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How To Aquascape: A Full Guide

Are you getting started with fishkeeping? Are you getting your own aquarium and want to know how to make it look amazing? Aquascaping may seem intimidating from the outside but it doesn't need to be a scary task. In fact, aquascaping can be enjoyable, rewarding and most of all, fun! ...

Betta Fish Tank Setup. How to do? All Answers here

When you first get a Betta Fish, setting up your tank is important. The setup of your fish's tank can impact how happy your fish is and how healthy they will be. Many steps are involved in this process, and the task can seem daunting. However, if you follow this guide, you will come to the ...

8 Best Plants for Shrimp Tank Reviewed

Shrimp have been, for a long time, used by many people in their home aquariums. However, there is a bunch of information that most shrimp keepers lack. This information could be the best food for the shrimp or even the best environment that shrimp admire for their health. It turns out that ...

Black Moor Goldfish Care (Black Telescope)

The Black Moor Goldfish ( Black Telescope ) are popular aquarium fish and their owners are often smitten by the Moors’ grace and unique appearance. Both male and female varieties look pretty, with only a few differences in their fin shapes and textures. This is a rare quality among fish, where ...

6 Best Goldfish Tanks (2023 Reviews)

The very first aquarium is thought to belong to a Chinese Emperor. That was in ancient times around 1370. It was made of porcelain and contained Goldfish. Goldfish are still lovely to look at, and you see them in fish tanks everywhere, commercial or residential. There are a few considerations ...

21 Types of Tetra Fish (With Pictures)

Discovering the Types of Tetra Fish: 21 Fascinating Species for Beginners There are hundreds of types of tetra fish under the Characidae family, and when they are together, it’s such a beautiful and relaxing sight as they look like a rainbow in the water. Tetras' appearance varies from ...

Ghost Shrimp Breeding – How to do?

Ghost shrimps (Palaemonetes paludosus) are a class of decapods characterized by their small, translucent, and segmented body. They have many alternative names such as American Freshwater Glass Shrimp, Glass Shrimp, and Grass Shrimp. This species of freshwater shrimp is highly active and social. ...

How to Lower Nitrite Levels in Freshwater Aquarium

Nitrites naturally occur in your aquarium, but you and your fish definitely don’t want them. However, they play an essential role in your tank, so you should understand why they happen and how to lower nitrite levels in freshwater aquarium. Nitrites are invisible but they have a huge ...

How to Lower PH in Freshwater Aquarium Naturally

Having an aquarium is a great tension reliever for everyone. Fish are peaceful and colorful, and air bubbles constantly flow through your mini aquatic ecosystem, but this all becomes a sad scene when one of those fish floats to the surface. You might have noticed something unnatural happening in ...

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