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Best Pond Pumps in 2023 – Top 8 Review

Backyard ponds are eye catching and calming fixtures that only add to the value of your home. And with the addition of fish, plants, and other decorations you can really make your pond stand out. Still, you want to make sure your pond is properly prepared. Especially before you put your fish into their new outdoor home.

All ponds should be set up and outfitted with the right equipment, beforehand for the best results!

One device you will absolutely need in your pond, regardless of the fish breed, is a pond pump. Without one of these products, your pond can fall prey to disease and uncleanliness. Your pond fish could even end up dying.

In this article, we’ll go over the importance of pond pumps, as well as, their function. You’ll also be able to read reviews on the best pond pump products. We have some of the highest quality devices on this list to narrow down your search.

Again, having the right information for your pond is paramount. So keep reading this guide on pond pumps!

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Best Pond Pumps – Top 8 Review

With all the different pond pumps out there, you might be asking yourself which pond pump is right for you.

There are many different brands and products out there. Again, you only want the best pond pump for your fish. It can be difficult to know what pond devices are the best for you and your fish. This is especially true if you are new to ponds.

In this next part of our pond post, we’ll talk about some popular pumps for ponds. These are some of the best pond pump devices you can purchase!

1. Alpine Corporation Pond Pump

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Alpine Pond Pumps are professional-grade products that are made for your pond. These pumps are submersible and easy to install. But if you want to keep them above the water you can!

There are seven versions of this product available for purchase. Each pump is designed with the same material and has the same look. The only thing that sets them apart is pumping power.

You can get a pump that outputs 2100 gallons of water and an hour.

Or a pump that channels up to 10300 gallons of water. There are a few options within these two ranges.

But the Alpine pump you’ll need will depend on your pond. The bigger your pond is the more power you will need to have in your pump. So keep this in mind as you choose an Alpine Pump!

Best suited for larger ponds

Because of the power of the pump, it is best suited for larger ponds and ponds with bigger waterfalls. You will get a lot of use out of this device. And it will last you for many years.

The pump is made of quality material which includes ceramic and metal. The impellers on this pump are designed to be durable and resistant to water damage. Not only is this product sturdy, but it also performs seamlessly.

Alpine Pumps work fast and efficiently all while saving you energy. This isn’t an energy-guzzling machine, like other pumps you might purchase. You’ll be paying at least two-hundred dollars for this pond device, but it is well worth the money.

It’s not difficult to operate or maintain this pond device. It is one of the best pond pump products on our list!

It’s not ideal for small pond setups but if you have a larger body of water on your property this is the pump to get!


  • Good quality impellers and machinery that will last a long time
  • Great pump for big ponds with waterfalls
  • A lot of power in this pump up to 10300 gallons of water per hour
  • A few different options for this product with different power levels
  • Can be used both in water and out of water
  • Will help your pond stay healthy and great looking


  • A little on the pricy side but worth the cost for your pond
  • Not the best product for small ponds

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Video: “Review and tips for Alpine Cyclone series professional grade Pond and waterfall pumps”

2. Tetra Pond Debris-Handling Pump

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The Tetra pump is a reliable and well-built pond pump. It comes from the renowned fish keeping company Tetra. It will meet all the requirements of your larger pond. It isn’t a great device for smaller ponds though. This is another pump that is meant for bigger bodies of water with or without waterfalls.

The Tetra Pump performs well and will channel thousands of gallons through its system. It is not as powerful as the Alpine Pump, but it will pump anywhere from 3000 to 4000 gallons every hour. You can choose between two options depending on your pond size.

The 4000-gallon Tetra pump works best for ponds that are up to 4000 gallons. If you have a 3000-gallon pond the 3000-gallon version will be for you. Both models have the same machinery and design.

Anti-blocking properties

Tetra Pond Pumps not only work well, but they also look stylish. The pump comes in a turquoise color that looks great outside your pond. What distinguishes this device from others is its anti-blocking properties.

The Tetra is designed with a large basket in it. This part of the device can trap debris and stop blockage in your pump tubes. This is great if you want to lower the maintenance needs of your pond. With less blocking, you won’t have to clean up your pump as much!

Overall, this is another good pump option for people with big ponds and waterfalls. The price can be cheaper or more expensive depending on the model size you get.

This is a powerful pond pump that gets the job done. One of the best pond pump devices!


  • Manufactured by a reputable company that is well respected and trusted
  • Good for ponds that are big and have waterfalls in them
  • This pond will last you a long time and keep your pond up to par
  • Will keep your pond conditions where they need to be
  • Good design and color on this model
  • Has an anti blockage design that minimizes maintenance needs


  • Not as many size options as some other brands
  • Could be considered a pricy pump depending on the model
  • Powerful but some pumps have even more power
  • Cannot be submerged in your water

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3. Jebao APP Pond and Waterfall Pump

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The Jebao Pond Pumps offers customers a range of pump options for a reasonable price. The versatility and variety of choices is definitely a selling point of these pumps.

There are eight pump models to choose from. They come in varying sizes and power outputs. You can use these on small and large ponds depending on the model you get. The machinery in all of these pond pumps is the same. The only real difference between pump models is size and water output.

Pump size range can fit with small 1000-gallon ponds up to larger 9000-gallon ponds. This power of the Jebao also depends on the model. The Jebao can output anywhere from 1000 to 9500 gallons per hour.

For under a hundred dollars, you can get this pump for your small pond. Larger pump sizes will cost more, but the price is still manageable in comparison to other brands.

All of these pumps are submersible and use magnetic technology for energy efficiency. The pump is also safe for your fish, none of the material used in this is toxic.

On the whole, the Jebao gives you great value for what you pay. It’s not the best pond pump, but it is definitely worth looking at.


  • Not as expensive as other pumps
  • Good value and quality in this product
  • Can be used on a range of ponds
  • Safe for your fish
  • Lots of power-packed in these devices
  • Can be used on ponds with waterfalls
  • This pump is fairly quiet


  • Cannot be kept above water if you want a non-submergible pump
  • Some versions of this product are not as powerful as other brands

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4. TetraPond Water Garden Pump

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TetraPond is another pump made by Tetra. This device is by far the cheapest option on the list. And it is mostly meant for smaller ponds but can be used in a pond with a small waterfall.

You won’t be able to use this in massive ponds. But if you have a more modest pond this product will work well for you. We also recommend this product for anyone who has just built their first pond. The setup of this pump is simple and you should have an easy time cleaning this device up.

There are four size options with this model. You have one that fits with 50 to 250-gallon ponds. The next size up after that is 50 to 500 gallons. Then you have a 500 gallon to a 1000-gallon option.

The last model will fit a 1000 to 1500-gallon pond. Pick the pump model that suits your specific pond. All of these models are build the same they just differ in size and power.

Another bonus of the TetraPond is that is has a great warranty. Most pumps don’t offer warranties, with this product you get a three-year warranty.

Again, if you are looking for a low priced pump with quality features try TetraPond out. It is the best pond pump for beginners.


  • Cheap price most pumps are under one-hundred dollars
  • There is a great warranty that comes with this pump
  • Will last you many years
  • This is a quiet pump


  • Not a lot of power in these Tetra devices
  • Will not be a good match for larger ponds

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5. VIVOSUN Submersible Water Pump

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Vivosun comes in nine size options that only differ in their power output. The bigger your pond is, the more power you want in your pump. Vivosun pumps range from water flow rates of 1600 gallons to 9000 gallons per hour. So choose a pump that fits with your specific pond needs.

Vivosun is great for ponds. This is a powerful pumping device that will keep your water flowing and looking great!

Vivosun has still managed to make their device energy efficient. This pump won’t suck a ton of power from your home. It will also keep your fish safe. No oil or toxic materials are present in the Vivosun.

On the whole, this pump works great, enhances the productivity of your other pond devices, and offers amazing value. But we suggest looking at this product if you are serious about your pond.


  • Great budget pond pump
  • Is an energy-efficient pumping system
  • Is submersible and easy to use


  • Output often not as high as stated

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6. Aqua Pulse

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Aqua Pulse offers several models and has a number of sizes and power ranges. Like the Jebao there are a ton of options to choose from. In comparison to Jebao though, the Aqua Pulse has even more choices. Its devices range from 550 gallons to 12,500 gallons per hour flow rates. So you can fit this product into virtually any kind of pond.

In total there are twelve models to choose from. Again, you’ll want to get a model that corresponds to the size and needs of your pond. Most of these ponds can handle waterfalls.

This includes models that have a flow range of 800 gph and up. But some versions of the product are meant for smaller ponds with no waterfalls. So consider this carefully. All of the Aqua Pulse pumps have the same machinery. The only difference is the power of each device.

Aqua Pulse is a hybrid pump, so it’s energy-efficient but still powerful. It also has anti-blockage properties to reduce maintenance and cleaning needs. Other features include twenty-four-hour automatic use. This means that your pump will run continuously without you having to set it up. In addition, if the device heats up too much, it will shut off on its own.

Aqua Pulse is safe for your pond pets, has a two-year warranty, and overall offers a lot for the price point. We consider this to be one of the best pond pumps for pond owners. The price and functionality make it worth a purchase!


  • A lot of different size options with this
  • Can fit in with almost any kind of pond
  • Runs all hours of the day and turns off on own
  • Will save you on energy costs
  • Prevents blockage
  • Good range of prices


  • Some of the models could get pricy
  • Some sizes too small for bigger ponds and waterfalls

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7. Laguna PowerJet Fountain/Waterfall Pump Kit for Ponds

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Laguna is another affordable option for larger ponds. You can get any of their models for under two-hundred dollars! Laguna has a few size options.

Their devices range from a 1200-gallon model all the way up to a 5800-gallon model. This means you can fit this in with medium and large ponds. The smaller 1200-gallon Laguna has a considerably lower water flow rate and fits with 1200-gallon ponds. But when you go up in size, the power of the device increases substantially.

There are six options you can choose from. Of course, you’ll want to get one that fits with the size of your pond. All of the Laguna pumps look and operate the same they just differ in size capacity and power.

Laguna Pumps not only help pump your water efficiently, but they also create a nice waterfall effect in your pond. There are some downsides to this product, but overall it works and looks great.

Just keep in mind that the cords on the Laguna can be on the short side. You might also have to get longer tubes for your pump.


  • Great cost with this pump model
  • Has a three-year warranty
  • Plenty of value and quality in this pump
  • Creates a waterfall effect in your pond
  • Different size options for different ponds


  • Tubes can be on the short size with this
  • Cords are a little short as well
  • Water flow in this is less powerful only goes up to 2600 gph

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8. Little Giant Wet Rotor Pump

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The last pond pump on our list is the Little Giant. The Little Giant has everything you want in a pond pump. You can install this product vertically or horizontally without issue. And it will stay pristine and unrusted in your pond water!

The good thing about this model is that is can be used with multiple systems. It has a high flow rate of up to 7300 gph in the 7300 gallon model. But you can also get lower flow with the 1200 gph in the 1200 gallon model. Choose the model that works best for your pond size.

There are five options that use the same design. The power output is the only difference. These devices range from 1200 gph to 7300 gph.

Another plus of the Little Giant is the extended cord. It is twenty feet long so you won’t have any trouble powering this device.

Overall, this is a fish safe product that is simple and powerful. It’s a quiet pump that gets the job done!


  • Good pump with a lot of value
  • Long cord for this device
  • Good power output for your pond
  • Good for bigger and smaller ponds
  • Safe for your fish and is quiet in your pond


  • Some versions of the pump are more expensive
  • Can only be used submersed

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Preparing Your Pond With a Pump

First though, if you are installing a pond in your property, get the right information. This way you can get everything you need for your pond and your pet. As a fish owner, you want to successfully maintain your pond. Not only so it looks good, but so your pond fish can stay healthy. It’s not enough to simply dig out space for a pond on your property.

There are several devices and products that need to be installed into your man-made body of water. And depending on your pond fish and pond type you might need different materials. So don’t be afraid to do some digging online!

Do You Need a Pump For Your Pond

The answer to this question is simple, as a fish owner, you need to have a pump in your pond. If you want your pet to live in a breathable environment, and have a nice home they will need a pump.

Some people think that outdoor ponds don’t require much to thrive. They believe that their pond is apart of nature and will require less work. This is not the case at all. In fact, because your pond is outside it will need even more maintenance.

Your pond isn’t a natural body of water. It is a man-made structure and needs to be taken care of so that water conditions stay consistent. Devices like heaters, filters, and pumps are especially important in keeping your pond healthy and in peak quality.

Not all indoor tanks will need a pump, but your outdoor pond will need a pump. This device is especially important because it keeps your water from staying stagnant and stale.

Because a pond is outside, it can build up even more waste from its environment. Pumps not only keep water moving and oxygenated for your fish. They keep your pond water clean. The movement of the water helps prevent the overgrowth of algae. It also keeps bugs from polluting and swarming in your water.

More importantly, though, you can’t use a pond filter without a pump. Pond pumps are instrumental for filter functioning. Pumps control the flow of water as it enters your filter. With the combination of pump and filter, water is cleaned at an even and smooth pace. Without either of these devices, your pond will become a hazard zone for your fish.

Get a Quality Pump For Your Pond

Video: “How-To-Video – Selecting The Right Pump”

Getting a pond pump is crucial, but you should make sure you are getting a high-quality pump. A low-quality pump can cost you more money later on. If your pump breaks down, you’ll have to pay extra to have a new pump installed.

In addition, if your pump isn’t working properly and doesn’t keep the water clean you could spend extra money curing a sick fish. Keeping this in mind, the quality of your pond pump should be at the forefront of your mind!

Again, you want your fish to have a habitable home. So get a pump that works well and is easy to install. You don’t need to spend a ton of money on this device. There are many pump products that will fit within a reasonable budget.

Just get a pump that works for your pond and your fish. Make sure it distributes water pressure evenly. And also check that it is made from sturdy material.

Pumps from well-known vendors and brands should be considered. They will have the highest quality pump devices. Really, you only want the best pond pump for your fish!

Choosing a Type of Pond Pump

When you go out and buy your pump, know that there are a few options to pick from. Think about your pond type and your fish when you make a pump choice.

Magnetic pumps are one popular type of pond pump. They work efficiently and are save energy. They are also not too bulky and work well for smaller sized ponds!

However, if you have a large volume of water or a big waterfall in your pond, this might not be the right pond pump for you. A direct-drive pump might be better if you have a larger pond with a bigger waterfall.

This type of pond pump is able to channel a larger amount of water through its system. It lifts the water up to a higher level but isn’t nearly as energy-efficient as magnetic pumps.

Video: “Submersible vs External Pond Pumps”

If you are confused about either pump, you can try a hybrid pump. It is powerful and can handle a lot of pond water, but it still conserves energy well. Consider these three options and choose accordingly.

You can get any of these types of pond pumps in a submersible or external style. Different styles and colors are available for your pump, but functionality is what matters. Looks can be important to ponds though.

So if you want to keep your pump out of sight, a submersible pump style can be handy. Submersible pumps tend to be quieter but you will have to clean them more often. An external pump is louder but easier to install and maintain.

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You want to get the right pump for your pond setup. This way your pond and your fish stay healthy and look great. But with all the different choices out there, it can seem hard to find the right pond product.

In this guide, we gave you some great pump options! The devices on this list are some of the best pond pump products on the market. With this information for your pond, you should find a great pump!

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