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Current USA Orbit Marine Pro LED Review

It is very important to make sure that the interior environment of your fish tank is as close to the natural habitat of fishes as is possible.

For the purpose, you have to see to it that the chemical composition of the aquarium water is ideal. Also, you have to ensure that your tank gets the right light. LED lights are your best option and this is something you perhaps already know.

But among the many choices available in the market which one should you choose?

If you are interested in something that offers the finest performance then your search ends with Current USA Marine LED light. What makes this light the finest you may ask?

Well, go through this Current USA Orbit Marine Pro LED review and your question shall be answered.

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Two-Color Spectrum Creates the Ideal Light Environment

The spectrum plays an important role in ensuring that you love the color emitted by the LED fixture. Current USA Pro LED has a very impressive spectrum that offers you a much better result compared to most other LEDs.

This LED light has two color channels – 445/460nm actinic blue and 8,000/12,000 K white. This perfect combination helps this LED light create a perfect spectrum for your aquarium. Your fishes, corals, and inverts are going to love it for sure.

It offers rich color and great vibrancy to any tank. The lives within your tank will look all the more beautiful as the spectrum adds a gorgeous glow. What is more amazing is that the LEDs are crafted of strong material and will thus last you long.

Slow Ramp Up Allows Your Fishes Time To Adjust

Video: “Orbit IC LED Time Lapsed During the Day”

Since you love your fishes you must be worried about their well-being for sure. When you are introducing a new LED light one thing that is likely to bother you is that will it shock your beautiful tank pets?

Do not worry as the Current USA Orbit Marine Pro Light comes with a slow ramp-up.

This has been designed to ensure the corals and fishes can slowly get used to the newly introduced source of light. You definitely will love this feature as will your tank inhabitants.

Light Spreads Uniformly In the Tank

Current USA Marine Pro’s 120-degree lenses help the light spread uniformly throughout the fish tank. Unlike the incandescent lights that you may have used until now, the Orbit LED light does not cause any hot spots that unevenly get distributed in the tank.

Comes With an Integrated Wave Pump Control

The Current USA Marine Pro LED also comes with an integrated wave pump control. All you need to do is connect a wave pump HUB. Thereafter, you can add up to 3 eFlux wave pumps and you will be making beautiful waves. You will enjoy 3 flow modes – stream, surge, and wave.

Not only can you create waves you can eve control the flow rate, flow mode, and the feed mode. Why will your fish love this? Well, because it mimics the ocean currents or pulsing waves. And you get to enjoy all this just by a single touch.

Various Presets Give You the Freedom to Create Any Kind of Environment

You are interested in creating a natural environment for your fishes in the tank. Now, just any light alone cannot help you achieve such results. The light cycles also have a very important role to play.

It is thus important to mention in this Current USA Orbit Marine Pro LED review that it comes with a choice of set light cycles. It includes 24-hour steady sunrise, sunset, and also moonlight. Apart from this, Orbit Marine LED allows you to simulate the lighting of various weather conditions.

Installing It Takes No Time At All

Video: “Orbit Marine Instructional Video”

At times, a product may be good but its installation procedure is so difficult that people would rather not prefer it. If, however, you are opting for the Current USA Orbit LED, you have nothing to worry about at all.

Even if you are installing a tank light for the very first time you still will be able to mount it easily and fast.

The instruction manual of this LED will make the task simple for you. Do not forget to go through the precautions and warnings so that you know what to do and what not to.

The docking sliding legs that come with the model have been offered to make installation effortless no matter what type of tank you have. All you have to do is adjust it in a way so that it fits properly around the perimeter of your aquarium.

Next, attach your Ramp Timer Pro and any other remaining components and you are done. Make sure the Ramp can be viewed properly so that you can control it with your remote easily.

After you have connected everything, try using the remote and see if it works the right way. If you have followed the manual instructions properly then the LED should work perfectly fine.

Pros and Cons

Let us now go through a list of pros and cons of this amazing LED light.


  • Spreads light in an even way.
  • Two-color spectrum is perfect for every tank pet.
  • Has various built-in presets that help it simulate natural light cycles.
  • Is quick and easy to install.
  • Various size choices make it fit for tanks of all sizes.
  • Is energy efficient.


  • You can adjust it using the remote only.
  • If the top of your tank is left uncovered, the screws and mounts may rust.



The Different Size Choices

Current USA Orbit Marine Pro LED comes in four different sizes for you to choose from.

Model number 4100 –

weighs 1.5 pounds and measures 16.8 X 3.5 X 0.4 inches. It is fit for tanks 18 to 24-inch wide.

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Model number 4101 –

weighs 2.15 pounds and measures 22.8 X 3.5 X 0.4 inches. It is fit for tanks 24 to 36-inch wide

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Model number 4102 –

weighs 2.85 pounds and measures 34.8 X 3.5 X 0.4 inches. It is fit for tanks 36 to 48-inch wide.

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Model number 4103 –

weighs 3.6 pounds and measures 46.8 X 3.5 X 0.4 inches. It is fit for tanks 48 to 60-inch wide

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So, no matter what size aquarium you have, small or huge, you have an Orbit Marine Pro LED to lighten it up to perfection.


To conclude this Current USA Orbit Marine Pro LED review, it can clearly be said that this is the best LED light you can choose for your saltwater aquarium.

It is super easy to install, looks good, and helps create a perfect environment for your fishes by replicating natural light.

It is available in different sizes so everyone can find one for their tank. And since it is highly durable, you are sure to enjoy its wonderful effects for a very long time.

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