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What Do Pond Snails Eat?

Many people are interested to know all the things relating to pond sails. If you are eager to keep it you also need to gather all the information. You need to know their habitat, feeding, mating behavior, lifespan, and temperature that is suitable for them.

These pond snails have a peaceful temperament and can be seen in brownish color. Anyone willing to keep it need not worry about its maintenance as it is pretty easy. It is also known as the Giant pond snail or The Great pond snail.

These snails are can be seen in ponds, lakes, ditches, and marshes of European lakes. You can also find them in Northern America, Northern Asia, New Zealand, and Tasmania.

Diet of Pond Snails

Pond snails eat both animal and plant material. Thus, these snails are known to be scavengers and omnivorous. Their diet also plays an important role in the decomposition and consumption of many aquatic plants whether it is dead or living.

These pond snails may sometime become cannibalistic. They eat snails that are smaller in size to overcome their hunger.

So, if you are eager to know what do pond snails eat. Their common food consists of waste of any kind. It also eats algae and thus it is also considered as the best cleaning process for your tank.



These snails must have calcium in their diet. If there is the presence of calcium in water then that would be equally good. To provide the snail with a sufficient amount of calcium you need to feed them with eggshells, cuttlefish bones, antacids, etc.

The presence of calcium helps these snails to maintain their shell. Their shells need a good amount of calcium to make their shells harder and tougher.


Supplement Food

You can also feed the snails with supplement food so that they get the required amount of food. These snails can be fed with pellet food and commercial flake. Boiled vegetable like zucchini is also good for these pond snails.

Know what do pond snails eat and understand their needs related to diet.


Fruits And Vegetables

There is no need to throw away kitchen waste in the dustbin. You can feed your pond snails through it.

The peels of fruits like watermelon, banana, and damaged fruits can be a good diet for snails. Beans, carrots, potato, rice, and potato are also liked by these snails. The most important thing is to avoid offering food to snails that contain salt in it.

Overpopulation Due To Excess Food

Snail tends to multiply very fast. It can multiply a dozen overnight. So, if there are many snails it can eat all the plants in the pond.

Moreover, it can also dirty the whole water of the pond by their waste. Thus, you must follow methods to control the population of these snails.

Excess food needs to be removed from the tank so that the population outbreak is controlled. These snails tend to eat food which is meant for various invertebrates.

You can reduce their population by adding frogs. Frogs will eat the adult snails. To decrease the number of eggs you can add smaller fish.


Snails are a vital role in maintaining the ecosystem of your pond. In the pond, it eats all the debris and algae and thus keeps your pond clean.

But one needs to watch out that there should not be more snails otherwise it can create a problem. If there are more snails the problem of sludge will be there.

So, all those who are interested in adding it to their ponds will get help after reading this useful article. If you wish to put in your tank it would also be a good idea.

Snails are known to be scavengers and omnivorous. Snails eat the dead insects and help in maintaining clean water. This is the reason they are called scavengers.

As mentioned above provide snails with food that is rich in calcium so that their shell becomes strong. You can feed snails with supplement food to provide it with proper food. Household waste can also be given to snails as it is a good diet for it.

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