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7 Steps To Clean A Pond In Spring

Spring is a season that is loved by most people, particularly pond owners. It is green everywhere and beautiful flower start blooming. Koi fishes become active again after remaining quiet, throughout winter, under frost and ice.

However, as the spring season begins, your pond may not look that attractive. Lots of debris must have accumulated and even the pond water may not be that fit for the warmer weather and for your fishes.

So, it is time you do some spring cleaning and make your pond look beautiful again. Also, it will help you create a healthier environment for the fishes. Without any further wait, let us get to learn how to clean a pond in spring.

Get Prepared

There are a few supplies that you will need, so do collect them before you move to the next step. You will require a cleanout pump that comes with a discharge hose, a pair of boots or waders, and a container wherein you will keep your fish.

Also, you will need a net with an extended handle to remove the fish and a netting that you place over your fish container.

Do not forget to keep a big bucket of around 5 gallons to collect debris, and a few smaller buckets. You will even need a plant fertilizer (slow release), pond detoxifier, rapid cleaner, cold water bacteria, and a garden hose which comes with high pressure nozzle.

Begin Early

It will be best to begin cleaning before the temperature of the pond water rises to 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Else, bacteria will start colonizing on your gravel, rocks, and filter.

If you start cleaning after this is established, then you will disturb the balance of the pond’s ecosystem. Then, there will be a green phase in your pond even before bacteria gets the chance to establish yet again.

Some bacteria are good for your pond and will help keep it healthy and clean. You certainly will not want to destroy these by cleaning your pond late.

Drain Your Pond Empty

Video: “Koi Pond Spring Deep Cleaning”

Now, you need to drain out your pond water completely. To do this, find the deepest part of your pond and keep a cleanout pump there. Your aim will be to drain the water into your shrouding landscape.

But, do not drain it completely in one spot. While draining, remember to move your discharge hose twice or thrice so that the water seeps into various parts and there is no flood.

While draining, pour some water into the container where you will keep your fishes. Your fishes thus will be in familiar water and they will not get stressed. After you have drained enough water, catch your fishes using your long-handled net and place them in the container.

Keep the container in some shaded area and place the netting over this container to avoid the fishes from escaping.

Wash Your Pond Clean

You must wash your pond but never overdo it as you do not want to lose any beneficial bacteria present therein. Rinse the rocks with the help of the hose. Begin from the top and move your way towards the bottom.

Keep turning the cleanout pump on time and again to drain out the water. When the water starts appearing clear, you know you are done.

Now that you are learning how to clean a pond in spring there is one very important thing you need to remember. Never use any soap, detergent, or anything else but just always clean the pond using water alone.

Do Not Forget the Filters

You need to get rid of debris from the biological filters, filter mats, and waterfall skimmer that you are using. Just clean with your hand and then you can remove and rinse your filters gently using the hose.

Never over-clean your filters as at least a little bacteria build-up is necessary for your pond. Here too, you should not use soap or anything else.

If the filter is in a bad condition, then you can replace it now so that you have to face no troubles in the future.

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Fill Your Pond With Water Again and Release the Fishes

When you have cleaned everything and put things back in place, remove your cleanout pump, and fill the pond with fresh water using your garden hose.

If you are using town or city water then add a pond dechlorinator and detoxifier so that the water remains safe for your fishes. Now, pour some old pond water in a few small buckets and then place your fishes in them.

When you have added a few inches of fresh water in your pond float the buckets in the pond so that the temperatures normalize. Next, you need to add a little pond water into your buckets and let your fishes get used to it. After 15 minutes or so you can allow the fishes to swim into their old home with new water.

You can now add water clarifier, plant fertilizer and beneficial bacteria into the pond.

Your Task Is Complete

You have successfully completed cleaning your pond. Now, there are just a few things you need to remember.

Start feeding your fishes only after the pond water reaches 50 degrees Fahrenheit. When the temperatures are between 50 – 60 degrees then you should feed cold water food. You can use a thermometer to keep a constant check of the water temperature.

Also, do check the pH as it is important for the health of your fishes. The pH should be in the range of 7.0 to 7.8.

It will be a good idea to cover your pond with netting. You can use motions sprinklers, or even place a decoy like floating alligator or heron. All this is keeping your fishes safe from predators.


Now that you know how to clean a pond in spring you can get started right away. It will take a bit of your time and patience but the results are going to be worth it.

When you see your pond looks clean and beautiful yet again you will enjoy immense satisfaction.

And, when you notice your fishes are happy too and swimming around merrily, you will be elated more than words can express. So, start with your cleaning job and be ready to enjoy the results.

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