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11 Best Green Severum Tank Mates (With Pictures!)

Green Severum Cichlids are beautiful fish, and they’re not that hard to take care of. However, these fish are not the lonely kind.

Instead, they like to stay in communities and do well as tank mates for other peaceful fish.

Green Severum tank mates should be friendly, social, and about the same size as these Severums.

And while it’s not that hard to choose fish of similar characteristics, finding the ones that are compatible in all ways can be tricky. I know; I’ve been there!

Hence, I’ve compiled a complete guide to help you choose suitable tank mates for your precious Green Severums.

I’ve listed 11 species that could be an incredible match for these fish and also answered other relevant questions related to the behavior, care, and environment of a Green Severum.

Equipping yourself with all this knowledge will give you the confidence to kickstart your shopping journey.

11 Best Green Severum Tank Mates

All the fish species I have mentioned in the list below are compatible with Green Severum cichlids.

This is because they have similar personalities, sizes, and behavioral characteristics.

But most importantly, they have similar environmental requirements, which means that they can survive in the same tank without you having to constantly worry about the temperature, pH, or hardness.


Rainbowfish are possibly the most aesthetically pleasing tankmates you can have for your Green Severums.

These fish do well in communities, especially with other rainbowfish, guppies, and tetras.

Two male rainbowfishes can sometimes become aggressive during the breeding season. However, they are not harsh or abusive with other fish.

Considering that both rainbow fish and Green Severums tend to become aggressive at some point, most people are nervous when putting both in the same tank.

The ideal solution is to introduce the fish very slowly. Add a few rainbows at a time, so there are no difficulties getting used to the environment and each other.

Green Terror

Green terror cichlids are more like other typical cichlid species, i.e., they can get aggressive.

However, they are unique and have quite a fan following when it comes to aquariums.

Depending on the individual personality of these fish, they can be difficult or easy to take care of.

They don’t have particular tank requirements. In fact, their water necessities are very similar to those of a Green Severum.

Despite their tendency to get aggressive and harsh towards smaller, more timid species, green terror cichlids do well with other aquatic creatures of similar size and temperament.

Hence, they make good tank mates for Green Severums.

Red Tail Black Shark

No, these fish are not saltwater sharks!

They only get their name from their appearance. Since they are active fish, have triangular fins, and have sleek bodies, they look like sharks.

Redtail black sharks prefer both animals and plants in their food, and they are straightforward to take care of.

All they need is a small cave or a hiding place in the aquarium.

Redtail black sharks need to have a sheltered corner that they can claim as their own, and once they do, they do not allow any intruders.

In fact, they are very vigorous and aggressive when they feel that their space is threatened.


Also referred to as reed fish or snake fish, the ropefish is a unique aquatic creature.

They are peaceful, inquisitive species with a particular personality of their own. Since they are very peaceful, larger fish sometimes bully them for space and food.

However, they do not pose any difficulties or complications in the tank. The only problem you might have with these fish is keeping them safe.

They tend to jump inside pumps and often die because of this curious behavior. They are also susceptible to nitrogen chemistry and pH swings.

Silver Dollar

The name is entirely appropriate to these fish, considering their physical appearance.

The silver dollar is a tropical fish that is very closely related to the pacu and piranha species. These are semi-aggressive and only become harsh when triggered.

However, many silver dollar fish are pretty mellow, so their behavior depends on their individual personalities.

Remember that they do not fry or consume the eggs when the fish are breeding. However, other fish can do so.

Hence, when they are spawning, it is wise to put them separately in another tank. Also, make sure that the lights are dim and the water is warm and soft.

Electric Blue Acara

Another of the best Green Severum tank mates is the blue acara, also sometimes referred to as the electric blue acara because of its color.

Apart from being incredibly stunning, these fish are also straightforward to take care of.

Moreover, these are mellow species, meaning they are not aggressive or competitive compared to other cichlids.

Like the Green Severum, electric blue acara is also a peace-loving fish, meaning that the two can live together without any problems.

Generally, these are very active and curious fish, always exploring and swimming around to investigate various parts of an aquarium.

They are also active diggers, meaning that you’ll often find them rummaging and nibbling their way into nooks and corners.

Horseface Loach

Horseface loach by Marshman (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Horseface Loach is another peaceful species that is very compatible with Green Severums.

They usually like to swim in the top and middle part of the tank, and they’re slow swimmers in general.

However, they make quick darting movements across the aquarium when they are startled or excited.

Another interesting fact about the horse face loach is that these are nocturnal species, and when they are below the sand surface, they like to sift through the substrate for minor food particles.

You will also find them poking their eyes out while hiding beneath the surface.

This way, they monitor their surroundings while staying hidden.


Angelfish are another native South American species that is a perfect tank mate for the Green Severum.

Both Angelfish and Severums are medium-sized species with compressed bodies and peaceful natures.

Angelfish, however, like to live in schools and communities of their own since they are shy when they are alone.

Together, the two make a perfect match and live peacefully.

Make sure that you don’t put a large Severum with a smaller angelfish in a compact tank.

This imbalance of size and inadequate space to swim could potentially create a chaotic environment.

Tiger Oscar

Green Severum is a docile fish that likes to keep to itself. However, Oscar is quite the opposite. It’s energetic, spunky, and entertaining.

Tiger Oscars can be aggressive at times and have intimidating personalities.

That being said, one should also note that Severum fish are large enough to defend themselves against the bullying behavior of an Oscar.

Hence, the two species are a good match together.

If you still want to make sure all goes well, make sure you add the Green Severums to the tank before you add the Oscars.

Doing this will be the best way to eliminate any territorial aggression between the two species.

Bristlenose Pleco

bristle nose pleco

True to its name, this particular fish is famous for its facial features, particularly the whiskers.

Apart from being aesthetically unique, these whiskers have other interesting purposes, like helping in smelling food and sensing muddy or dim environments.

In addition, these fish are much compatible with Green Severums because of their peace-loving nature, small size, and algae-eating habits.

Their temperament is usually very peaceful, and they eat waterlogged mature driftwood in the tank to help their digestion.

Besides that, Bristlenose Pleco does not have any particular requirements, and they are not picky eaters.

So, overall, they will be great tank mates for your Green Severums.


Jewel Cichlid or Jewelfish by Zhyla (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Jewel cichlid is another perfect tank mate for a green Severum. It has a popular reputation for being aggressive and gives you a hard time sometimes.

However, that does not mean you cannot take care of them or that they’re incompatible with other fish.

Just make sure that you give them their separate space and reduce any potential confrontations between the two fish.

They also get aggressive when they are hungry, so make sure they are well-fed.

If you take good care of them and the other tank mates in the aquarium are not triggering them or annoying them in any way, jewel cichlids can be good companions.

Are Green Severum Fish Aggressive?

Finding suitable Green Severum tank mates is essential because these are relatively peace-loving Cichlids, and aggressive tank mates can intimidate and potentially hurt these fish.

However, remember that Green Severum fish can become aggressive when breeding and feeding their young ones.

Though it is not typical for all Green Severum fish, many of them tend to adopt harsh behaviors during this time.

Another critical factor to consider is that Green Severums are generally very peaceful, but they have the power to protect themselves against bullies.

If a larger fish or other aggressive cichlids start bullying or intimidating these fish, they become aggressive to defend themselves.

Hence, this is another good reason why you should choose tankmates for these fish wisely and thoughtfully.

Aggressive fish that are larger can harass, hurt, or bully Green Severums, leading to a chaotic environment in the aquarium.

Green Severum Community Tank Size

Green Severum (Heros severus) by Ltshears (CC BY-SA 3.0)

An adult Green Severum grows about 8 to 12 inches in size.

Considering these average measurements, the minimum size of aquarium you will need to host one of these fish is 50 to 55 gallons.

But, if you want to own breeding pairs of Green Severums, start with 100 gallons.

Similarly, if you wish to add tank mates to the aquarium, opt for a larger tank, starting from 75 to 90 gallons.

Why Is The Fish Tank Size So Important?

Here’s why:

Fish tanks smaller than the appropriate size can make the fish feel suffocated. If they cannot swim freely, they become frustrated over time.

Frustrated Green Severum fish can become aggressive and stressed, which is detrimental to their health.

Not only is it bad for the fish, but also for other tank mates they are surrounded by.

An aggressive Green Severum can be a problem for its tank mates, and vice versa!

On the other hand, getting a fish tank bigger than necessary is just a waste of space and money.

More giant tanks can occupy larger spaces, which you could have used for other things.

Plus, you will end up spending more bucks than you needed to.

Green Severum Fish Living Conditions

Giving Green Severum fish the right living conditions and a good aquarium environment is extremely important.

If you don’t keep their surroundings optimal, their lifespan can decrease by several folds.

Healthy long-living fish demand the right conditions, which are the following:


23 to 29 degrees Celsius (74 to 84 degrees Fahrenheit) is the optimal temperature range for the Green Severum fish.

A temperature increase over 2 degrees can trigger spawning, and frequent temperature changes can make the fish uneasy.

As for the breeding fish, the temperatures during that time should be around 26 to 27 degrees Celsius (78 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit).


When it comes to the pH of water, stick to 6.0 to 7.0.

Like temperature, frequent pH changes or extreme fluctuations can be highly detrimental to the fish’s health.


Lastly, moderately hard water is good enough to keep these fish healthy and happy.

Generally, 3 to 10 pH hardness is adequate for Green Severum cichlids.

The hardness can fluctuate from 4 to 15 pH, but make sure it doesn’t go beyond this range.

Other essential aspects of the aquarium’s care include changing the water two times a week and maintaining the oxygen levels.

The latter is crucial if you want the fish to maintain their best colors and live healthily.

In Conclusion

Choosing the right company for your fish is more important than some may think.

Hence, getting suitable Green Severum tank mates is essential for owning a healthy, happy aquarium.

I would personally advise that you opt for the species I’ve mentioned above.

They are all majorly compatible with each other and are not hard to take care of.

It’s a great idea to start with these fish if you are a beginner or a first-time fish parent.

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