Aquarium Lighting
Best Aquarium Lighting for Fish Color

Let's be real, one of the main reasons you got interested in keeping fish is because of the aesthetics. When properly illuminated and with a nice variety of fish or some solid aquascaping, fish tanks can be really beautiful. They can even be a realm feature of any room. However, for this to be ...

Nicrew ClassicLED Aquarium Light Review

You have selected the best tank, added high-quality substrate, water, plants, and fishes. But that is not all. You have forgotten one of the most important things, aquarium lights. Without these lights, you will not be able to see the lives within your tank and your fishes will get scared too. ...

Koval LED Aquarium Light Review

Earlier, incandescent light bulbs were used in most aquariums and they were not really impressive. Such bulbs added too much heat to the aquarium water and were not long-lasting. Also, they did not contribute in any way to enhance the look of a tank. The incandescent bulbs were placed within ...

10 Best Aquarium Light For Plants Reviewed

There are many lights to choose from on the market. With all the options available to you, it can be hard to find the best aquarium light for plants. Fish owners who are new to planted tanks can have the most difficulty with this task. They have less knowledge of aquarium lights and the general ...

Finnex Planted Plus 24 7 Review

You have an aquarium but it just feels incomplete at times, doesn’t it? The perfect aquarium actually needs a lot of things to accompany it and to help the fishes survive. You can start with filters, heaters and more. But, an integral part of an aquarium is the light. In fact, fishes need the ...

Fluval Aquasky Bluetooth LED  Review

Impressive Bluetooth Lighting with a Few Flaws Lighting is one of the most important considerations for people in the aquarium hobby. The right lighting system not only makes the aquarium setup look spectacular but is also a vital part of the health and wellbeing of the aquarium’s occupants. ...

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