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Fluval G6 Filter Review – One Of The Best?

Whether you are investing in your first tank or want to enhance your present setup you need the best filter.

A filter helps remove excess food, free-floating particulate, fish’s waste, dangerous chemicals, and decaying organic matter from the water. If the wastes are not eliminated, the toxins that the fishes remove from their system will keep on building up.

This eventually will reach such high concentrations that the fishes may die. The particulate floating in the tank water, the decaying food, and other organic matter will make the tank water turn cloudy if not checked regularly.

So, you need a filter to maintain the best environment for your fishes in the aquarium. Though there are various types of filters available the canister filter is the most popular one.

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What is a Canister Filter?

A canister filter is basically a self-contained aquarium filter that usually has a cylindrical shape. It has space for different types of media for tank filtration. It can hold chemical, biological, or mechanical filter media. Each of these has different purposes to serve.

Canister filters can be used in saltwater tanks, freshwater tanks, reef tanks, and also turtle tanks.

The water from the aquarium runs through a hose and reaches the canister filter. Herein it is filtered with the help of the media and then it moves back into the aquarium. Certain canister filter follows bottom to top functionality and others work from top to bottom.

There even are canister filters where water is filtered from the center to outwards or from outwards to the center. In either of these cases, a pump helps push the water into the aquarium filter and it also helps the water move back into the aquarium.

Why should you opt for a Canister Filter?

A canister filter is believed to be better than the other options because it does its task more efficiently. There are many reasons behind this including the fact that you get to select the exact kind of media you need. Furthermore, as the water moves through the filter it becomes easy for the media to collect a lot more wastes.

Different media even helps in handling water problems like nitrites and ammonia. They are known to help minimize nitrate levels effectively as well.

Yet another amazing thing about a canister filter is that the filtered water can be sprayed back into the aquarium. This reduces both current and splashes and also reduces evaporation.

In case, you have an aquarium that you need to place close to any wall, then a canister filter will prove helpful considering how it is situated.

This type of filter is also a perfect choice if you have a huge tank that will require a lot of wastes to be filtered out.

Now that we know what is a canister filter and the benefits of owning one, let us discover the features of the best canister filter through this Fluval G6 Filter review.

Fluval G6 Filter Review

Aquarium filters have never been a thing that you would want to display. Forget displaying it, you would desire to hide it.

After all, who wants to see huge, clunky boxes that ruin the appearance of an otherwise beautifully designed room?

However, things have now changed and nothing can better prove it than the Fluval G6.

Fluval G6 is no ordinary filter. It works amazingly well and looks attractive too. This high-tech marvel has a stunning cubic design with a black glossy finish. It has an aluminum and chrome detailing and a nice back-lit monitoring display.

No longer do you need to hide your filter away in the cabinet. This one is so beautiful, that you would actually want to display it as a perfect accessory to your beautiful aquarium.

Good Capacity

The maximum tank capacity that Fluval G6 supports is good enough. It has a filter circulation of 265 US gallons each hour and a 650 US gallons pump output per hour. G6 is suitable for tanks up to 160 gallons.

Fluval G6 has a pump system with a 3 component drive mechanism that offers efficiency and reliability with almost no noise at all. It has a dual drive coil that is automatically regulated. This is possible because of the 2 Fluval G microprocessors that monitor the performance and power usage continually.

Auto Priming Feature Makes Things Easier For You

If you consider Fluval G6 you will not have to worry about manual siphoning any more. This is an auto priming device. After you plug in the unit you simply need to keep pushing the priming button 2-3 times quickly.

Water will be drawn through its intake hosing filling the canister and pushing air out of the way. It will then move back into the tank with the help of the optional spray bars or output nozzles.

Innovative Hydrotech TM Performance Monitor System

It has a backlit which is easy-to-read and is a part of the innovative Hydrotech TM Performance Monitor System of Fluval G. It is driven by a highly developed microprocessor and this gathers important data about your tank.

There are 63 different screens present in the innovative Hydrotech TM System. They offer all the necessary information like water flow, water temperature, salinity, and conductivity.

It alerts you automatically when either of these set parameters alters from the favorable range. For instance, if the water temperature goes too low or too high the screen will begin flashing.

Hydrotech TM even displays the historical charts for various parameters to help you address any recurring problem.

Also amazing is the Maintenance Scheduler which you can program so that it reminds you of important tasks like changing filter media.

Every reading, reminders and historical data that the monitoring system generates will be displayed in an easy-to-understand format.

Spacious Filter Chamber That Ensures Great Performance

The great filtration performance of this device certainly deserves a mention as a part of this Fluval G6 Filter review. It has a three-stage filtration process and it includes chemical, biological, and mechanical filtration.

There is a combination of media present in the Chemical Filter Chamber. This helps make chemical filtration more competent and simple.

Fluval G Nodes are present in the Biological Filter Basket. This houses many, many water-purifying nitrifying bacteria.

A pre-filter pleated cartridge is present in the Mechanical Filter Chamber that significantly traps a lot more debris compared to the conventional foam filter models.

Fluval G6 even lets you increase contact time so that water can be cleaned in a better way. You can change all of the filter media easily with no disruption and almost no mess at all.

The chemical filter and pre-filter media are placed in different cartridges. You can access them easily from the filter’s top. So you will be able to remove the media without even disassembling the filter.

AquaStop Valves Make Maintenance Easy

The AquaStop system of Fluval G6 makes maintenance a lot easier. This helps you stop the flow of water when you move the AquaStop lever into a straight position.

Once you lift the release AquaStop lever you can remove the full assembly and that too without having to separate the hosing.

You can also use the AquaStop lever to control the flow of water without causing any harm to the motor and its parts.

Has A Powerful Drive Pump

The Fluval G6 Canister Filter is powered by an amazing 3 component drive system. It provides long term reliability and power with great performance and almost no noise.

One of the two microprocessors of Fluval G controls the compact and strong harmonized dual-drive coil. This constantly adjusts and monitors impeller direction, start speed, performance, and power absorption.

The impeller rotates on a ceramic aluminum oxide impeller shaft. It is fitted with polymer thrust bearing that has amazing water-resistant properties.

The drive pumps of Fluval G6, with its advanced control system and high-quality components, ensure great durability and high performance.

Has a Secure Seal

G6 comes with a silicone gasket and this offers the interior a reliable sealing. Saline water too will not be able to oxidize or corrode the seal. Thus it is almost impenetrable.

Pros and Cons

As a part of this Fluval G6 Filter review, it is also important for you to learn about the pros and cons of this device.


  • Ensures easy and quick priming.
  • Is perfect for any moderately sized tank.
  • Supports all important media.
  • Comes with a high-performance, three-stage pump system.
  • Has a spacious and durable filter chamber. It includes 3 filter baskets.
  • Has an intelligent monitoring system that offers tank water and filter data.
  • Gasket has a durable and secure seal.
  • Is easy to maintain.


  • Its replacement parts are a little expensive.
  • Some people have experienced leakage issues.

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To conclude this Fluval G6 Filter review, it will be fair to say that this is the best canister filter you can opt for. It meets all your requirements perfectly well and even goes beyond.

Not only does it offer all that you need, makes no noise, and is highly durable, it looks immensely attractive too.

So, no more will you have to worry about hiding your external filter. You will actually love flaunting it while also enjoying its amazing services.

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