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Pond Liner: EPDM VS PVC – What’s The Difference?

EPDM pond liner vs PVC pond liners is a common debate, and everyone who wishes to install a private pond goes through one. Does the discussion have a definitive answer? Unfortunately, no, it doesn't. Whether you want EPDM or PVC as your pond liner depends on your preferences, requirements, and, ...

What To Use Instead Of Pond Liner? Top 7 Alternatives

More often than not, people who wish to establish a private pond think about what to use instead of pond liner. The primary reason behind this common query is that the original pond liner can be excessively expensive. Plus, depending on where you live, it can be hard to find and even trickier to ...

3 Ways On How To Hide Pond Liner

Pond liner is a vital constituent in any artificial water that is set in soil. Pond liners are essentially just sorts of waterproof fabric that will prevent the water from seeping off into the earth. Despite their importance, the sight of them at the watery margins of your pond or water garden  ...

5 Best Pondless Waterfall Kits Reviewed

Who would not love to have an aesthetic and beautiful sight of a waterfall in their backyard or lawn? Wouldn't it be delightful to have tea with your family and enjoying the fresh and calming sight of a waterfall? It will undoubtedly make your yard look beautiful and relaxing. But how are you ...

What Do Pond Snails Eat?

Many people are interested to know all the things relating to pond sails. If you are eager to keep it you also need to gather all the information. You need to know their habitat, feeding, mating behavior, lifespan, and temperature that is suitable for them. These pond snails have a peaceful ...

9 Best All-In-One Pond Pump And Filter in 2021

No doubt, a pond with beautiful decorations, magnificent fish, rocks, and greenery makes up for a pleasing sight. However, proper maintenance is required for this aesthetic view. Many people think that it is pretty simple and easy to maintain the pond and its water. But, is this the actual ...

13 Best Plants for Koi Pond – With Pictures

Koi ponds can be an impressive centerpiece to any garden. They are notably attractive and act as a great focal point, drawing your eye immediately. Of course, part of the attraction is the fish that reside in the pond. Koi fish are a very attractive form of carp that have been selective bred for ...

Why, How, And When To Use Pond Salt

Backyard ponds can be a true oasis and palace of pleasure for your beloved fish if you keep them properly. This means control things like the ambient temperature, visible dirt and detritus, but it also means keeping control of levels of certain chemicals in the water, which can be a bit ...

8 Common Types Of Pond Turtles (With Pictures)

Turtles can make an amazing addition to any pond. Firstly, they are beneficial for the ecosystem at large. As large animals and consumers, their waste and general activity can become nutrients and feed for other creatures in and around your pond. They can also help to oxygenate stagnant water by ...

4 Tips On Algae Control With Barley Straw In Ponds

Algae can be a very destructive force in any natural pond, and thus it is no surprise that people will go to great lengths to try and remove and destroy any algae in their ponds. In fact, algae can transform a well-maintained, much loved pond overnight, from an oasis to a vision of hell. It is ...

Are Snails In A Pond Good or Bad?

It's not uncommon to see a snail in your backyard area. However, if you have an outdoor pond, you might worry whether snails are good or bad for your pond. Pond snails come in a lot of variety and are a part of the gastropod family. You may or may not want them in your pond. But they can enter ...

3 Ways To Keep Geese Out Of Your Pond

You might not think that geese could be a major issue for pond owners but think again. Although they may seem cute and cuddly, they can actually cause huge headaches for all kind of property owners, including pond owners. They are certainly majestic creatures, with their long graceful neck and ...

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