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13 Roseline Shark (Denison Barb) Tank Mates (With Pictures)

The Roseline Shark is a colorful fish that can help you create an ideal tank community in your home.

These fish, are not sharklike as their name might suggest.

In fact, they are quite peaceful and amicable with other aquatic pets that are put in the water with them.

If you are looking to create a Roseline Shark tank with multiple fish breeds, you won’t have any problems.

My guide will introduce you to the best tank mates for the Roseline Shark. I will give you all the information you need.

In addition, the Roseline Shark tank mates I will introduce are fun, and the perfect match for your fish. 

The following Roseline Shark tankmates can be added to your tank with ease.

I will describe each fish breed briefly so you can get an idea of their personality and care requirements.

This way you can make the best choice for your tank community!

Zebra Danio

Zebra Danio is the first tank mates on my list. These fish are small and can fit in nicely with your Roseline Shark fish.

Because of their compact size, you won’t have to change the size of your tank too dramatically.

Still, make sure there is plenty of coverage in your Roseline tank. This way your Zebra fish feel safe and secure.

Also, make sure to get at least a school of six of these fish, as they do not like to be kept alone.

Like the Roseline Shark, the Zebra Danio are generally peaceful fish. They also enjoy the same warm climate and Ph levels as your Shark fish.

So this is a definite plus, and they like most other fish breeds, as well!

Black Skirt Tetra

Black Skirt Tetra or Gymnocorymbus ternetzi

Black Skirt Tetra is the next fish on my list. This is another peaceful fish breed to add in with Roseline Shark fish.

These fish are ideal companions for your Roseline, and they like to live in groups.

I recommend getting a few of these tetras to make them feel at home in their aquarium. Black Skirts also need plenty of coverage.

So make sure to plant your aquarium and add in caves and other rocky structures to keep them healthy and happy.

Usually, you can get these fish in black and white colors. And their markings are visually pleasing, as well.

Really, these are great Roseline Shark (Denison Barb) Tank Mates!

Just make sure to get them the best possible food. They won’t eat just anything you put in the water!

Harlequin Rasbora

The Harlequin Rasbora is more colorful than the Black Skirt Tetra, and they have more energetic personalities.

This schooling fish will need at least eight or more other fish of their breed. It seems like a lot of fish to keep together but this is necessary.

For the most part, though, they get along with all types of pets. But, like other fish, make sure that you are providing them with a good tank environment.

Rasbora does not do well in cramped tanks spaces without artificial coverage and plants.

Siamese Algae Eater

Siamese Algae eaters can help keep your Roseline Shark tank clean and healthy. They love to eat algae and other waste found in your aquarium.

This can be great for Roseline Sharks who cannot live in unclean water.

Siamese Algae Eaters are actually related to the Roseline Shark distantly. So these fish can in fact school together if you want them to.

Otherwise, you can also add two or three Algae eater to your tank. This is another fish that likes to eat a lot so give them plenty of food and space in their tank.

Overall the Siamese Algae Eater is great Roseline Shark tank mates.

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Emperor Tetra

Emperor Tetra or Nematobrycon palmeri

Emperor Tetra is another type of Tetra you can add in with a Roseline Shark fish tank.

These tetras are extremely colorful and some of the best Roseline Shark (Denison Barb) Tank Mates out there.

I highly recommend this breed to anyone who wants to create a tank community with Roseline Sharks.

Emperor’s are peaceful and easy-going fish, on the whole. You won’t have any issues with this particular fish breed. You want to have a few Emperors in your water.

At least six to ten of these fish are ideal. But consider the size of your tank.

Rainbow Shark

Rainbow Sharks are smaller “shark-like” fish. They can definitely be put in with your Roseline Shark fish, but again, ensure that your tank is large enough.

These are not massive fish but they require at least ten to fifteen gallons of water to themselves to survive.

Rainbows are tropical and easy-going pets. They are compact fish too, but they require their own space in their aquarium.

So give them the coverage they need. You can put a Rainbow Shark with other fish of their kind but this is optional.

Cherry Barb

Cherry Barbs are popular aquarium pets that can fit with your Roseline Shark well.

Cherry Barbs have a vibrant cherry red color that makes them stand out in the water. Even with your colorful Roseline Sharks, these fish will make a statement in your tank immediately.

Cherry barbs are simple to care for, which can make it easier when having a Roseline Shark.

They also enjoy having plants and coverage like the rest of the fish on this list. So do not forget to set up your tank well when putting in this breed.

No fish, no matter how small, should be left in a bare and small tank. And with the Roseline Shark, you tank with Cherry Barbs will have to be big!

Cherry Barbs live a long life, as well.

So prepare your tank well so they live out their full lifespan!

Tiger Barb

Tiger barbs are another type of barb fish that fits well with the Roseline.

They are not as colorful as Cherry Barbs. However, like the Cherry, these are very simple and low maintenance fish pets.

Unlike the Cherry, though, these barbs swim extra fast and have a ton of energy. They are super fun to have around in tanks, as a result.

You can watch them swim around and weave through the water.

The Tiger Barbs are more comfortable in groups of large fish, of course. I recommend going with around six Tiger Barbs.

You can get even more Tiger Barbs if you want. But this is up to the size and capacity of your tank set up.

Bolivian Ram

Bolivian Ram fish come from the South American region and are great Roseline Shark tank mates, as well.

These fish are very hard to take care of though.

They can be even more difficult to care for than your Roseline Shark fish. So, keep this in mind as you fill up your tank with this pet.

If you have had a lot of fish experience it is okay to get this fish, though.

This will not be an issue at all. However, if you are new to fish tanks and community tanks try out a different species.

Your Roseline Sharks can be put with all kinds of great beginner fish.

You don’t have to make tank care more difficult for yourself. But if you are interested in these fish, they are really unique and fun to have in a tank.

They are small but like to have a lot of tank space, up to thirty gallons. And they eat both meat and greens.

So their diet needs to be planned out well.

Bristlenose Pleco

bristle nose pleco

Plecos can fit into almost any kind of tank environment, this includes a tank with Roseline Sharks.

Plecos are not as peaceful as some of the other breeds on this list.

Still, if you provide them with ample room and good water conditions they will stay peaceful.

Make sure the Pleco has room in the tank to create its own territory. And give this breed plenty of food to keep them happy.

In particular, plecos love to eat algae, so get them snacks with algae in them.

Also, like the Roseline Shark, these fish can get quite big. So don’t skimp out on tank size.

Get a big tank for your pleco, and only put one pleco in your tank to prevent fighting.

Plecos are not fond of their own species. So don’t school them together ever.

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Rainbow Kribs

Rainbow Kribs are some of the most beautiful fish on this Roseline Shark tank mates list. The Rainbow Krib is multicolored and has a pinkish belly.

They are a small community fish with very few needs and care requirements. Just keep your water clean and have a big enough tank for this breed.

This will bring great results to your Roseline Shark tank.

Rainbow Kribs don’t like super deep water. And, they do like to have a lot of plants around in their tank area.

So definitely keep this in mind when doing tank setup.

Rainbow Kribs are generally peaceful, but they can bite at fish a little during mealtime. This is usually just nipping and faster fish won’t be nipped by the Krips.

You want to give your fish a lot of variety in terms of food and coverage, as well.

Rainbow Krips has a vibrant color but if you don’t feed them high-quality food they can end up looking dull in your tank.

Rosy Barb

Rosy Barb fish are the final barb fish I will talk about in this guide. if you are looking for another colorful barb I recommend this breed highly!

Rosy Barbs originate from the Asian continent. They are bright fish that come in a few different color ranges, unlike some other barb breeds.

Still, you want to be careful about leaving this fish alone in a tank.

They are peaceful fish, but this is only the case when they are in a group. Alone, Rosy Barbs can feel threatened and will lash out at other fish breeds.

So, when getting a Rosy Barb for your Roseline Shark community, get them in a large group. Start out with six of these fish at a minimum!

Other than this, these are great fish to have in a community!


The last Roseline Shark tank mate I will mention in this article is the Apistogramma.

The Apistogramma is from the family of fishes known as the cichlids.

These fish can be aggressive with other large territorial fish. However, with the Roseline Shark, they do just fine.

In fact, they are quite peaceful with one another.

Still, know that the Apistogramma requires high levels of care much like the Roseline Shark. Really, do not purchase this breed if you are not up to the task of caring for them.

Change their tank often, they really make your water dirty. And make sure that your tank is big and full of plenty of plants for both breeds.

This will result in the most successful Roseline Shark tank outcomes!

Roseline Shark Temperament and Habits

Roseline Shark fish are beautiful to have in your tank. But, these are not fish that are suited for beginner fish owners.

I recommend that fish owners who are new to tanks go with a different breed entirely.

It is not that these fish have bad personalities. In fact, these fish will get along well with many fish breeds.

I talked about the numerous fish breeds you can put in with the Roseline Shark. Still, the Roseline shark has many care requirements.

They grow quite large and they like to have plenty of coverage in their tank. So, if you aren’t up to taking care of this fish, don’t create a community tank with them in it.

I will get more into setting up your tank with this fish. This will happen in the final part of the section.

So if you plan on getting Roseline shark fish, keep reading the rest of this article!

Rosaline Shark Behavior in a Tank Community

Video: “Denison Barb / Roseline shark ( Sahyadria denisonii) Species profile”

Again, Roseline Shark is the perfect tank mates for a community setting.

Unlike other more aggressive breeds, these shark-like fish will get along with almost any fish. This is due to their great personalities.

In addition, these are schooling fish. So they enjoy the company of other Roseline Shark in their tank. Consider this when purchasing your tank for your pets.

You want to think about how many fish you are putting in and what types of breeds will work best with each other.

Setting up Your Roseline Shark Tank Community

When you set up your Roseline Shark tank, keep a few things in mind. First off, remember the size of your fish. Roseline’s are large pets that need a big space to thrive in.

If you want your fish to be happy and healthy, you are going to need at least fifty-five gallons or more to house this fish.

When you have tank mates, this number will increase substantially. If you are not interested in having a large tank, do not create a fish community with this fish.

In addition, you want to set the parameters of your water correctly. Make sure all your fish are suited to the water conditions required by Roseline Shark fish. After doing some research prepare your tank.

Make sure to clean and cycle your tank beforehand. Then set the right temperature, Ph, and hardness. And ensure that you have the best filter for your tank.

Roseline sharks are especially susceptible to disease in dirty water. So, you want a clean tank for them.

Having plants in your tank can help keep the water clean and will help your fish adjust to other tank mates. I recommend getting large plants that offer plenty of coverage.

You still want space for your pets to swim, but flowing plants are a great option for tanks with Roseline Sharks!

Lastly, any kind of food will do for your Roseline.

Just make sure they can reach their food and that the food you get floats down slowly into the water column. This will make it easier for your pet to eat.


Roseline sharks are some of the most beautiful and vibrant fish you can get for a larger tank setup. You can add all kinds of great fish breeds to your Roseline Shark tank.

Still, remember to put in fish that fit with your Roseline’s tank environment and personality. You want an ideal tank setup for all your fish and don’t want to cause your pets to suffer!

In this post, I introduced you to the most ideal Roseline Shark (Denison Barb) Tank Mates for your aquarium.

You will not have to do a ton of research to figure out how to care for these fish along with your Roseline Shark.

But, still, make sure you have everything prepared and ready for your tank community beforehand.

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