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Fluval G3 Filter Review – Worth The Money?

You have purchased an aquarium and a filter and are very excited. Sadly, in a few days, you realize your filtration system does not live up to your expectations. Or, maybe you plan to purchase a tank filter but do not have any knowledge about it and thus need some guidance.

To make things easier for you we shall now review a popular filtration system. It has a huge list of good features which has made it a favorite of many. It is none other than the Fluval G3 Advanced Filtration System.

As you go through this Fluval G3 Filter review you yourself will realize what makes it different than the others and the perfect choice for you. So, let us wait no more and learn about the different interesting features that it comes with.

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Fluval G3 Filter Review

Fluval G3 not only works in a great way it also looks very attractive. It is a high-tech marvel that has a stylish cubic design. It looks so attractive that you will not mind placing it anywhere in your home. After all, it will only further add to the beauty of the place.

Good Flow Rate and Capacity

The Fluval G3 comes with quite a nice flow rate. It is a good choice for tanks that are up to 80 gallons. So, if you have a big aquarium it will serve you perfectly well. No, we are not talking about the huge aquariums but the decent sized ones.

As far as the flow rate is concerned G3 can easily process approximately 185 gallons of water each hour. This may not be the best processing power and flow rate. Nonetheless, it is good enough for medium and lightly stocked aquariums.

It processes the water around 2.5 times in an hour, and this will prove to be quite good for your decent-sized aquarium. Just make sure you do not stock your tank heavily and then you will enjoy the services.

Easy Self-Priming

One of the most amazing things about Fluval G3 Filter is its self-priming feature. There are many tank filters while using which you have to pump water continually through them so that they get started. It is a tiring process and certainly not appreciated by the users.

However, the G3 filtration system has been designed to make things easier for you. It has a one-push priming button that will no longer require you to keep on pumping endlessly. The button is very easy to use and does its job pretty well.

Friendly Touch-Screen Display

As a part of this Fluval G3 Filter review, you will be glad to know that it comes with a friendly touch screen display. Maybe you have never even thought that this is required in a tank filter. But once you start using it, you will understand how helpful it is.

It is true that touch screens are sensitive, particularly to water damage. But if you keep it protected you will certainly enjoy using it. It will help make using the filtration system a lot easier.

The G3 display will let you know about the conductivity, current flow rate, and water temperature. Now, this is something that you will not enjoy while using many other filtrations systems. In fact, this is one of the reasons why Fluval G3 has been labeled as advanced.

Using the display you easily will be able to control the flow rate. This can prove to be very helpful to you considering how many fishes you have in your tank and also the water pollution level in there.

Basically, this filtration system has an amazing monitoring system (about which we shall learn in further detail) that helps you keep track of water parameters.

Why should you find this helpful? Well, because you will not have to invest in various important temperatures and water testing supplies. The monitoring system and the touch screen do all the important jobs for you.

Amazing Hydrotech TM Performance Monitor System

The backlit display which is easy to read is a part of the Hydrotech TM Performance Monitor System. It is driven by a microprocessor that collects essential data about your tank.

The TM system comes with 63 distinct screens that offer a lot of information about water flow, water temperature, salinity, and conductivity. If any set parameter moves beyond the optimal range then you will be immediately alerted.

Hydrotech TM even shows historical charts for various parameters. Thus, you will be able to address recurring problems. Also attractive is its Maintenance Scheduler.

You can program it so that it keeps reminding you of essential tasks like changing filter media. Every readings, reminder, and historical data that the monitoring system generates are displayed in an easy-to-understand format.

Easy To Accommodate

One of the most amazing things about this filter that needs a mention in this Fluval G3 Filter review is the fact that it can easily be accommodated. This external filtration unit does not need to be placed in your tank itself. Also, since it is just about 10-inches in width and height you can easily find space to place it.

If you can place an 80-gallon fish aquarium in your home then you definitely will also have space to fit in this little yet immensely useful filtration system. It is certainly not the smallest filter you will ever come across. Nonetheless, it is compact and effective. Though it is small in size it weighs nearly 20 pounds.

Space for Different Filtration Media

Yet another thing that is very attractive about Fluval G3 is the fact that it engages in every important type of filtration. It has space enough for different filtration media within its baskets.

This can prove to be very helpful. Depending on the requirement of your tank you can decide what type of media you will want to place in the basket so that you get to enjoy amazing results and freshwater always.

G3 includes the most important media any filtration system needs. It includes chemical, biological, and mechanical filtration media.

The biological filter chamber has Fluval G Nodes, and this accommodates many, many water-purifying bacteria.

The chemical filter chamber includes a combination of media options. This helps make chemical filtration easier and better.

The mechanical filter chamber has a pre-filter pleated cartridge. It traps far more debris compared to conventional foam filter models.

Since all of these are included, something that not every filter offers, it can be clearly said G3 is of very high quality.

Though the included media may not be the best, if you have a lightly stocked tank it certainly will do its job pretty well.

Also, it is important for you to know that you can use this filtration system for both saltwater and freshwater tanks. Though nowadays almost every filter comes with this feature, nonetheless, it deserves a mention here as well.

Furthermore, Fluval G3 offers you extended contact time so that you can clean water in a more effective way.

Easy to Use

What most users love about Fluval G3 is that it is very easy to use. It comes with a fast disconnect tubing and media baskets that can be removed with ease. In addition, it has a locking lid with good hinges.

If you have never used a fish tank before or you do not have much time to invest in your aquarium and filter, G3 is a great choice for you.

Yes, it is a little on the heavier side but you cannot ignore the fact that it is so small in size. Even setting it up is super easy, and the length of tubing is also good. The locking lever proves beneficial because it helps everything stay just where it should.


The G3 filter comes with a canister wall which basically makes a double wall. This, to a good extent, helps make this filter highly durable. The motor of this filter is also quite good. The special gaskets included in this filtration system are worthwhile and prevent leaks from occurring.

Pros and Cons

Now that we have learned about the amazing features that you will get to enjoy if you invest in Fluval G3, let us also get to learn about its pros and cons.


  • Easy to maintain and setup.
  • Its hard shell offers durability.
  • Small in size and thus space-friendly.
  • Comes with a simple yet helpful control display.
  • Its locking lids offer safety.
  • Displays all types of water parameters.


  • This unit is quite heavy.
  • The filtration unit produces a loud sound.

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To conclude this Fluval G3 Filter review it can be said that it is quite a neat tank filter. Its ability to monitor water parameters certainly makes it an advanced filter.

Yes, it is somewhat loud and heavy but the many interesting features that it offers make these little cons avoidable. Overall, if you have a big (not huge) sized aquarium that is not heavily stocked then you must consider Fluval G3 Filter for sure.

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