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Nicrew ClassicLED Aquarium Light Review

You have selected the best tank, added high-quality substrate, water, plants, and fishes. But that is not all. You have forgotten one of the most important things, aquarium lights.

Without these lights, you will not be able to see the lives within your tank and your fishes will get scared too. Also, the right amount of light is necessary for the growth and development of plants and fishes as well.

Though there are quite a few types of light you can select for your aquarium, the LEDs are most popular.

Among the LED light choices that you have, Nicrew LED lights have been liked by many. Before you consider it you naturally would want to learn more about it. T

his is exactly what we shall now help you do through this Nicrew LED Aquarium Light review.

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Nicrew LED Aquarium Light Review

The Nicrew LED light strip can prove to be a great addition to any fish tank. It offers quite a strong light and can perfectly support low light corals like star polyps, mushrooms, and softies. It supports plants as well and this is something freshwater lovers will surely appreciate.

One thing you need to remember is that when a light supports life so nicely it also can support the development of algae.

Setting it up

When you get your Nicrew LED light it will be ready to use. You simply need to plug it in and switch it on. Just remember, the legs of this light can slide out so you need to be a little careful. If not needed, then do not extend the lights to its maximum size, else it may slip and fall into your tank.

I have been working with these lights in my fish room and have accidentally dropped a little water on it. It did not harm my light but this also does not mean you can completely submerge the Nicrew LED in water. Intentionally never try to drop water on it, as it is not waterproof.

You need to place this light over a glass top on your tank. This will keep the light protected from water while also making sure the lives within your tank get the light that they need.

Attractive body and different light settings

The thickness of the Nicrew LED light is very less, and it is hardly even half an inch. This makes it look sleek and very attractive when placed on top of your tank. The LED lights offer a shimmering effect which will further help enhance the beauty of your aquarium.

You have two color choices – blue and white LED. You can select the moonlight setting which offers a deep rich blue color. If you do not much like it you can also simply select the off/on timer. You need to control the light by a switch present on the light’s body. It is very easy to use so you will face no trouble at all.

Cleaning and assembly

Since this light is not waterproof I already suggested placing it on a glass top. Any humidity present may bring your light down so be careful and do not take your LED light apart. Not until you will allow it some time to dry and then put it in place again.

As a part of this Nicrew LED Aquarium Light review, you also need to know how to clean the light strip. To do so, you will first have to take out the acrylic cover and using a cloth, wipe both sides.

If you notice any algae buildup on the LED then use a cotton swab and with gentle strokes brush and remove them. Your LED should be unplugged at this time and you must do this task gently. In case you have to use any liquid to remove the algae then do allow it to dry for some time. Moisture can be damaging for your LEDs so do not take any risk.

Strength of the LEDs

The Nicrew Aquarium Light uses a 2835 LED that runs 6000 k and has 25 lumens/LED. Epistar is the LED producer which is known for offering long-lasting and powerful LED.

I tested this light with breeder tanks that easily allow light to reach the tank’s bottom. The Nicrew light strip helped maintain many mushrooms, star polyps, and softies.

When I placed it on deeper tanks, the corals did survive but did not expand fully. So, it can be said that this light is a great option for shallow tanks with low light corals. Also, it can serve as a complementary light if your tank requires more lighting. It might not be a great choice for large or tall reef tanks.

As far as freshwater is concerned, the Nicrew LED strip does a good job and helps grow plants at a great rate. This can also support the growth of algae to an extent in nutrient-rich aquariums. If there is too much algae growth then it will be a good idea to keep the lights on for shorter durations. Also, reduce feeding if possible.

The available size choices

Nicrew LED Light offers you 5 different sizes to choose from.

112-18 inches – is made of plastic, has 30 white and 6 blue lights of 6 watts.
218-24 inches – is made of plastic, has 60 white and 12 blue lights of 11 watts.
320-36 inches – is made of plastic, has 90 white and 18 blue lights of 18 watts.
436-48 inches – is made of aluminum, has 120 white and 24 blue lights of 25 watts.

48-52 inches – is made of aluminum, has 150 white and 30 blue lights of 32 watts.

Depending on the size of your tank you can select one among these.

Pros and Cons

Let us now get to discover the pros and cons of Nicrew LED Aquarium Light.


  • It is budget-friendly
  • The lights are bright and offer a beautiful shimmer.
  • You have 5 sizes to choose from.
  • There are two settings to select from – nightlight/blue and daylight/white (and off).


  • You have to place it over a clear plastic or glass cover as it is not waterproof.
  • It does not have any built-in timer.

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If you are interested in a budget-friendly aquarium light then the Nicrew LED makes a good choice. As you must have already understood through this Nicrew LED Aquarium Light review, this light is a perfect option for growing low light plants. It is great for breeder tanks too and supports the growth of mushroom, star polyps, and softies perfectly well.

Also, it comes with a 12-months warranty. Considering the low-price that you have to pay, this warranty is pretty long. Just keep it safe from water and then you will have nothing to worry about at all. It will offer your tank the perfect light that it needs and an extra shimmer will only add to its beauty.

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