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Best Fish Food for Mollies – Top 5 Review

Nutritional needs are important for the longevity of your Molly fish. This species of pets requires a specific blend of plant and protein-based meals to thrive.

This gives them the best quality of life in their tank!

Some Molly owners choose to go with lower quality food though. You want to stick with better foods!

In this guide, we’ll provide Molly owners with the best fish food for mollies. You fish should only be given the best types of food and we’ll talk in detail about these products!

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Best Fish Food For Mollies – Top 5 Review

1. Hikari USA Tropical Fish Food

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Hikari Tropical Food is made out of the best ingredients. This is because Hikari has put ample amounts of research money into studying fish nutrition. This brand has formulated one of the most healthy foods for tropical pets. Protein and plants are combined to create one of the best fish food for mollies.

The flakes are also smaller than other products. They are almost powder-like in their consistency. But this makes digesting the food much easier for your pet. Still, this type of food can make your water a little cloudy so be mindful of this side effect!

Hikari Tropical comes with three packs of food. In total, you’ll get close to two ounces of food. The price per ounce is a little more expensive than most Molly food, but the nutrition in the Hikari is hard to beat!


  • Lots of nutrition and protein in this Molly Food
  • Comes in a pack of three so you get plenty of food
  • Picky Molly’s will like the flavor of this food
  • Small-sized food that is easier for Molly’s to eat
  • Fresh food with good quality


  • A little more expensive than other Molly food
  • Could potentially cloud up the water in your tank

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2. TetraMin Tropical Granules

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TetraMin is another fish food perfectly formulated for pet Molly. In fact, the TetraMin is designed to extend the life of your pet! This food product has a ton of great nutrients and supports an active lifestyle for your fish. It is the addition of omega-three that keeps Molly’s alert and energetic in their tanks!

The food is made small and digestible for Molly. They come in granules and are broken down from larger flakes. So your Molly should have an easier time eating them.

In addition, the flakes won’t make your fish excrete as much waste. Other fish foods can upset your fish’s stomach, but this food will actually cut back on their waste output!

TetraMin comes in two different sizes. One bottle has around an ounce of food in it. The other bottle has three and a half ounces. If you want the best value, you should get the larger TetraMin bottle.

This food is actually fairly cheap and you get double the food with the bigger size.

Really, you can’t go wrong with TetraMin Fish Food. It keeps your tank and your Molly in great shape! It’s one of the best fish food for mollies!


  • TetraMin helps Mollies live longer and thrive
  • Has protein in it and plant matter
  • Not hard for Molly to digest this food
  • Good for your water quality and reduces your fish’s waste output
  • Good price for this food and has plenty of flakes included


  • Try to get some different foods to add variety to your Mollies diet
  • Could be too small for larger Mollies

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3. Omega One Super Color Flakes

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Omega-One color flakes are rich in nutrients and make your Molly fish shine. If you want your Molly to look great and feel great think about purchasing from this brand. Omega-one can really enhance the appearance of your pet fish.

These flakes are full of omega-three and other nutrients that fish need. The good thing about this particular brand is that it can be used in fresh and saltwater Molly.

You want your Molly to stay healthy and have a strong immune system throughout their life. Omega-one will support your fish’s immune system well! This particular brand is a little more expensive than some fish foods.

But you can buy the Omega-one in bulk. There are a few size options, up to six. You can even get this in a 12-ounce bucket! With a bigger size, you could end up saving money. You’ll have more food at a bulk cost!


  • Can be used for any type of Molly fish
  • Makes Molly fish look shiny
  • Very High in Omega-Three
  • Supports Molly immune health
  • Can buy large quantities of this fish foot


  • A little expensive
  • Sometimes there are fishbone fragments in the food

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4. Hikari Bio-Pure FD Brine Shrimp

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Hikari Brine Shrimp are well-liked by Molly fish enthusiasts. This freeze-dried product will give your pet the nutrients and proteins it needs. But we recommend using the Hikari in combination with flakes or pellets. Or you can use this as a snack.

Remember that your Molly needs more than protein to thrive. It needs nutrients found in plants since it is an omnivore.

Still, this is a great product for Molly fish. Hikari has freeze-dried this critter, so you don’t have to worry about anything nasty lurking in the food. The shrimp are parasite free and totally healthy for Molly. They will help brighten up the color of your pets. Brine Shrimp is also great for fortifying your pets immune system.

This product can also help with the digestion processes. Furthermore, if your pet is being picky and doesn’t want to eat, you can use this as an alternative meal.

Again, you don’t want to use this as their primary food. But on occasion, it’s okay to give them shrimp only during their feeding. When your fish is less finicky add other types of food to their diet.

Hikari is packaged well and has a dispensary at the top. This will prevent the food from spilling out in large portions. The brine won’t make your water murky or cloudy as well. Overall, this is one of the best fish food for mollies.


  • Protein filled food for Molly Fish
  • Lots of nutrients with this food
  • You won’t find bacteria or other parasites in this
  • Hikari prevents cloudy water
  • Good price with nice dispensary top


  • The pieces might need to be crushed; they are a little on the big side
  • Does not provide all nutrients, so add something plant-based with this

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5. API FISH FOOD FLAKES (Tropical Greens)

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API Tropical Greens are one of the most popular Molly food options. When you buy from API, you won’t have to worry about low-quality pet food. This brand has some of the best ingredients for tropical fish like Molly. It has all the nutrients your Molly needs in one single package.

The flakes are made from vegetables. But API Tropical is also fortified with other ingredients. So this can be used as your main Molly meal.

Flakes like API Greens will not sink to the floor of your aquarium right away. They will instead sink slowly which gives your Molly time to catch their food. Molly are not always the quickest during mealtime. So this can be good for them.

Other Molly food is not nearly as nutritious as the API. Still, it isn’t a terrible idea to bulk up your fish’s diet and add some variety. If you are trying to save money you can stick to this one food. But if you want to give your fish plenty of choices, you can get some of the other products we mentioned. Shrimp or even other protein-packed insects work well for Molly.

Overall though, this is considered one of the best fish food for mollies. It meets their food requirements as omnivores. The food won’t change your water chemistry easily. And the price is not bad at all!


  • API makes nutritious and high-quality pet food
  • All Molly nutritional needs can be met with this food
  • API tropical flakes don’t spike waters ammonia levels
  • Keeps Molly healthy and well-fed
  • Flakes float slowly and make feeding time easier


  • Highly nutritious but you might want to add some variety to your pet’s diet
  • Some people complain about the smell of API

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6. SunGrow Feeding Ring

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Molly can definitely be picky when it comes to food. So a feeding ring is a great device to have, especially if you have more than one fish in your tank. Feeding rings like the SunGrow are convenient and simple devices.

They are suctioned to the top of the tank and trap food for your Mollies. Your pet will know exactly where they should go to get their meal. And they will be encouraged to eat more.

Depending on the tank you have, and the inhabitants in it, you might want to buy more than one of these products. One breed of fish can eat at one ring, and your Molly’s in another. But if you only have Mollies this shouldn’t be a problem.

In addition to helping your Molly eat more, the SunGrow ring can also keep your tank cleaner. Feeding time can often cause a mess in tank water. Food tends to float around the tank. Your Molly might not get all of it as a result, and this debris can rot and murk up your tank.

With a feeding ring, you can solve this issue. The SunGrow will keep the food in one place effectively. If your Molly doesn’t eat all its food you can easily take it out of the water.

Really this feeding device can save you a lot of trouble for very little money. Fish food can occasionally clog up your tank devices, and the ring will prevent this.

So try the SunGrow Ring out with your food. The Ring is made well and sticks to tank surfaces easily.

You can also put it in any type of tank. Saltwater and freshwater tanks are fine for this particular product!


  • SunGrow is not expensive
  • Helps Molly’s eat more and find food easily
  • Can Keep Your Molly Tank Cleaner
  • Easier to control where your Molly’s food goes
  • Good if you have a lot of fish in your tank


  • Might need more than one with multiple fish breeds
  • SunGrow could be too large for smaller tanks

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What Should Your Molly Be Eating

Your Pet Molly can be fed a variety of food. Mollies are omnivores, so they aren’t limited to just one type of food like other pets. They can have food that is both plant and meat based.

In their own natural habitats, these fish will encounter a lot of protein-rich sources of sustenance. This could include things like insects, crustaceans, and on occasion fish that are smaller than them. Still, it’s important that Molly’s get vegetables in their diet.

Mollies actually enjoy eating algae to meet the needs of their diet. And they eat plenty of this in lakes and oceans. So, you can let them eat your tank algae! Give them some variety with greens though. This is important for their nutritional needs. But do not go overboard.

Most fish foods products will meet their dietary needs when it comes to this aspect of their diet. But we’ll talk about vegetables and these other foods in the next section of the post!

Different Types of Molly Food You Can Try

Flakes and Pellets are one of the more popular food options for pet Molly. You can choose between either of these products. But Mollies tend to prefer flakes over pellets.

Flakes sink slowly and are easier for your Molly to eat and digest.

But really, as long as the fish food you get is nutritious pellets can be fine as well. These kinds of dry foods are an ideal meal for almost any kind of pet fish. They are fully fortified with the dietary needs of Molly’s.

You just want to make sure you are getting the right kind of pellet or flake for your Molly. Some foods are specifically targeted for Molly.

Since Molly’s are tropical omnivorous fish, they will have certain nutrient requirements. All the products that we have listed in this guide are suitable for Molly though.

Frozen Food

The next type of food you can feed your Molly is frozen food. Typically, most Molly owners don’t feed their pets frozen foods. But if you are trying to breed more fish, or they need more nutrition, this food choice could work for you.

Molly like brine shrimp, but they also like other types of insects. Especially worm-like insects. Put some of these live creatures in with your fish, but make sure they are cut small enough and prepared well.

Frozen food is nutritious, but if it isn’t stored right it could contain parasites and bacteria.

Freeze-dried Food

Another food to consider for Molly fish is freeze-dried foods. Again, Molly’s like to have variety in their meals. A freeze-dried snack of shrimp or worms can help their health and switch up their diet!

There are a lot of different freeze-dried foods out there. But you usually want to feed your fish flakes with this. Molly’s need greens in their diet, so the protein in this type of food won’t be enough for you Molly fish.

Still, this is a nice food alternative for pets.


You don’t have to stick to dried food and protein sources for Molly though. Vegetables are another important component of the Molly fish’s diet. You can give them a lot of different kinds of greens. Just make sure to cook the vegetables you give to Molly.

Remember that Molly is a little picky. They like softer food. Cooking the vegetables helps make them less tough to eat. Just don’t boil them too much! Broccoli and other veggies are well-liked by Molly fish. But spinach is especially popular with this fish breed. So try this out in small boiled pieces!

Scheduling Molly Feeding Times

Your Molly should be put on a daily feeding schedule. This will keep them in good health! Usually, Molly can be fed twice a day. Small amounts of food should be given to your pet.

You don’t need to go overboard feeding them a lot. A few flakes should fill them up. But if you want to feed them more, you can give them a snack occasionally. Freeze-dried critters can add to Molly nutritional needs.

Some bigger and younger Molly can be fed three times a day. But you want their meals to be smaller so you don’t cause digestion and health problems.

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Molly fish can be fed an assortment of foods. In this post, we went over some common meals Mollies can consume regularly!

From veggies to flakes, to dried and live choices, many options are available to your fish! In addition, we reviewed some of the best fish food for mollies.

It can be difficult finding the right food for a pet Molly. So we took the time to look into these Molly products. On the whole, each of these Molly foods can help keep your pet in peak condition.

So don’t waste your time on low-quality Molly food. Pick a product that will meet your Molly’s nutritional needs!

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