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4 Best Cheap Refugium Lights In 2023

Fish tank owners are generally aware of how important it is to filter out the tank's water. It is the main secret behind an efficient tank setup. Apart from the filters, a refugium helps make the filtration process more efficient than ever. However, the goal of a refugium is not only limited ...

3 Best Cheap Protein Skimmer For Reef Tank

What can be better than a clean and clear fish tank? Many people struggle to find an appropriate tool for proper cleaning of aquariums or fish tanks. If you are one of those as well, then we are here to provide you peace of mind. How so? Well, investing in a product that is capable of handling ...

5 Best Calcium Reactors For Reef Tank In 2023

Most tank owners will not know what a calcium reactor is. The word reactor could invoke a sense of confusion or even panic. Usually, the word reactor is often associated with nuclear reactors. However, calcium reactors are in no way linked to nuclear power and are perfectly safe for your ...

16 Best Clownfish Tank Mates (With Pictures)

The Clownfish is a well-known tropical fish. Many love the Clownfish because of its fun behavior and vivid coloration. Most Clownfish are found in the shallow waters of the Indian Ocean, the Red Sea, and the western Pacific. They frequent near coral reefs, sea anemones, and lagoons. Contrary ...

Live Rock vs Dry Rock in Saltwater Tank

After months of savings and research, you have finally decided to buy a beautiful aquarium. This tank will soon be home to your favorite fish species. You have decided the filtration system you will use and also the food that you will feed the fishes. But have you decided how you will ...

Reef Tank Salinity Level – What’s Ideal?

One of the most attractive types of aquariums, and one that is sure to appeal to hobbyists everywhere, is the reef tank. Inside this relatively small glass box, you can capture and create your own little part of one the Earth's finest creations; the coral reef. The color and vibrancy of these ...

The Ideal Reef Tank Temperature Range

Most aquarists, who have reef tanks, are aware of the fact that maintaining an ideal temperature range in their aquarium is very important. This is essential for the proper growth and health of the beautiful corals. If the temperature is excessively high or way too low then the zooxanthellae algae ...

What Do Clownfish Eat in an Aquarium?

While setting up an aquarium, the one thing that attracts our maximum attention is, of course, the fishes. We spend a lot of time deciding the number and varieties of fishes that our tank will include. And why not, after all, it is when these little creatures swim here and there that our tank ...

8 Best LED Refugium Lights to Grow Chaetomorpha

A refugium is a great asset for any tank. Whether you have a marine or freshwater aquarium, you can definitely benefit from having this add on tank structure. Still, refugium’s are only as good as the flora growing in them. Algae are a common option, and many aquarists choose to put ...

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