Saltwater Aquarium
Jebao RW 4 8 15 20 Wavemaker Review

So, you have brought home an aquarium in which you plan to start a marine environment. Among the essential things that you need for your tank, a wavemaker has a very important role to play. Wavemakers are water surge gadgets that are placed in tanks to create waves that replicate that produced ...

Coralife Super Skimmer 65 125 220 Review

A protein skimmer, also called a foam fractionator, is a mechanical gadget that helps eliminate waste material from seawater. They help in a great way to maintain the quality of water in marine tanks. This, in turn, ensures better biological filtration, clearer water, and better oxygen levels. ...

20 Best Saltwater Fish For Beginners (With Pictures)

If you want to fill your aquarium with a stunning pet, try purchasing a saltwater fish for your tank. These aquatic animals are versatile and come in a variety of beautiful breeds. Many beginner fish owners gravitate towards freshwater fish, but saltwater fish are unlike any fish found in ...

Saltwater Tank Setup for Beginners

Tank set up can be stressful for anyone new to fish keeping. This is especially true if you have a saltwater tank setup. Specialized knowledge and extra care is required to keep these aquariums. Still, with the right kind of information, and a little bit of work, anyone can prepare a saltwater ...

Coralife BioCube 32 Review – Worth the Money?

You love fishes and you have always desired to have your own tank complete with beautiful live plants, attractive coral, and adorable fish that would be extremely happy in their little home. Yes, a properly maintained aquarium does look great, but maintaining is not an easy task, not at least ...

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