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Water Lily in Aquarium – Unusual, yet Beautiful

An aquarium cannot be complete with the addition of fishes alone. There are so many other things that you have to consider. Among them, the right substrate, LED light, and plants too have an important role to play.

There are various types of plants that you may add to your fish tank. You may choose one because they are popular, they look attractive, or because you have seen them in some other aquarium and liked it.

Why not try something that is a little unusual, yet beautiful? We are talking about the water lily here.

Why Should You Opt For Water Lilies?

Water lily in aquarium looks great. Most tanks have plants with vertically oriented stems and that is so monotonous. By choosing lilies that have beautiful broad leaves you are introducing something different. Together with being different, they look very attractive too.

The leaves of the lily plants create shaded areas within the tank and promote natural behavior and activities in shy fishes. Even those fishes that are very secretive like black ghost knifefish and bumblebee catfish will forage actively under the shadow of the lily plant leaves.

There are not too many lily species that can be added to aquariums. Though there are no concrete explanations for why all pond lilies cannot thrive in aquariums, perhaps it is because they grow too large. However, there are some species that you may add and the two most popular ones are Dwarf Aquarium Lily and Tiger Lotus Lily.

Dwarf Aquarium Lily

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If you have always wanted water lily in aquarium then the Dwarf Aquarium Lily makes a nice choice. It is a colorful and distinctive bulb plant. It is native to India and is popular for its triangular-shaped leaves and the pink, red, and green coloration that begins developing as this plant grows.

Usually, it grows not more than 5 inches and so is a perfect option for mid-ground or foreground of aquariums. If kept in immersed or shallow enough water conditions, the Dwarf Aquarium Lilies may also flower. This makes it an amazing choice for paludariums too.

It is very easy to take care of Dwarf Aquarium Lily. Do not bury the bulb base fully in the substrate, else, it will rot. Just one-fourth of the bulb should be buried in the substrate. Another thing to remember is that this is a warm water plant. If the temperature in the tank goes too low then this plant can go through a bad phase.

Dwarf Aquarium Lily even goes through dormant periods. During this time, it will shed its leaves for some weeks, but new leaves will also start growing soon.

Not only do they look great, but Dwarf Lilies also offer refuge to nano fish, fry, and dwarf shrimps. If you take good care then this plant will grow at a moderate rate in your aquarium, and soon become a centerpiece.


Tiger Lotus Lily

Tiger Lotus Lily is a somewhat larger species and is chosen for aquariums because of its colorful appeal. It is not easy to find this species because just some specialty retailers’ stock it owing to its high price. You, however, can easily get it from domestic distributors almost throughout the year.

Native to West Africa, the Tiger Lotus Lily can withstand varied temperature range, water hardness, and pH values. It has a medium growing speed and when it gets medium to strong light it can easily grow 9 to 23 inches wide and 7 to 31 inches high.

You need to drop the bulb of this lily on the top of your tank substrate. Make sure only the bulb stays on the surface and the roots underneath. And now, allow it to grow.

The Tiger Lotus Lily takes maximum nutrients in the water and needs space too so make sure not to place it close to any sensitive plants. Also, as this lily can spread and grow quickly you may want to keep its growth under check. To do so, you can keep the roots in a restricted space, prevent seeds from falling on the surface, control the aquarium light, and trim overgrown leaves regularly.

The blossoms of this plant are generally white but because of selective breeding, there can be blue or red flowers too. These lilies can make a great contrast to the other normal green plants in your tank. Just take a little extra care, and you will enjoy its beauty always.

Video: “How to Care for Tiger Lotus”


Water lily in aquarium certainly looks astounding. It makes your tank appear so different from others. Because these plants are different, you need to take extra care of them but that is only worth it. Your fishes will love these lilies too as they get some shade and a place to hide.

Apart from these two popular lilies, there are a few others too that you can add to your aquarium and create a beautiful image to watch and cherish.


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