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Betta Fish And Snails – Can They Live Together?

Loving nature and trying out different ways to get closer to it will never get old. No doubt that modern life has taken sudden turns and drove us close to machinery. But, nature still remains on top for granting us a calming and relaxing session of freshness.

So, what are you planning to get a pleasing sight of nature?

How about a fish tank or an aquarium?

Amongst all the beautiful creatures, fish have proved to be the most aesthetically pleasing because of their attractive colors and types.

In this regard, the best fish are the most beautiful and favored ones. But, not having enough information about the best tank mates for them can prove to be disastrous.

So, what can you have in your aquarium along with the betta fish? There are many options which won’t be great to have with the bettas.

But, do not worry as snails will suit this situation in the best possible way. Let us take you on a detailed tour to know everything about keeping betta fish and snails together.

What Conditions Do Betta Fish Require?

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If you want to keep betta fish and snails together in your fish tank or aquarium, it is critical for you to first look into the conditions that betta fish require.

The pH level and temperature of the water are the most important points. So, let us go through a suitable pH level and water temperature for betta fish.

Water pH Level

For the healthy overall growth and development of the water-based creatures, it is crucial to take care of the nature of water as per they require.

If the pH water does not suit your fish, this factor can have adverse effects on their life.

In the case of betta fish, you will have to maintain the pH level of your tank at 7.0. This means that this type of fish prefers neutral water.

However, as 7.0 is the ideal figure, do not hesitate to maintain it between 6.5 and 7.5. Many snails will also require the same. Hence, keeping them with your bettas will be suitable for you.

Water Temperature

The level of pH is not the only matter of concern. You will also have to get your focus on the suitable temperature of the water that betta fish require for living healthily.

If you want to know the ideal temperature for you beat fish, the answer is 78 degrees Fahrenheit. However, not every tank mate will match at this point, right?

For this reason, getting to know about the suitable range can aid you. So, for letting your bettas grow healthily, it would be suitable for you to have your water’s temperature ranging from 74 degrees Fahrenheit to 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Finding specific types of snails that require the same water temperature can pave the way for you to keep both these creatures together.

What Types Of Snails Can You Keep With Betta Fish?

Betta Fish and snails can live together, but there are numerous types of snails. So, how will you choose between them?

Each type has different sets of requirements. Having proper information on them will lead you to choose a better tank mate for your bettas.

Have a look at the below-mentioned details and decide which one you would want to have.


Turret Snails

Malaysian Trumpet snail by David Elliott (CC BY 2.0)

There is another name for Turret snails as well. You may know them by the name ‘Malaysian Trumpet Snails.’ These snails are able to grow up to 1.5 inches, and their lifespan lasts about one whole year.

If you want to add these with your bettas, they will thrive amazingly in there. The requirement of these snails regarding the pH level ranges from 7.0 to 7.5. This matches the favored pH level of bettas. Hence, keeping them together won’t be a problem for you.

Oh, but wait. We haven’t looked at the temperature requirement yet. Turret Snails will live amazingly well if the water temperature is 70 degrees Fahrenheit to 78 degrees Fahrenheit. This is yet another point that is almost the same as the requirement of betta fish.

If you cannot give much time in the maintenance, these snails will prove as a great option for you as they do not require much care. You will just have to keep an eye on the water conditions of your tank.


Nerite Snails

Zebra Nerite Snail by TheJammingYam (CC BY-SA 3.0)

If you want to have Nerite Snails along with beat fish in your tank, you will be cheerful to know about certain facts. The pH level that these snails require is 7.5. At this level, betta fish can also flourish equally well. So, mark this point as a positive one and then move on to the temperature requirement.

The requirement of the water temperature of Nerite snails is somewhat similar to bettas as well. The appropriate temperature range for these is from 72 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit. As they are not too big and grow from ¼ to inches only, your tank will not become crowded as well.

The different colors and patterns that these snails exhibit will undoubtedly turn your tank into a pleasing and entertaining one. One of the best facts about these is that they are quite helpful in removing algae from your tank.


Assassin Snails


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The size of the Assassin snails goes up to 3 inches. This size is exactly similar to that of betta fish. Hence, you will not have to confront any trouble by finding bigger tanks. As far as the lifespans are concerned, these snails’ life can last up to 2 years.

But, what about the level of pH and water temperature that they require? You won’t be having any issue in keeping both betta fish and Assassin snails together as they also require matching water conditions.

For the pH level, you will have to maintain it between 7.0 and 8.0. As bettas can also thrive well from 7 to 7.5 pH level, this point will not be a challenge for you. As for the temperature, maintaining it between 75- and 80-degrees Fahrenheit will help your snails live healthily.

Assassin snails require meat as a compulsory component for their healthy diet. If you add some free worms in your tank, both betta fish and these snails will love having it.


Ramshorn Snails

Ramshorn snails are not much different than Turrent snails. The lifespan of these snails is up to 1 year. As far as the size of these snails is concerned, their maximum size ranges from 1 to 1.5 inches.

In case of the required pH level by Ramshorn snails, it suits them is you maintain the water pH level ranging from 7.0 to 7.5. Hence, these points justify the reason for them being great tank mates with the betta fish.

However, as the temperature is also vital, we would like to state that having water temperature from 70 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit will suit perfectly well to your snails. As bettas prefer the same temperature, you can keep both easily together.

If you do not have many plants in your tank, having Ramshorn snails in it would be the best idea. Why so? This is because these snails can thrive amazingly well by feeding on old food and algae as well.

If you are worried about the upkeep, be happy because these snails do not require much of that as well. Once you make the water conditions favorable for them, there is not much that you will have to do afterward.


Mystery Snails

Apple snail by Chapulines (CC BY-SA 4.0)

These two-inch sized snails will prove to be great tank mates with betta fish. How so? Well, the conditions that they require are quite similar to those of bettas. Let us come to the pH level first of all. Mystery snails will flourish healthily is the water’s pH level is between 7.0 and 7.5. Almost the same as the bettas, right?

But what about the temperature? If you are finding the answer, then we would like to tell you that the Mystery Snails prefer a wide range of water temperatures.

The betta favored temperature also fits between these numbers. For Mystery snails, you will have to keep the temperature between 68 degrees Fahrenheit and 82 degrees Fahrenheit.

The best part about having these snails in your tank is that you will not have to invest too much effort in looking after them. They are quite easy to handle. A prominent benefit that these snails will provide you is by removing algae and maintaining the colors of your tank.


Pond Snails

Pond snails, you must have heard this name, as these are the most popular and common types amongst them all. Pond snails reside on the plants and often become camouflaged.

These snails do amazingly well in keeping your tank clean and healthy. Their work for the removal of algae from your tank’s glass is undoubtedly commendable. Moreover, they are also great to remove old, rotten food and dead plants from the bottom-most part of your aquarium.

But, if you want to keep betta fish and snails of this type together, do remember that you will have to be skeptical about the two most important aspects. Firth up, it is the required pH level.

Ponds snails will grow healthily if you succeed in maintaining the pH level of water till 7.5. This level may not be the ideal one for bettas but is undoubtedly favorable for their healthy living as well.

As for the temperature of the water, you will have to keep it maintained between 70- and 78-degrees Fahrenheit. This point matches the ideal one for bettas, so there will be no problem in keeping both together.

Can Snails Help In Cleaning Your Tank?

As snails remove off the algae from your fish tank, the aesthetics and colors of your tank will remain fresh and new.

These creatures will help in taking huge load from you as they are quite helpful in cleaning debris as well. If this wasn’t the case, you would have to do a thorough cleaning of your tank more often by yourself.

However, one cannot deny the fact that snails do produce much waste as well. So, no matter how much they keep the tank clean from debris and algae, the huge amount of waste that they produce will still need upkeep from your end.

What Size Of Tank Is Ideal For Betta Fish And Snails?

Snails do not grow much in size. However, they do breed pretty fast. If you are not adding more than a pair of snails in your tank, having a 5-gallon model will suit you.

But, if you are planning on adding more snails, do remember that going for a 10-gallon option will be great for you.

This size will prevent your tank from becoming too crowded. Do remember the fact that the reproduction rate of snails is quite fast. So, a 10-gallon option will be safer for you in the long-run.

The Bottom Line

All in all, having betta fish and snails together in a tank is a great idea. Many types of snails want the same water conditions as betta fish. The pH level and water temperature will not differ too drastically. Hence, the possibility of keeping them together is favorable.

Other than this, the fact that snails are quite helpful in cleaning algae and debris from your tank will prove as a great point for your betta’s healthy growth. Along with the magnificent look of betta fish, snails like Nerite can potentially enhance the look of the whole setup.

Do bear in mind that the importance of your tank’s size is another thing to be skeptical about. In a 5-gallon tank, it is enough to have a couple of snails. However, if you want to have more, you can always shift to a tank that can hold 10 gallons of water. This is specifically important as the breeding procedure of snails is quite quick.

So, the most crucial thing for these two creatures to live together is by adjusting the water conditions and making them favorable for both of them.

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