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AquaClear 20 30 50 70 110 Filter Review

You have carefully selected a perfect fish tank and also have invested in the most beautiful fishes and feel you are all set. Well, you are not fully ready yet. One of the most important things that you need to get is a good quality tank filter.

Your aquarium filter will help eliminate decaying organic matter, excess food, dangerous chemicals, and free-floating particulate. In short, it will keep your tank water clean and healthy for the lives within.

There are many types of filters but if you do not have enough space for a canister filter then you can opt for a HOB one. And, if you are looking for the best HOB filter then your search ends with AquaClear Filter.

Let us get to learn about this amazing filter in detail through this AquaClear 20 30 50 70 110 Filter review.

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An Overview

The AquaClear Filter is among the best that you can get. What makes it extra special is that you can decrease or increase its contact with water completely depending on your preference. Also, the tank’s flow rate will determine how long the water remains in touch with the filter media.

In comparison to the various other filters available in the market, AquaClear offers the best filter media to water contact.

Furthermore, as it is a hang-on system you do not need to worry about finding any extra space. There is a lot more that makes this filter a favorite of many, so let us get to discover the same right away.

No Lock-In Contracts

In case you have purchased any filter before you surely know that almost every brand sells filters just like printers are sold by electronic companies. The units are available at quite a reasonable price. But, the cartridges and replacement media are sold at extremely high rates.

Thankfully, things are different with AquaClear. This power filter does not require you to spend your hard-earned money on new filtration media now and then. It instead makes use of a block of foam wherein the debris and dirt in the water column get trapped. All you have to do is immerse and rinse the foam in a tub of freshwater and you are ready to use it again.

The Carbon Can Be Removed

The carbon too is not attached to the AquaClear filter media and you can change it at any given time. This is amazing as it lets you decide when is the appropriate time to change the carbon.

Amazing Re-Filtration System

The delicate colorful fishes and plants in your tank look great but being little and fragile as they are they may need a comparatively gentle water flow.

The AquaClear Filter will prove to be your best choice as its re-filtration system allows you to enjoy control on the flow rate and that too without affecting the filtration efficiency.

When you reduce the flow rate, about half the water present in the filter chamber will be processed quite a few times, which again, is amazing.

Filter Media Types

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As a part of this AquaClear 20 30 50 70 110 Filter review, you will be glad to learn that it can hold all kinds of media. What is even more interesting is that you can change the order of these media so that it suits the water conditions of your tank perfectly well.

This is very helpful because some filters just come with pads that include mechanical and chemical media. There is no place for biological media. You also have no option to decide what type of mechanical media you want to use. You simply must use what you get.

AquaClear wants its users to enjoy the freedom and thus offers some amazing customization choices.

A Unique Three Filter System

The AquaClear Filter is different from its competitors because of the presence of three different filters.

At the top is a Biomax filter. It contains ceramic rings that have a porous surface and it serves as a perfect home for beneficial bacteria to live in. This helps eliminate problems from your aquarium water.

The middle filter contains activated carbon. Yes, carbon filters are found present in almost every filtration system. But, AquaClear has more than five times the carbon found in other filters. This helps get rid of undesirable impurities.

At the bottom is the reusable foam insert. It helps remove debris and distributes water evenly. This ensures the other filter media are able to perform in a perfect way.

The Multi-Stage Filtration System Helps Beneficial Bacteria Thrive

As an aquarium age and is conditioned, beneficial bacteria naturally starts growing in the filter. In case of most filters when you change the carbon insert you will be losing these helpful bacteria. It will then take weeks for these bacteria to rebuild. Your water levels can be affected seriously meanwhile, and your fishes can be in danger.

However, if you are using AquaClear Filer there is no need to worry as it has three separate replaceable filters. Your tank can thus always enjoy the presence of beneficial bacteria.

Pros and Cons of AquaClear Filter


  • Setting up the filter is very easy.
  • Since it is a HOB filter you do not need to worry about finding extra space.
  • The filter is pretty quiet and you will not mind placing it anywhere.
  • The parts are easy to remove and easy to clean.


  • This filter is not good with sand and can get clogged because of it.
  • If you do not clean it on a regular basis it can get clogged.

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Different Sizes Available

Yes, this is an amazing filter and all of you would want to use it. Keeping this in mind, various sizes have been made available.

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AquaClear 20 is for tank size 5 to 20 US gallons

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AquaClear 30 is for tank size 10 to 30 US gallons

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AquaClear 50 is for tank size 20 to 50 gallons

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AquaClear 70 is for tank size 40 to 70 US gallons

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AquaClear110 is for tank size 60 to 110 US gallons


To conclude this AquaClear 20 30 50 70 110 Filter review, it will only be fair to say that this is an amazing piece of equipment suitable for almost all tank sizes. It is reasonably priced and a great choice for beginners and experienced aquarists alike.

Despite being reasonably priced it has been created smartly and offers great performance in a small package exactly – what everyone desires.

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