp tank. I highly recommend this product for shrimp tank owners.

This is an active substrate, so some shrimp won’t fit with this substrate. But, for the most part, your shrimp should do well in this soil.

And, if you have any plants, they will grow exceptionally well in the Dennerle Soil.

Dennerle Soil promotes filtration in the water, as well. It also keeps your water looking clear and does not create cloudiness in your tank.

Some substrate products can discolor your water, but this soil won’t do that.


  • Great organic substrate for shrimp
  • Promotes plant growth in large planted tanks
  • Keeps your tank looking clear and without cloudiness
  • Helps with biological filtration for shrimp
  • Has many nutrients and minerals that your shrimp may need


  • This shrimp substrate is a little on the expensive side
  • Made for plant growth specifically, so not all shrimp will benefit from this substrate
  • This is an active substrate so some shrimp species might not fit with this product

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UP Shrimp Sand

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[amazon link=”B005VS1I0M” title=”UP Shrimp Sand” link_icon=”amazon” /] is made specifically for your pet shrimp. This sand substrate looks natural in your shrimp tank and has a lot to offer your shrimp.

It is fine-grained and not hard to clean at all. It is also offered at a great price and won’t have you spending tons of money on your aquarium.

In addition, many people like the color and texture of this sand. It comes in a black hue and looks really great in planted and non-planted tanks.

This is not an active substrate. But it does have some nutritional value for your water. So, if you have plants they can still benefit from this product.

Overall, this is another great substrate product for your shrimp. Especially if you want something simple and easy to take care of, I recommend buying Shrimp Sand.


  • Made specifically for your shrimp tank and health
  • Very good price for this shrimp product
  • Nice color and texture that won’t bother shrimp
  • Good for large amounts of shrimps
  • You get up to four pounds of sand


  • Some people might not want a sand substrate
  • Does not help grow beneficial bacteria

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Brightwell Aquatics FlorinVolcanit

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[amazon link=”B00NRAPQN6″ title=”Brightwell Shrimp Substrate” link_icon=”amazon” /] is another active substrate to consider. If your shrimp need a substrate that will lower the Ph of their water, then definitely get this product.

Brightwell is well known for its high-quality active substrates. This item is also made from volcanic soil like the Fluval. So, you know you are getting great quality for your shrimp!

This is an expensive substrate, but you can buy the Brightwell Substrate in two pounds all the way up to twenty-four pounds.

All the substrate buying options are the same, only the amount of substrate differs.


  • Many size options with this substrate, up to twenty-four pounds can be bought
  • Great quality and high-nutrition content in this product
  • Good if you need an active substrate for your shrimp
  • Nice black color that makes your shrimp pop in their tank


  • Very expensive shrimp substrate
  • Not every shrimp owner will need an active substrate like this one

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CaribSea Eco Complete

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[amazon link=”B0002DH0QM” title=”CaribSea Eco Complete” link_icon=”amazon” /] is considered to be one of the best substrates for shrimp in any tank. I highly recommend getting this product for your shrimp if you have the money.

This substrate can be a little expensive for some people, but it is worth the cost of your shrimp.

CaribSea is a complete substrate, but it is inert. It won’t change the Ph of your tank water, so if this is something your shrimp needs, you might want to go for a different brand.

Still, this is the perfect option for tanks with plants in them.

Especially if you have plants in with your shrimp, you should consider getting this substrate for your aquarium. It will help greenery really flourish in your shrimp’s water.


  • Great substrate product for shrimp tanks
  • Very high quality and helps plants grow in your tank, as well
  • Really great for Cherry Shrimp in particular
  • Prevents excessive amounts of algae from growing in your tank
  • Has good bacteria injected in it to promote tank health and filtration


  • Could be too expensive for some shrimp owners
  • This is an inert substrate so not all shrimp can use this substrate

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CaribSea Samurai Soil

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The final substrate I will talk about is another CaribSea product. The [amazon link=”B079J8LVQK” title=”CaribSea Samurai” link_icon=”amazon” /] is a soil type substrate. This particular soil substrate is made specifically for your shrimp.

And, unlike the previous substrate, the Samurai soil is an active substrate. So you will be able to change the Ph of your shrimp tank with this product. Some shrimp species will not benefit from this.

But if your pet needs a certain Ph range, you can purchase this product for a much lower price than other substrates I have mentioned.

In addition, CaribSea is loaded with beneficial bacteria, which can improve your shrimp’s health. The Samurai is made to improve the conditions of your water.

It will keep your shrimp tank clear and free of excessive amounts of pollutants and waste. On the whole, this is another great substrate for your shrimp!


  • Good price for the Samurai Soil
  • This is an active substrate that quickly lowers the acidity of shrimp tanks
  • Has biological filtration properties and contains good bacteria
  • High-quality product that offers great value for your shrimp tank


  • This is not an inert substrate
  • This will not help your planted tank grow like other products

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Why Your Shrimp Needs Quality Substrate?

It is possible to have a bare bottom tank and still house your shrimp. However, I do not recommend setting up a shrimp tank without a substrate in it. A quality substrate is essential for most shrimp species.

This product is also beneficial to your shrimp’s health and growth. Especially if you plan on breeding shrimp, or have a large number of shrimps in your water.

If you only have a few shrimps you could get away with not having a substrate, though. Still. once you have a lot of shrimp substrate is necessary.

First off, substrate helps aquatic pets, like shrimp, feel safe in their environment. If your shrimp do not feel safe in their tank they will not be as happy or healthy. So, this is one point to consider.

In addition, though, some shrimp need specific water conditions to thrive. Shrimp substrates, like active substrates, help your tank stay in balance. They can help house beneficial bacteria and even lower the Ph of your water.

Lastly, if you are breeding shrimp, young shrimp like to have somewhere to burrow down into as they grow. If you don’t have a substrate, this could inhibit the breeding process.

Types of Substrate You Can Choose From

Video: “How to Breed Shrimp: Substrate, How Much and What Kind, Choosing the Right Substrate for Shrimp”

There are two types of shrimp substrates you can choose from. You can get either an active substrate or an inert substrate. The type of substrate you will need depends on the type of shrimp you have.

We’ll briefly go over the differences between these products here. Active substrates, like the Fluval substrate, help to lower Ph in shrimp tanks. They have certain materials that work to bring down the acidity of your tank water.

An inert substrate, on the other hand, does not lower Ph. These types of substrate keep the water conditions exactly as they are. One substrate is not better than the other.

Again, the needs of your tank will depend on the type of shrimp breed you have in your tank.

So, do your research and see what kinds of substrate products your pets will need. This way you can find the best substrate for shrimp in your tank.

How to Find The Best Substrate For Shrimp

To find the best substrate for shrimp, you want to look over the different types of substrates offered carefully. Pick something that comes from a good brand, and that is made of high-quality materials.

Really, shrimp can be put in several types of substrate. You have active and inert substrates to choose from, of course. But there are also other materials to choose from, as well. From gravel to soil, to even sand substrates.

I recommend getting a shrimp product that looks good with the rest of your tank setup. Shrimp don’t have a particular preference for their substrate. They will do well in any kind.

However, the sand substrate can look more natural in your tank, even if it’s not great for filtration purposes.

Gravel can be good as well, but it can get dirty, and is harder to clean up.

Lastly, the soil substrate is something to consider, as well. It is full of nutrients and is great if you have plants.

But you will have to replace this substrate over time, as it has the potential to degrade over the years.

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There are tons of substrates to choose from for your shrimp. I have gone over many different substrates here, both inert and active.

Shrimp need a good substrate to really thrive and stay healthy in their home.

With the help of our article, you should have found the best substrate for shrimp in your tank.

You want to do some research to make sure you have gotten the correct substrate for your shrimp breed.

Overall, though, if you follow our advice and stick with reputable products made of high-quality material, your shrimp should do great in their home!

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