About Aaron

Aaron Boyd author and owner of aquamovement.com

Hey there, fellow fish aficionados!

I’m Aaron Boyd, the proud owner and author behind this website, where I write about and share my passion for fish, aquariums, ponds, and everything else from the fishkeeping world.

I’ve been keeping fish since a very young age and I still fondly remember my first aquarium. It was a modest 10-gallon setup I got for Christmas from my parents.

However, while the tank was small, it was more than enough to get me excited about fishkeeping and fire up the passion that only grew stronger over the last 25 years.

Even today, I still feel the same childlike excitement every time I watch fish thrive and grow, learn about new species, or get introduced to the latest aquarium products and technology.

About Aqua Movement

The main reason I started this site is to share my knowledge and experience and help other fish enthusiasts actually enjoy this hobby instead of stressing about how to maintain their tanks or ponds.

My ultimate goal is to make this space an ultimate resource for anyone who’s interested in fish, aquariums, and ponds, no matter if they’re just starting this journey or they’re experienced fishkeepers.

Here you’ll be able to find information on all aspects of this hobby, from setting up your first aquarium and caring for your fish to dealing with various issues you may encounter and troubleshooting common problems.

Plus, I’ll review the latest fish health and tank chemistry products, and recommend the best aquarium equipment.

What I want more than anything is to make this site into something more than just a collection of information. It should be a place where all like-minded fish enthusiasts can gather to share and exchange their own experiences and knowledge.


I’m always happy to hear from my readers, so feel free to reach out to [email protected] if you have any questions or suggestions, or just want to share a cool fishkeeping story.

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