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Koval LED Aquarium Light Review

Earlier, incandescent light bulbs were used in most aquariums and they were not really impressive. Such bulbs added too much heat to the aquarium water and were not long-lasting.

Also, they did not contribute in any way to enhance the look of a tank. The incandescent bulbs were placed within stainless-steel fixtures.

These fixtures could easily reach temperature more than 180-degrees Fahrenheit. Owing to this, aquarists many a time suffered burns when they put their hands inside the tank.

Thankfully, things have evolved and LED lights are now commonly used in aquariums. The LED aquarium lights that are most popular nowadays are the ones manufactured by Koval.

We shall learn more about them through the Koval LED aquarium light review.

But before that, you need to know the importance of lighting in aquariums.

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The Right Lighting In An Aquarium

A properly-lit aquarium offers a 3D depth and makes your tank look larger and attractive. Also, if the right lighting is selected, it enhances your fish’s natural colors.

Live corals have symbiotic photosynthetic algae present within their tissue. The corals draw the important nutritional elements that they need through the algae. Also, the algae provide the corals their vibrant colors.

It is thus our duty to offer the right light spectrum and intensity so that algae stays alive. This, in turn, will ensure the corals grow properly and remain healthy.

The right lighting is also essential if you have live aquarium plants. Not to forget, proper lighting contributes to the health and well-being of the most important part of your aquarium, the fishes.

Koval LED Aquarium Light Review

You do have choices when it comes to aquarium lights, but LED is the best. And among the various LED choices, Koval LED lights are most amazing. Without any further wait, let us get to learn in detail about these wonderful lights through the Koval LED aquarium light review.

Energy Efficient

When purchasing an LED light for your aquarium you will give importance to the number of LEDs present. The Koval aquarium light has 156 LEDs and they offer 5 colors – green, red, white, pink, and blue. This surely will attract your attention immediately.

The number of LEDs does not just offer light and make your aquarium look lively. They will even prove beneficial for the fishes and the plants that your tank contains.

When the lights are turned on it resembles day time for your fishes. It is nighttime to them when the lights are turned off. This helps fishes develop a sleep cycle. Also, with the help of good light, fishes will be able to see their food and eat properly.

Since there are many LEDs, people might think it will consume a lot of energy. The fact, however, is this model is energy efficient. It does not consume too much power for the great rightness that it provides.

The design of this model uses the latest technology. It thus ensures less electricity is used, resulting in low energy bills.

Furthermore, the Koval LED light is durable. The lights will last you for a minimum of 50000 hours. even if you use it 8 hours a day it will last you for 6250 days. This means you can use this very light for more than 17 years.

Full Spectrum LED

Koval aquarium light has full-spectrum LEDs. This kind of light is great for life within a tank. It is perfect for aqua plants, coral reefs, and various kinds of fishes.

Depending on the requirements of your tank, you can anytime select from the three different modes available. You can either keep all lights on, all lights off, or only turn the blue LEDs on.

During the daytime, it will be advisable to turn all lights on. At night, you can opt for only blue lights. The blue LEDs offer quite a moonlight effect. This is something your fishes will be comfortable with and you will also admire.

Even if one of the LED stops working there is no need to worry. The others will still efficiently work and the tank life will never get affected. Your aquarium is going to enjoy uninterrupted healthy lighting for 50000 hours.

Easy To Install

All LED lights are not created equal and if you have used any you perhaps know that installation is not always easy. However, Koval together with offering great services also believes in ensuring ease of use and installation. It comes with adjustable brackets using which you can easily fit the LED lights in aquariums of various sizes.

The Koval LED aquarium light is long and narrow in shape. This makes it an easy fit in most aquarium models. One of the reasons why everyone likes this light so much is because the brackets easily reach the sides of the tank. Since all the areas are covered, even if you have a well-planted tank, this still makes a perfect choice.

To make things easy, the manufacturer offers you detailed information concerning installation. if you go through them you will understand how to adjust the brackets to fit the lights in your tank. Even if you have never installed LED lights in a tank there is no need to worry. The process is so easy that you will fit it perfectly and that too in no time at all.

If after going through the manufacturer’s information you are not yet clear with things, do not worry. Many users have already uploaded videos on YouTube which will prove to be a step-by-step guide. So, you just need to search for them and begin installing with absolute ease.

Great Build Quality

One of the most important things that we consider before investing in any product is its build quality. So, as a part of this Koval LED aquarium light review, it is important to enlighten you about the same. Well, like everything else, the build quality too will leave you impressed.

Each of the components is of high quality and they have been placed together efficiently. The end result is an unsurpassable product.

Let us talk about the LEDs first. They have been created to deliver clear and bright light that will keep shining in your tank for really long.

Even after you use this model in your tank for years it will still look and serve as new.

The next thing that needs to be mentioned is the extendable brackets. They are crafted of strong and durable material and thus will last you longer. Even if you suddenly plan to change your aquarium, you still will not have to worry. You can take this bracket out of your present aquarium and then fit it into your new ones.

Yes, it is going to last you that long.

Reasonably Priced

The Koval LED aquarium light looks great, offers great services, will last you for long, and it also comes at a reasonable price. If you compare this model with other models that offer almost similar features, you will find Koval LED more affordable.

The best thing is despite being so affordable there is no compromise in quality at all. This is in fact what makes Koval LED the ideal choice and the favorite of every user.

Pros and Cons


  • Extendable brackets offer a perfect fit and can be placed in various sized aquariums.
  • Full-spectrum LEDs that it uses are great for the fishes and the plants as well
  • Low consumption of energy results in low energy bills
  • LED lights will last you for a very long, long time.
  • The model is of high quality and extremely durable.


  • It does not have a timer system and so needs to be handled manually.

Different Size Choices

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The Koval LED aquarium light comes in 3 different sizes to choose from.

Just the sizes are different, the quality and durability remain the same.

Version 1

for 24 inches to 30 inches tank, comes  with 78 LEDs

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Version 2

for 36 inches to 43 inches tank, comes  with 129 LEDs

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Version 3

for from 45 inches to 50 inches tank, comes  with 156 LEDs

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If you are concerned about the health and growth of your fishes and plant life in your tank, installing a high-quality aquarium light is a must. We have already discovered the fact that the LED lights make the best choice for every tank.

Just investing in any LED lights are also not enough. You need something that will last you for long, offers strong light, and is healthy for your fishes.

The Koval LED aquarium light review clearly shows that it matches all these requirements perfectly well.

Furthermore, the five colors that they offer make it all the more interesting. Even the brackets need to be mentioned as they ensure a perfect fit and that too in various tank sizes.

They also add to the look of your tank. So, your fishes will not only be healthy and happy, your aquarium will look amazing too.

These surely are reasons enough to lure you into considering investing in the wonderful Koval LED aquarium light.

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