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10 Best Aquarium Light For Plants Reviewed

There are many lights to choose from on the market. With all the options available to you, it can be hard to find the best aquarium light for plants.

Fish owners who are new to planted tanks can have the most difficulty with this task. They have less knowledge of aquarium lights and the general needs of their planted tanks.

To lessen the headache of your search and make this task simple, we have created a buying guide.

We will provide you with detailed information about tank lights. This way you can choose the product that is right for you. In the process, you will also be able to better care for your plants.

In this post, we will also give you a list of top lighting fixtures on the market.

By the time you finish reading this article, you can buy the best aquarium light for plants!

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10 Best Aquarium Light For Plants Reviewed

So you know a little about the kind of features you’ll need for the best aquarium light for plants. Still, options are abundant when you choose which light to put in your tank. With so many brands and products to shift through, it can be hard to find a high-quality product.

In this section of our post, we will introduce you to ten products that are sure to keep your plants thriving and growing. This way you won’t have to do any of the research.

Read on and see which products will give you the best quality for your money!

1. Finnex Planted Plus 24/7

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The Finnex Planted is a powerful LED light system. Unlike other lighting fixtures, the Finnex is fully automated. This makes the device convenient and hands-free. Choose the light cycle you want to set your fish on and the Finnex will do all the work!

The Finnex comes in two models. There is a controllable model that allows you to customize the lighting schedule for your plants. This version of the product also allows you to modify specific colors of light. If you want more blue light or more red light this version puts you in complete control of your tank.

The non-controllable model of the product does not allow for these customizations. Specific programs are imputed into the lighting system. Both models are imputed with these programs. The non-controllable only has these programs available. The controllable version allows you to use these programs, as well as, your own self-made ones.

The modifications to the lights are there to use, but only if you want them. If you are more experienced with light systems this will be the right choice for you. Otherwise, less experienced users can purchase the non-controllable Finnex.

5 Programs will improve light quality in your tank

Both systems will simulate sunlight with red-tinged lights. At night the lights turn blue-hued and make your tank suitable for the dark. This setting can be utilized in both products.

This along with four other programs which will improve light quality in your tank. You can simulate moonlight, thunder, cloudy weather, and a sunny day. The system further tailors to your tanks needs by sensing the temperature and the amount of growth in your plant.

The lights will be adjusted according to the information gathered. It will use multiple colored lights and varied light intensity to give your plant the best light! Overall, this product could be considered the best aquarium light for plants!

It comes in multiple sizes so it will fit in any tank. The Finnex ranges from twenty inches to forty-eight inches. The size you get will depend on the size of your tank.

You won’t have to worry about turning off this device, or forgetting to give your plants light. The Finnex does everything for you!


  • Has a controllable model that lets you customize the lights
  • Has a non-controllable model that is easier to use for beginners
  • Is a hands-free device and will adjust the lights all on its own
  • Easy to install this Finnex product into your planted tank
  • Multiple colored lights included with this product
  • A multitude of settings available to light up your tank
  • Light adjusts to the specific conditions of your water and your plant
  • Can be kept on 24/7 if you want to use this setting
  • One of the best aquarium lights for plants


  • This product could be considered a little pricy
  • Some people complain about the durability of this product
  • The lighting might be too intense for some plants

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2. Finnex FugeRay Planted Plus

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The Finnex Fugeray Planted+ is another quality product from Finnex. This light system has a slim and more compact design than the Planted LED model.

The Fugeway is a slimmed-down bar that will reach across any large or small tank. The slimness of the product does not take away from the power of the machine. It can reach up to one hundred and twenty degrees of space.

The bulbs on this item are powerful and will help your plants grow well. The bulbs also last for up to forty thousand hours. They are evenly spread out so your tank gets good coverage that is not overly intense.

Available in 7 sizes

There are seven sizes available for this model of the Finnex. It ranges from twelve inches to forty-eight inches. A smaller twelve-inch Fugeway will fit in a smaller tank. The forty-eight-inch one will help illuminate larger tanks. Choose the size in accordance to your aquarium specifications.

All models of this product are equipped with multicolored lights. You also have two settings for your tank. There is a daylight setting and a nighttime setting to choose from. The nighttime setting is also known as the moonlight setting. It is perfect for when you need to dim down the lights a bit.

Buy the Finnex Fugeray if you want a lightweight product that will perfectly glow up your tank.

The Fugeway is not nearly as complex as other models with timers and a multitude of settings. Still, this is a quality product that will keep your plants well lit and growing optimally.


  • This can be used in both saltwater and freshwater tanks
  • The light comes with a remote so you can control the settings easily
  • High-quality bulbs installed into the system that will last you a long time
  • Well distributed lighting that will keep your plants thriving and fish healthy
  • Two settings available and a multitude of lights are included in the product
  • A number of sizes to choose from, so tanks of any size can use this lighting


  • No timer in this model you will have to turn it off and on your own
  • The price might be a little high for some people
  • Not as many settings as other models
  • Some people complain about the lack of light intensity in night mode

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3. Finnex Stingray

[amazon box=”B00NAFQ6CI”]

This is a final Finnex product that is worthy of your consideration. The Finnex Stingray is a cheaper option that will still provide you with plenty of features.

The Stingray comes in several size options. You can choose from twelve inches up to forty-eight inches.

Because of this, it will fit into any tank. Make sure to choose the right size for your aquarium so your plant gets all the light they need. If you have a bigger tank go for the forty-eight inch light. If you have a small tank, go for the twelve-inch or the sixteen-inch light. Medium tanks can utilize the other sizes.

Along with fitting into any tank, the Stingray will barely take-up any room in your aquarium. The Stingray has the sleekest design of any of the lights on this list.

It looks great in your tank and is easy to install. You will have nice lighting without any bulky machinery obscuring your tank view.

Good for a small number of plants

The light settings are not adjustable. If you want less light directed on your plants, you can remove a few bulbs. The bulbs come in blue and white colors and will help your plants proliferate.

Unfortunately, though, these lights won’t be powerful enough to induce photosynthesis in a large number of plants. The light intensity for this model is good for a small number of plants.

In larger tanks with a lot of plants, this is not the case. So, the light intensity of the Stingray may not meet the needs of your plant. You might need another light to supplement this product if you have a lot of greenery in your aquarium.


  • Great price point for what you get out of this light
  • Fits into any tank due to the multiple size options available to you
  • Great and sleek design that looks stylish in your tank
  • Has a daytime light and a nighttime light to help dim lights a little
  • Good for tanks with only a few plants and low light needs
  • A few different colored lights available in this product


  • If you have a lot of plants in your tank they might not get enough light
  • Light intensity might not be what you need for a lot of plants
  • There is no timer included in this product
  • You can not adjust the light intensity on this product

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4. Current USA Satellite Freshwater LED Plus

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The Current USA Sattelite Freshwater LED Plus is an efficient device. It will give your fish ample light and let your plants grow uninhibited.

The Sattelite comes in four different sizes. There is an eighteen to twenty-four-inch model that is good for smaller tanks. A twenty-four to thirty-six-inch model that will work with medium-sized. And the thirty-six to forty-eight and the forty-eight to sixty-inch models which work well with larger tanks.

The lights are affixed to a narrow metal strip. They are not meant to create high-volume light. But they will help a small number of plants grow in your tank. If you want stronger light, consider getting another light put into your tank. This will help the light penetrate tanks that are full of plants.

Even with this lower intensity, this product is worth your money. You will still get a full spectrum of light with the Sattelite. A small number of plants with lower light needs should do well with this product.

You can customize your lights with ease

In looking at the hardware of the device, the Sattelite uses LED. LED is known to be energy efficient in comparison to other light bulbs. You’ll save a lot of power using this model and other LED models. LED also helps keep your water from heating up too fast. This can be useful for your fish that might overheat under fluorescent lights.

Consider the uses of LED when you purchase a lighting system. Also included with the LED lights are a range of colors and modes that create a natural lighting environment in your tank.

There are eight modes of lighting to choose from. There are two storm modes and three kinds of cloud modes. Storm modes will help brighten your tank up. The three versions of cloud coverage will help dim your tank. Two-night modes are also provided with this product.

Overall, you will have a great range of options to choose from. A remote control will help you set these modes and save your favorite options. The product is easy to use and set up. You will not have a timer, but you can customize your lights with ease.

There are a ton of ways to customize the lights and change the intensity of their beams. Your fish and plants will look great and stay healthy!


  • Energy-efficient bulbs that will keep your tank well lit
  • Multiple colors available for you to use with this product
  • Remote control that will help you change the lights easily
  • Eight settings that help simulate natural lighting in your tank space
  • LED lights that won’t warm up your water too fast, but still, keep it temperate
  • Creates a nice light show for your tank that looks great at night
  • Full-spectrum of the light is available so your plant gets the best light possible


  • Not great for tanks that have a lot of plants and high light needs
  • Low light intensity will not be suited for some plants
  • Price might be a little expensive for some people
  • Can be a little small if your tank is on the larger size
  • No timer is included with this product which could be a problem
  • Warranty for this product is not the best

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5. Fluval Plant Spectrum Bluetooth LED 3.0

[amazon box=”B07BBWSPRC”]

The Fluval Plant Spectrum is a top of the line product. The lights are of high quality and will give your plants the light intensity they need to prosper. The Fluval Spectrum also includes Bluetooth functionality. You can control the lights in your tank through your phone, tablet, or other smart devices!

The quality of this product makes it the most expensive on this list. However, if you are willing to spend the extra money, this LED system is worth the purchase.

It comes in three sizes so it can fit with any tank. There is a twenty-inch to thirty-four-inch model, a thirty-six to forty-eight inch, and a forty-eight to sixty-inch model. Each size will fit with a different sized tank.

Totally controllable and customizable

The light is slimly designed for convenience. It won’t cloud the view of your fish and plants. It is also more lightweight than other products with similar specs. As a result, you won’t have any trouble putting the light in and adjusting it to your tank.

This device is totally controllable and customizable. You can change the light color and spectrum through the controller or your phone app. There are six programs already imputed into the Fluval. They all have the full spectrum of light available in them.

So if you want to simplify your setup you can. Get your plants the light they need by skipping over the customization process. You have settings for the morning, the afternoon, and the night. Your tank will be illuminated to fit the time of the day perfectly.

Further simplifying your tank care, the Fluval comes with a light timer. You can set up the programs you like and turn the timer on. The machine will run 24/7 without any effort on your part.

With this product, your plant will have full-spectrum light that reaches all corners of your tank. Bluetooth allows the device to be controlled by any smart device.

The price is a little steep but you won’t be disappointed by the performance of the Fluval. As such, we consider this to be a contender for the best aquarium light for plants.


  • Good warranty that lets you replace the item up to three years
  • Powerful LED lights that can be adjusted to the desired intensity
  • Bluetooth included so you can control your tank from your phone
  • Controller also included if you don’t want to use an app
  • Up to six modes of light to choose from
  • Plenty of light customization available
  • High-quality product great for experienced tank owners
  • One of the best aquarium lights for plants
  • You get the full spectrum of light with these bulbs
  • Nice natural lighting that reaches one-hundred degrees of space
  • Includes a timer so you can keep your plant properly lighted


  • This product is on the expensive side
  • Might not be the best option for new tank owners
  • Not as well suited for smaller sized tanks

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6. Hagen Fluval Bluetooth Nano LED

[amazon box=”B07DWVXHSR”]

This is another great option from Fluval. If you want a Bluetooth controlled light that can fit your budget this is the light for you.

The Hagan Fluval LED light fits well with small to medium-sized tanks. It has many controllable features that make it simple to use and operate.

Bluetooth can be used with IOS and Android devices. You can get the app for the Hagen on any of your smart devices. The app works well and allows you to tweak your device to your needs.

This product uses nanotech and an abundance of bulbs to make sure your tank is brimming with light.

The system can run for twenty-four hours and has multiple light programs to choose from. It will suit all your needs. There are dimmed lights in the morning, bright lights in the afternoon or more subdued tones at night.

You can also choose lights based on the type of habitat. There are tropical settings, lake settings, and planted settings to use.

 Location of the light is moveable and adaptable

This affords you a nice selection of modes to choose from. In addition, you can also adjust the strength of light in your tank.

This way, if your plant needs less light it won’t wilt. If your plant needs more light the Hagen can also compensate. Further adding to the value of the Hagen is its versatility. The location of the light is moveable and adaptable. You can set it up in a number of ways. The lights will hit the part of the tank that you want to the most.

The Hagen is not the best light for large tanks with tons of plants, but it will give you a focused light. There are sixty-three bulbs that create an intense light with good coverage. You will get one hundred and twenty-degree of light that won’t leave any part of the tank dark. Light will also be evenly distributed by the bulbs.

What also makes this product great is its longevity. The machine is built sturdy and keeps heat and humidity from destroying the device. It is waterproof as well and will not let water in if you submerge it in your tank a little. There is no timer included with the device.

However, you can create your own custom light settings through the app. This way you can time it through the app.

Overall, this product will last for a long time, create necessary light intensity, and look beautiful in your tank. You get all of these features for a reasonable price. This is also a great product for people new to tank lights!


  • Many colored light options to choose from that create a relaxing atmosphere
  • You can customize your setting through the Bluetooth app
  • The setting of your fish’s tank is implemented into light settings
  • The time of day is also implemented into your tank lighting
  • Great price that can not be beaten for the quality you get out of it
  • Illumination that will work well for all kinds of plants
  • Full Spectrum of lights included and can be adjusted according to preference
  • Bluetooth can be used on many smart devices
  • Settings can fit any time of the day and look great in your tank
  • Durable product that is water and heatproof to keep it working for longer
  • Best Nano Aquarium Light for Plants


  • No timer included but you can use the app to set up your own times
  • This is a nano light so it won’t work as well for larger tanks
  • Possible for the app to malfunction and that is the only way to control the light (usually no problems though)
  • Some people don’t like the app only controls and want a remote

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7. BeamsWork EA Full Spectrum LED

[amazon box=”B019YXYO0K”]

Another one of the best aquarium lights for plants, the Beamswork EA is a top-rated lighting system that comes in a variety of sizes. There are eight options to choose from. You can use this device on small tanks, medium tanks, and large tanks.

The Beamwork ranges from twelve-inches to seventy-two-inches. Get the size that will fit the best with your tank. This way your plants are illuminated with the right amount of light. With so many options in size, you are sure to find something that fits with your tank.

This is a versatile product that not only fits any tank. The Beamwork is highly affordable, especially for smaller tanks.

Full spectrum of light

It packs a lot of power in a small device. Still, with larger tanks, consider getting two of these lights. You want to cover the entire area of your tank with light. This is especially true when you have a lot of plants. Your plants can’t take in direct sunlight.

The LED lights in this system are the perfect way to keep your plants healthy. These lights have the same properties as natural sunlight. In other words, they have a full spectrum of light.

Like other LED lights, these bulbs will save you energy and keep your water at a level of temperature. They last reasonably long and come in two modes. There is a night mode and a day mode.

You can’t directly control the intensity of the light but you can put on night mode to decrease illumination. The Beamwork does not come with a timer, but one can be purchased separately.


  • Will easily light up smaller tanks with fewer plants
  • Great price for the quality of the product
  • Great range of sizes in this product so it can fit in many tanks
  • A timer can be bought so you can keep your plants on a schedule
  • LED lights will save power and keep your tank in stable condition
  • Great option for people new to planted tanks
  • Full-spectrum light in this model great for plant health
  • Has red, white, blue, and green light included
  • Pleasing design that won’t overcrowd your tank
  • Has products tailored to saltwater tanks


  • Is not as effective in lighting up larger tanks, so you might need two of these lights
  • No customization and a limited amount of light modes compared to other models
  • You have to buy the timer separately
  • The power supply in this model can overheat
  • Some people complain about the lights flickering a little

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8. Lominie LED Aquarium Light

[amazon box=”B07236CXBQ”]

The Lominie is a versatile lighting system that comes in six different versions. This device will suit smaller and larger tanks depending on the model you buy.

The Lominie Nano 20 is meant to light up small freshwater tanks. It gives aquariums high-quality lighting in less spacious set-ups. It is also easy to use. You just clip it to the side of your tank and turn it on.

You can control the intensity of light in this product with a dimming dial. And even though the Lominie sits at the top of your tank it can reach all areas of your tank evenly.

The good thing about the Lominie is that it can fit larger tanks as well.

The Lominie 120 comes in two versions. There is the Asta 120 Freshwater and the Asta 120 Aquatic. They come with some of the same features as the Nano 20.

The biggest difference is the luminosity power. These products can be used for larger tanks to create ideal lighting conditions for your plant.

Differences between Freshwater and Aquatic Version

The Asta 120 Freshwater comes with a few less features than the aquatic version. It doesn’t have a dimmer and only turns on and off. But it does come with a fan to cool your tank down. Overall, it’s a simple device that will light up your tank and your plants.

The Asta 120 Aquatic is packed with more features in comparison. It is Bluetooth enabled, has more advanced fans, and uses multiple lighting modes. You customize the light modes yourself. The Asta Aquatic is a pricer light system. But if you want something more colorful you should go with this option.

The Lominie also comes in a bar version if you don’t like hanging lights. The Lominie Bar 15 has four light colors. It boasts the same light output as the Nano 20. It includes a remote control and has four customizable modes. You can dim the lights or change the colors through these channels. The Bar is lightweight, small, and waterproof.

This is another great option if you have a small tank, but want some color in your lights. The price is just as cheap as the Nano 20.

Pixie 30 and the P80 Marine

The last two Lominie models you can choose from are the Pixie 30 and the P80 Marine. The Pixie 30 includes six colored lights and four modes that you customize yourself. You can use the remote to make the product glow up how you want. The Pixies is meant for smaller tanks. The fans in this model are powerful and very quiet. So your tank won’t overheat with all the light. The Pixie also has waterproof capabilities and a timer. With this product, your money will be well spent.

The P80 Marine is similar to the Pixie but can be used in larger tanks. It has all the same features as the Pixie with a little extra power. Both of these products work well in saltwater tanks. They have a spectrum of light that will help coral and other saltwater plants stay healthy.


  • Very good lighting that will last you a long time
  • Three-hundred degrees of lighting from the Lominie to get all corners of your tank
  • You can adjust the lights on this product with most of the models
  • Some light customization possible in some of the models
  • Full-spectrum lights in all versions of the product to keep plants healthy
  • Fans in some versions of the Lominie, they are quiet
  • Bluetooth enabled versions available for smart devices of all kinds
  • Easy to put on your tank and use
  • Great price on the smaller models
  • Marine versions of the product can help you grow coral and other aquatic plants


  • No colors or alternate modes of lighting in some of the models
  • Can be cheap or expensive depending on the size you get
  • Does not come with the best instructions on set up
  • No timer included with these products

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9. NICREW Classic LED Plus

[amazon box=”B07F6XD2FH”]

The NICREW Classic is a high-quality lighting system that can be purchased on a budget. For this reason, we consider this another contender for the best aquarium light for plants.

The NICREW has strong LED lights that will tinge your tank in up to five different colors. It also comes in five different sizes. The sizes range from twelve inches to fifty-four inches. With these measurements, the NICREW will fit in small to medium-sized tanks.

A single channel timer can be purchased separately if you want. We recommend making this purchase so you can get the most out of the NICREW.

Best for low-to medium-level light needs

Greenery with medium-light needs or low-level light needs will benefit from this LED system the best. The lights are covered in durable material and will last a long time. They don’t overheat so this keeps your bulbs in better condition. With the different modes of light, your tank will look great for up to ten hours a day.

The NICREW creates a realistic environment for your plants all for one cost-effective price!

The NICREW LED also comes with an adjustable stand so you can place your light in the location you want. You can also expand the reach of your lights with its extendable legs. You won’t have any issues as you try and get your light to hone in on your plants.

You will save money, energy, and times with this great product. Consider purchasing this item if you are new to planted tanks or experienced with tanks. You won’t be disappointed with the NICREW!


  • Can be used in freshwater or saltwater aquariums
  • Has powerful LED lights that last longer and will keep your plants thriving
  • Up to five different lighting options to give your tank a realistic look
  • Durable material used to prevent overheating and damage
  • Great value for the quality of lighting you receive
  • Hassle-free and simple design that keeps your tank looking good
  • Extendable legs help light help you reach all areas of your aquarium
  • Also has an adjustable stand so you can easily angle the light the way you want
  • Good for tank owners of any level
  • Full-spectrum light for your plants in two modes (night and day mode)


  • No timer included you have to purchase this separately
  • Large tanks are not as suited for this light system
  • If your plant has high light needs this might not be for you
  • No light customization with the NICREW
  • No dimming control available has to be bought separately

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon


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[amazon box=”B07R4W325M”]

The last light on our list is another affordable NICREW product. The SkyLed is made with quality and precision. It comes in four different sizes.

They range from twelve inches to forty-eight inches. With these measurements, any medium-sized and small-sized tank will glow under these lights.

There are many similarities between the NICREW SkyLed and the NICREW Classic, but some differences exist. Both products have great LED lights that will suit medium to low light requirements. The bulbs will not burn out easily and are sturdy.

However, the difference between these items is their ability to cater to low-level light needs.

Great value

The SkyLed is powerful but includes more red, green, and blue LED’s. This feature helps in aiding plants that need low-volume light. Plenty of full-spectrum white light is available for higher levels of light. But if you have sensitive plants this might be a good option for your tank.

The Skyled is small, thin, and won’t be noticed in your tank. You’ll have top quality lights in two modes. There is a night mode and a day mode. Your fish and your plants will stay in peak condition under these lights.

The light isn’t fully adjustable, but the switch from night to day mode should help dim your lights. You can keep this product on for around eight to ten hours a day. Overall, you will get great value out of the SkyLed.


  • Great price that can’t be beaten by other products
  • Can adjust the stand so you can put the light where you want easily
  • Extendable legs so you can bathe your tank in light
  • Can be good for plants sensitive to light
  • Caters to low-level light needs with extra red, green, and blue lighting
  • Has a day mode and a night mode that dims the light to a blue tone
  • Great for a small amount of plants, you can focus the light on them


  • This light is not meant for large tanks with a ton of plants
  • Plants that require high levels of light won’t be suited to this product
  • Simple design with no light customization
  • You won’t find a timer in this product this has to be bought separately
  • Better for freshwater tanks, might not be suited for saltwater tanks
  • Does not have waterproof capabilities like the other NICREW model
  • A dimming dial is not included but can be bought separately if you want further control of light

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

Video: “NEW Nicrew SKYLED Aquarium Light Review”

The Importance of the Best Aquarium Light for your Plants

A quality lighting system is important in any tank. Your fish needs a good light source to stay healthy and active. Light needs are not limited to your fish though. Illumination is necessary if you have a planted tank in your home.

Aquatic plants need an adequate amount of light to grow in a water environment. Light helps them go through their feeding cycle called photosynthesis.

Photosynthesis is the biological process that allows plants to feed themselves. Luminosity is necessary to enact this crucial cycle.

You don’t want to give your plant too much light though. If you leave your tank out in direct sunlight you risk harming your fish and your plant. Excess light can wilt your plants and cause overheating in your fish.

This is where a lighting system comes in. With the right kind of lights, you can prevent these problems. You can also perfectly time your plant’s light cycle. This way they will grow in optimal conditions!

Choosing The Best Aquarium Light for Plants

You need to keep certain features in mind when you purchase a lighting system. An important component of any aquarium light is a timer. This feature will help your plants get a proper amount of light. And a controllable light intensity will further help tank plants get decent doses of light.

A good lighting system will also allow you to adjust the intensity of light in your tank. Different plants require different levels of light. Some greenery like lower intensity light.

Other flora requires much higher levels of light intensity. Quality products will give you a nice range of light options to choose from.

The intensity of the light isn’t the only important factor in your decision. Lights should also have a good Kelvin measurement. This standard provides your plant with an ample portion of the light spectrum.

To properly disperse this light also consider the size of your tank. Some lights might be too intense for smaller tanks. Other lights might not produce enough light for larger tanks. The measurement of your light and your tank should be proportional to one another. This way your plants get the best light quality!

In the following sections, we will go into more depth on these topics. Afterward, you will know what to look out for when you go out to buy the best aquarium light for plants.

Why You Need A Timer

Timers are a crucial part of your planted tank. As was previously mentioned, you need a light timer to keep your plants sustained with proper amounts of light.

Some people might think they don’t need to have a timer. It can be a big mistake to get a light without one though. With a timer, your plant will get regular light at an even proportion each day.

A steady flow of light will help plants grow reliably and help them better acclimate to your tank. A regular light schedule will also prevent any overexposure to light.

When you don’t have a timer, you can forget to turn off your tank light. Doing this, even once, can cause harm to your plant. In short, when you skip out on an aquarium light, you risk the health of your plant. So get a light with a timer!

What Kind of Aquarium Light Is The Best For Plants

The color of light is not of any particular importance to a plant. A good range of light is most important to your flora. You want lights with a Kelvin range between 2700 Kelvin and 10000 Kelvin.

Lower level Kelvin numbers tend to produce a warmer spectrum of light. Red and yellow lights fall within this range. Higher Kelvin light produces colder colored lights. In this range of Kelvin, you will have blue and white lights.

Some fish owners think that certain Kelvin measurements help plants grow better than others. This can be true for some plants. This isn’t going to be a concern for most people with planted tanks. Just make sure that the lights you buy fall within the range discussed.

If you stay within these parameters you can get whatever color light you want. Your plants won’t have any problems. For some reference, actual daylight from the sun is rated at around 6500 Kelvins. This could be a good starting place for your plant if you can’t decide what number to settle on.

Tank Size And Your Lighting

The size of your tank can heavily affect the amount of light your plant receives from a product.

You will want to consider the type of tank you have when you are looking for the best aquarium light for your plants. The packaging should tell you what tanks the light is suitable for. To clarify the importance of a proper size light think of it this way.

The more water you have, the further the light has to travel to reach your plant. If your tank is taller or has more mass your light has to move through more space. In this case, the light is spread thinner and thinner. By the time the light reaches your plant it has lost significant power.

A light that is too low intensity will not give your plant enough light in a bigger tank. On the same note, a light that is intense but is put in a smaller and shallow tank can also harm your plant. By getting the right light that will suit your tank size, you can prevent these problems.

You will ensure that your plant gets the best possible light quality. An adjustable light can be the best option for a tank. You can control how much light is directed at your plants. You can also angle the light any way you want to!

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Aquarium lights are must-have items for any planted tank. They come in many variations and forms. They can suit the specific needs of the tanks they are placed in.

Each lighting system is unique and has specific features. You can find lights that fit larger aquariums and smaller aquariums. And some lights are suited to tanks with many plants or only a few.

It not just about size though. Aquarium lights can illuminate your tank with colors that create a naturally lighted environment for your fish and plant.

Many products can tailor to these needs. But with so many options, choosing the right light can be daunting. Some lights are more intense than others and won’t necessarily meet your standards.

In this article, we hope to have alleviated some of these issues. We have given you plenty of useful tips that will help you acquire a light for your tank. With all this information, you can buy the best aquarium light for plants!

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