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11 White Cloud Mountain Minnow Tank Mates (With Pictures)

The white cloud mountain minnow is a unique but brilliant aquatic species.

Their existence in any aquarium brings a sense of calm and adds a beautiful pop of color to a dull fish tank.

But as peaceful as this fish is, its life depends on its surroundings, including other fish in the tank.

When choosing a tank mate for white cloud mountain minnows, you must keep compatibility in mind.

The other fish in the tank should also be comfortable with the environment that these fish live in.

The temperature, water pH, and other environmental requirements should be similar. But perhaps the most crucial point to remember is the size and behavior of the fish.

Any tank mate you decide to put in the tank with a white cloud mountain minnow should be small.

If it’s larger, it might intimidate your minnow, or perhaps eat it in worse-case scenarios.

Hence, knowing the best white cloud mountain minnow tank mates can help you create the right aquatic environment for your fish.

11 Best White Cloud Mountain Minnow Tank Mates

Considering all the characteristics that I have discussed above, the following 11 are the most suitable and compatible tank mates for white cloud mountain minnows.

Cherry Barb

Cherry barbs are very tiny, peaceful fish. Their size and tolerant nature make them ideal tank mates for white cloud mountain minnows.

However, these are shy species and will probably hide under props and plants for the first few days.

As they get comfortable in the new environment, you will start seeing more activity in the tank and notice that the fish are getting along.

Because white cloud mountain minnows are pretty timid and peaceful, it won’t take long for the two to become friends.

Apart from these factors, their care level is also pretty easy, and they are about 1 to 2 inches in size.

Their diet, tank size, and other environmental requirements are also pretty similar to white cloud minnows.

Zebra Danio

Zebra danios are enjoyable, popular, and peaceful fish that goes well with white cloud minnows.

They are not picky eaters, and taking care of them is not a hassle at all. In fact, their diet is quite flexible since they are natural omnivores.

These fish are also very playful, easy-going, and active in terms of temperament, behavior, and nature.

They move quickly around the tank during the early hours and make friends with other peaceful aquatic communities very quickly.

However, the most interesting characteristic of these fish is that they like to move around the top or middle of the tank.

This way, they keep the tank “alive” with activity.


These beginner-friendly, low-maintenance, and easy-going fish are perfect tank mates for white cloud mountain minnows.

But there is one significant thing you need to know: guppies tend to become aggressive towards slower fish.

Since they are fast swimmers themselves, they often show aggression by nipping the fins of smaller, slower creatures in the tank.

However, this behavioral characteristic is not something you can not tackle; it can be eradicated if you are prepared and plan appropriately.

Guppies usually target solo fish. Hence, by adding guppies to a tank full of white cloud mountain minnows, you can ensure they don’t attack any fish.

Also, increasing the ratio of females over males can ensure more harmony in the tank.

Amano Shrimp

Amano shrimps are peaceful creatures that do well on their own.

But if kept with other easy-going species, they create a harmonious environment in the tank.

Plus, they are aquarium cleaners and infamous algae-eaters.

These characteristics make them beneficial for the overall ecological maintenance of the tank.

Molly Fish

Another best white cloud mountain minnow tank mates is the infamous molly fish, more popularly known as mollies.

These are low-maintenance, friendly fish that are easily compatible with other similar species like mountain minnows.

Plus, like mountain minnows, mollies also like to live in groups. Hence, you must keep at least four of these fish together.

They swim as a unit and don’t hurt or harass other creatures around them.

But apart from the similar temperaments and aquatic requirements, these fish make a beautiful aesthetic combination when merged with white cloud mountain minnows.

Their small size, adorable shape, and unique colors are complementary to the minnows in the water.

Platy Fish

Another aesthetically complimenting tank mate for the white cloud mountain minnow is the platy fish.

Apart from being easy-going and low-maintenance, these fish are gorgeous and fun!

Their food and diet preferences are not that different from those of white cloud mountain minnows.

Plus, they are not picky in terms of their food because they are naturally omnivorous.

But most importantly, these fish are great in crowds and teams!

They get along very well with their tank mates, especially if the other species are just as peace-loving, playful, and fun as they are.

They like to play, move around, and create a peaceful environment in the tank. These social fish are not aggressive at all!

Gold Barb

Gold Barbs by Derek Ramsey (Ram-Man) (CC BY-SA 2.5)

The only thing you have to keep in mind is that gold barb fish tend to nibble at the fins of other tank mates.

For this reason, you cannot keep them with angelfish, bettas, or other creatures that have large fins.

This characteristic, however, should not be a problem when you keep a group of white cloud minnows in the tank since they will outnumber the gold barb and be safe.

Apart from that, these fish are beautiful. When you put them in a tank with white cloud minnows, they make a gorgeous combination to look at!

Their diet and environmental requirements are not that different either. So, maintaining the two species in a single aquarium is not a big hassle.

Dojo Loach

Dojo loach (Misgurnus anguillicaudatus) by Gourami Watcher (CC BY 3.0)

Dojo loaches are interesting aquatic species that don’t like sharing their space. Hence, they are only compatible with fish that swim in the top part of the aquarium.

Luckily enough, that’s what white cloud mountain minnows like to do!

Minnows are fond of swimming in the upper or middle parts of the tank, so they barely ever interfere with the habits of a dojo loach.

For this reason, the two manage well in the same tank.

Apart from that, their other environmental requirements like temperature, water pH, etc., are pretty similar, so they’re not hard to take care of.

Harlequin Rasbora

Harlequin rasbora by Juan R. Lascorz (CC BY-SA 3.0)

These tiny adorable fish are peaceful creatures that are just as timid as white cloud mountain minnows.

Hence, they, too, do well with fish that are not predatory or large enough to intimidate them. Hence, minnows and harlequin fish work well as a team.

They prefer subdued lighting, dark substrates, and a vast area that they can swim in freely.

In terms of diet and food preferences, they are not picky and accept anything you give them.

They are particularly fond of insects when living in the wild, but they accept freeze-dried, frozen, and flake food items just as well.

Overall, they’re not hard to take care of and are ideal tank mates for your little minnows.

Corydoras Catfish

Cory catfish, also famous as Corydoras Catfish, are popular for how sweet and tolerant they are.

In fact, these fish pretty much stay in their own little bubble and keep to themselves.

They either rest or scavenge for food, minding their business unless disturbed beyond the threshold.

Even though these fish can pretty much survive on their own, they make excellent friends with compatible tank mates.

They share their food, like to play and socialize, and are overall great aquatic buddies for white cloud mountain minnows.

Speaking of socializing and playing, having several Corydoras catfish in the tank can bring some fun and attraction to the aquarium.

They are fascinating and entertaining to watch!

Mystery Snail

Apple snail by Chapulines (CC BY-SA 4.0)

Mystery snails are unique and gorgeous, but they are humble, regardless!

These aquatic creatures go around looking for food and don’t annoy other fish in their surroundings.

In addition, snails can tolerate cool water conditions and are pretty self-sufficient.

Both of these characteristics make them great tank mates for tiny white cloud mountain minnows!

Apart from that, these snails are famous for their colorful shells, unique body structure, interesting tentacles, and marked bodies.

Moreover, their shells come in various beautiful colors, and they look like eye candy in any tank!

Hence, they are both: perfect as compatible tank mates for white cloud mountain minnows and exceptional decorative creatures in any aquarium!

White Cloud Mountain Minnow Community Tank Size

White Cloud Mountain Minnows (Tanichthys albonubes) by Corydoras-adolfoi (CC BY-SA 4.0)

Apart from the best white cloud mountain minnow tank mates, another essential thing to remember about the white cloud mountain minnow is that these fish like to live in groups.

Since you can’t keep just one mountain minnow in your aquarium, you have to remember that there will be several of them in the tank.

It also means that you will have to think carefully about the tank size you opt for.

Now, let’s assume that you start with a dozen white cloud mountain minnows. If such is the case, a tank size of 10 gallons will be enough.

If you decide to increase the fish population, the tank size has to be increased appropriately and proportionately.

When you decide to put tank mates in the tank, the size should be subsequently increased according to their individual requirements.

If the tank is too small, the fish will get frustrated, and it will have a negative, somewhat detrimental effect on their psychological and physical health.

But, on the other hand, if it’s too large, well, it’s a waste of money and space! So, the proper size of the tank is essential.

Tank Mates To Avoid

After all the different options I have mentioned above, there are certain fish that you want to stay away from.

These fish are not the best tank mates for your white cloud mountain minnow. They include:


Crayfish are predatory, meaning that if you put them with your white cloud mountain minnows, they will eat them up.


These fish prefer warmer environments, contrary to the preferences of white cloud minnows.

Hence, the two species will have trouble living in the same tank.


Again, tetras prefer living in warmer temperatures and will not do well with cold-loving white cloud mountain minnows.

Larger Catfish

Giant catfish can be intimidating as well as predatory in nature.

When they become aggressive, they can be somewhat harmful to the small and tasteful white cloud minnows.

Angelfish (or other cichlids)

The different environmental requirements of these species can create a bad situation in the tank.

Plus, cichlids are large and predatory, so keeping them with small, timid fish like white cloud mountain minnows is a no-no!

Hence, avoid putting angelfish and cichlids at the same time as a white cloud mountain minnow.

In Conclusion

Finding the best white cloud mountain minnow tank mates can be challenging since there are many things to consider.

As simple as it may seem, different kinds of fish have different tank requirements and separate ways of living.

Apart from the health and comfort of the fish, owners of the aquariums have other things to worry about. They have to keep the size of the tank and their budget in mind.

Plus, many of them want to maintain the specific aesthetics of the aquarium. So, making the correct decision can often be tricky.

However, it is not impossible.

If you have the proper knowledge and the correct list of options to begin with, the selection should be easy and more straightforward.

Keep in mind the size, behavior, environmental requirements, and predatory habits of the fish that you want to put in with your minnows.

By keeping this criterion in mind, you will make the best decision for your pet fish and ensure everyone lives peacefully!

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