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Marineland Magniflow 160 220 360 Review

Adopting fishes is just the first step you take and then you have a lot more to do. You cannot just bring them home, put them in a glass bowl containing tap water, and sit back and relax. It is important to take proper care of the fishes.

The first thing that you need to do in this regard, which is overlooked by many, is to provide the right filtration.

The filter of a tank plays a very important role as far as the health of your pet and the overall stabilization of the tank is concerned. You may have adopted the best fishes and done everything else right. But, in the absence of the right aquarium filter, your fishes will soon fall ill and die.

Now, there are endless choices of filters that you will come across when browsing online or even in a brick-and-mortar store. Your responsibility of hunting for the best only increases further.

To make things easier for you I shall now help you learn about one of the best filters that I personally found beneficial. It is gaining more and more popularity each day and has been manufactured by one of the most famous names in this industry – Marineland.

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Marineland Magniflow 160 220 360 Review

You should ideally opt for a filter that is effective and can be handled easily even if you are a novice. Also, it should help balance the helpful bacteria in your aquarium.

Marineland understands such requirements and thus has come up with its product range Marineland Magniflow. This filter is fit for freshwater and saltwater as well. It will only always exceed your expectations and we shall learn more about it through this Marineland Magniflow 160 220 360 review.


As far as quality and build are concerned, the Magniflow series is perfect. It is heavy, large in size, and strong. It has a plain shape and it gives more importance to the kind of services it offers.

The body of this filter system has a thick gray plastic cover. Various parts have been locked tightly and this ensures durability as well as sturdiness. Just like the unit the hoses too are large and thick.

Yes, weighing 10-20 pounds, this canisters are heavy compared to others available in the market. You may have a little difficulty while lifting it after it is filled with water. But, it does its job exceedingly well. also, The media trays present in this unit are among the most spacious you will ever find, This gives you plenty of customization choices. Furthermore, the trays can be also accessed easily.

Wisely designed canister

Many canister filters have their lids not designed in the right way. If you have seen low-quality models you must have noticed the lids pop off easily. When this happens, the water and fish waste can fall off on your carpet.

To make sure this does not happen, Marineland Magniflow comes with a lid that has a water-tight seal. Owing to this, the chances of the canister leaking and your floor getting spoiled are extremely rare. Securing the lid is also very easy. You just need to press down on your lid and you have a leak-proof seal ready.

Simple setup

Video: “Magniflow C360 Unboxing & Setup”

Marineland, it seems, has taken lessons from the shortcomings of various manufacturers as far as setting up is concerned. The written instructions may still not be simple for everyone to follow and understand. This is why they also include an instructional DVD to make things super easy.

It is very easy to understand but you also have the option to check how others have done it on YouTube. The setting up procedure is anyway not going to be difficult at all if you have set up a canister earlier in your life.

Priming is pretty trouble-free as well, all thanks to the canister’s quick prime button. This starts the self-priming set up in the filter chamber. You do not need to siphon manually and thus the job is not messy at all.

Just stand back and watch as the system is priming the tubes. That is all you have to do.


If a filter is not properly designed, then water will most likely leak all over your carpet/floor. However, as this filter does not force water around the trays but through them, there will be no leaks. The filtration process is going to be more efficient. The trays will always remain securely fit within the setup and thus ensuring you great results always.

Three-stage filtration

What makes the Marineland Magniflow filter all the more attractive is its three-stage filtration. It includes biological, mechanical, and chemical stages.

The biological filtration stage has ceramic rings that cover a big surface area and has bio-balls. This promotes the growth of ammonia-neutralizing and Bio-Spira bacteria.

In the mechanical filtration stage, filter foam pads are used to capture the debris that is present in the tank, including fish waste.

In the chemical filtration stage, you will find a bag that contains Black Diamond carbon. It eliminates odors, impurities, and discoloration.

Basically, this three-stage process will clean your tank thoroughly well and thus create a perfectly healthy environment for your fishes as well as the plants.

Proficient valves

The filter has a quick release feature which shuts down the flow of water and keeps it separated from the motor housing. So, there will be no spillage and thus maintenance will be easier. You will have absolutely no problem while cleaning your Marineland Magniflow filter.

Four different chambers

This filter has four chambers and it is through them that your tank water will get cycled. It includes a chamber for chemical filtration and one for mechanical filtration. Also, it has one for water polishing and biological filtration each.

Water polished to appear cleaner

Certain filters do eliminate even minutest dirt from water, yet the water does not look as clean as you want. Marineland Magniflow is different. Not only it cleans but it also polishes the water of your aquarium. So, it will look crystal clear without you having to put in any extra effort.

Such results are owing to the presence of a polishing filter pad. This pad polishes the tank water by getting rid of that finer debris that most filters cannot.

Easy maintenance

The simple design of the filter makes cleaning it easy as well. When needed, just pull your tank’s filter apart and clean or replace the media.

After cleaning, you will not have to worry much about putting the filter together again. This task is equally easy. This is one of the reasons why beginners find Marineland Magniflow a perfect choice.

To clean, simply pop the top of your valve block so that the water flow stops before you disconnect the clips. After cleansing, the water flow needs to be reversed and plugged back in.

The valve block will make sure there are no leaks or spills when you are busy cleaning your filter. So, there is just nothing for you to worry about.

Quiet operation

Most canister filters with strong processing power usually create a lot of sounds when working. Though it is pretty natural it yet can prove to be quite annoying.

If you have always desired a tank filter that does its job perfectly well but does not create much sound then Marineland Magniflow makes a good choice.

Though this filter is quite big it does not produce the irritating sound like most other filters of this size,

So, now you will never mind staying in the same room as your fish tank even if you have to do any important work or also while sleeping. All thanks to its quiet nature that makes this possible.

Highly durable

The manufacturer has created the canister to last you really long. No cheap parts are ever considered. Only high-quality materials are used during construction so that the filter lasts you for years and serves you perfectly well all through.

Pros and Cons

You also need to be aware of the pros and cons of Marineland Magniflow. So, let us get to discover the same without delay


  • It is quiet in nature and you will not mind staying around when it is operating.
  • It is highly durable and will thus last for long.
  • It offers a good flow rate.
  • Different sized tanks are available so you can choose the one that fits your requirements best.
  • It starts pretty fast.


  • It is big in size and thus will require enough space to get installed.

Size & Filtration Capacity

As a part of this Marineland Magniflow 160 220 360 review, you need to know the options or so to say three sizes to choose from.

1. Marineland Magniflow 160 –

The Marineland Magniflow 160 can easily filter up to 160 gallons an hour. If you have a tank that has up to 30 gallons of water then this is perfect for you. The magniflow 160 has a 12.2 x 9.2 x 13.6 inch dimension

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2. Marineland Magniflow 220 –

The second one, the Marineland Magniflow 220 is suitable for tanks up to 55 gallons and can filter 220 gallons of water per hour. It has a 12.2 x 9.2 x 15.5 inch dimension

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3. Marineland Magniflow 360 –

The third one is ideal for up to 100 gallons.

It can filter 360 gallons of water each hour and it comes in a 14 x 11 x 18 inches dimension.

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Keeping in mind the size of your aquarium you can select one among these.


To conclude this Marineland Magniflow 160 220 360 review it can be said that this is one of the best options available and that too at a reasonable price. It offers perfect filtration and thus will be a good fit for tanks with various types of fishes,

The Marineland Magniflow filter is perfect for everyone but more so for beginners who are just learning to handle filters and yet need the best one for their pets.

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