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10 Best Plants For Aquaponics Fish Tank

Isn't it soothing to have natural greenery by your sight? A busy life requires such calming factors to put you at rest and bring you close to nature's beauty. Would you also want to keep fish in your house? Those colorful and fascinating beings do look magnificent and increase the aesthetic ...

Java Fern – Grow and Care Guide

A Guide on Java Fern Care The Java Fern is an ideal plant species for many aquarium types. Whether you are new to planted tanks or just want to fill your tank we recommend going with this plant. Many aquarists like the simple care requirements of the Java Fern. They also enjoy its basic but ...

Marimo Moss Ball Care Guide

Aquariums should not only be a safe and comfortable environment for your fish to dwell in, they should also be an aesthetically pleasing feature for whatever space you want to put them in. The best aquariums will brighten and enliven any room in the house. Of course, one of the best ways of ...

Christmas Moss vs Java Moss – A Comparison

When you think about a beautiful tank there are quite a few things that come to your mind. A proper filter that keeps the water healthy, your choice of substrate, and beautiful fishes swimming here and there makes a perfect image. You also will want to add some broad-leaved plants and some ...

Best Light Spectrum for Aquarium Plants

Aquarium plants can be a wonderful addition to any aquatic set-up. Not only can they add a real splash of color and variety to your beloved fish tank, but they can also help to create a stimulating environment for your fish, really accent their color, and even improve the overall health of the ...

5 Best Aquascaping Tools and Kits

All fish owners dream of giving their fish the best possible habitat to live in. Of course, this means keeping their tank clean and clear, with a good filtration system and plenty of volume for them to roam around in. But it also includes another element; aquascaping. Aquascaping can ...

7 Best CO2 Diffuser For Aquarium Reviewed

Best CO2 Diffuser For Aquarium When you get a CO2 diffuser, you want to get the best co2 diffuser for aquarium plants. To get the best possible product, there are a few things to consider. First off, you want to make sure that your tank diffuser is made out of quality material. Some devices ...

11 Best Floating Aquarium Plants Reviewed

Best Floating Aquarium Plants Aquarium plants are essential to any healthy tank environment. Still, it can be difficult to find the right plant for your tank. Aquatic greenery comes in several variants. Plants can be potted, they can be rooted and grow massive. Alternatively, you can grow ...

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