Aquarium Decorations
5 Best Aquascaping Tools and Kits

Aquascaping can transform an ordinary, plain old fish tank into a wonderful lagoon environment, filled with shaped rocks, features, coral or plants. We've all seen some really impressive setups, with carefully sculpted rocks and specially sourced coral, but, for novices, it's surprising easy to ...

5 Best Driftwoods for Freshwater Aquarium

Driftwood in aquariums are known to add character, much like stones and rocks. These little things make a great foundation for fish to feel at home. In fact, there are many different types of driftwood that even come in various shapes, sizes, and colors. The choice may seem random and ...

9 Best Safe Rocks for Freshwater Aquarium Reviewed

Rockwork is one of the many decorating options available for aquarists. They form the hardscape of the setup and provide not only an aesthetic flourish to the aquascape but also provide fish and other animals with a place to hide and rest. Rocks also provide surface area for a film of ...

How To Aquascape: A Full Guide

Are you getting started with fishkeeping? Are you getting your own aquarium and want to know how to make it look amazing? Aquascaping may seem intimidating from the outside but it doesn't need to be a scary task. In fact, aquascaping can be enjoyable, rewarding and most of all, fun! ...

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