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5 Best Glofish Tanks in 2023 Reviewed

Glofish are pretty similar to most other fish out there. The only real difference is the way they can light up in your tank.

Still, this will only happen under certain conditions.

First, you need a blue light so your fish become fluorescent. Next, your fish need to be in a darker tank and the lights outside your tank need to be dimmed.

Some normal tanks can help your fish glow, but most conventional products don’t meet these requirements.

Regular tanks will lessen your fish’s ability to really light up. So you want to get the proper tank for your pets.

A Glofish tank helps enhance this effect for your fish and creates the perfect atmosphere for them to live in!

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Tetra GloFish (3-20 Gallon)

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GloFish tanks are some of the most popular products for Glofish. This particular line of Glofish tanks are easy to set up and won’t cost you a lot of money.

They also come in a pretty large range of sizes and options.

You can get this [amazon link=”B013BXE1XO” title=”Tetra GloFish Tank” link_icon=”amazon” /] in three gallons up to twenty gallons. What you need will depend on the amount of fish you buy.

Looks also play a role as well. if you want to display a large school of glowing fish you will need a bigger tank!

Size and Shape

The GloFish tanks options don’t have many differences besides size and shape. You can choose between a crescent shape, a portrait, a rectangle, and a cylinder.

Each shape has a corresponding size as well. But the features are very similar, and all the tanks provide blue lighting and dark backgrounds to make your fish look fluorescent.

Tubing and a filter are also included along with airstones and other extra items.

You’ll pretty much be set when you buy one of GloFish’s tank products. This is a kit product with a lot to offer including gravel and even fake plants.

You get more extras with a higher gallon size. So keep this in mind as well. Overall, though, the GloFish can be considered one of the best Glofish tanks for pet owners!

The value and quality of this particular Glofish tanks are pretty remarkable considering the cost!


  • Ranges in sizes from three-gallon to twenty-gallon
  • Has plenty of extra items included with it
  • Good price even for larger sizes
  • Black background and blue lights to enhance your fish’s glow
  • Made out of sturdy acrylic material


  • Smaller sizes might not be big enough for larger amounts of fish
  • Filter is a little powerful

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Aqueon NeoGlow (5-10 Gallon)

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The next product on my list for Glofish tanks is the [amazon link=”B06Y13FSGH” title=”Aqueon NeoGlow” link_icon=”amazon” /].

The NeoGlow comes in four different sizes. You can choose from a five-gallon Glofish tank up to a ten-gallon Glofish tank.

The five-gallon comes in a more rectangular portrait shape. But the rest of the tanks come in a more boxy rectangular look.

Each NeoGlow is fitted with fake plants and decorations that come in a neon color. There is also neon rubber on the outside of the tank that helps accentuate its looks.

Four of the tanks come with pink neon, but the five-gallon tank comes with green neon.

Other than this, the Neoglows are pretty similar. They all have Aqueon filters installed and come with blue LED lights for your Glofish.

However, the ten-gallon tank has an extra feature. It has temperature control to keep your tank at seventy-eight degrees.

On the whole, this is another great Glofish product. It does not cost a lot, and it comes with a lot of great Glofish tank items!


  • This tank comes fully furnished with everything your Glofish needs
  • Nice design with neon flares of color on the tank
  • Great filtering system and high-quality tank on the whole
  • Great high-powered blue lights and a nice dark background for Glofish


  • Range of sizes is not as big as other brands
  • Plants and gravel might not be to everyone’s liking or style

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Marineland Portrait (5 Gallon)

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Marineland is one of the best Glofish tanks you can go with. This is true for your Glofish any other type of fish.

While this tank was not specifically designed for Glofish, it can work well for your pets. It has a nice dark background and has both white and blue LEDs.

So, these tank conditions are great for Glofish!

The [amazon link=”B00O8SZTKQ” title=”Marineland Portrait” link_icon=”amazon” /] can get expensive of course. But it is still under a hundred dollars. And, it has a very modern look to it and will make any home look extra stylish.

Still, this tank only comes in a five-gallon option. So you can not put a ton of Glofish in this tank.

In fact, I recommend getting something bigger if you have more than a few fish. Still, the Marineland has a filter and nice lights that can be adjusted.

So, if you want something minimalistic with a luxury feel get this Glofish tank!


  • Marineland is one of the highest quality tanks for Glofish
  • Great materials used for this tank so it lasts a long time
  • Looks great in your home, very nice and trendy tank
  • Comes with a good filter that is not overly loud for Glofish


  • Could be a little expensive or out of budget depending on where you buy it
  • Typically not meant for Glofish but it does have a dark background and blue LEDs
  • Only comes in five gallons, so not great for a school of Glofish

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Tetra ColorFusion (20 Gallon)

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The ColorFusion is a twenty-gallon tank that can house multiple Glofish at once. This tank offers the ultimate aesthetic look for your home.

It comes with large flexible tank plants. They are fake but are easily swayed by the water flow from the built-in filter.

In addition, the [amazon link=”B013BXDXTC” title=”Tetra ColorFusion” link_icon=”amazon” /] can be set in multiple colors. Blue is a nice choice for your Glofish, but if you want to switch things up to other neon colors you can with this product.

ColorFusion comes in at a good price range, and it offers you a lot of nice features for Glofish. This includes a heater for your pets!

Glofish need a slightly warmer aquarium. So, again, this is another great product for Glofish.

You can not go wrong with this particular brand, even if you only have a few tank pets in your setup.

I consider this one of the best Glofish tanks you can get on my list even!


  • Comes with a really nice set of realistic-looking fake plants
  • Has blue lights but also switches between colors for varied looks and tones
  • Great aesthetic with this tank and a filter that makes your “plants” sway
  • You get a nice heater for this Glofish tank
  • Great value and it is not hard to set up the ColorFusion


  • Does not have the best filter, and can be a little on the loud side
  • Only comes in one size, so not a lot of options in terms of size
  • Only comes in one shape option, and is a little bulky looking

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Tetra GloFish (1.5-3 Gallon)

[amazon box=”B00591C0KI”]

Finally, the last Glofish tank I will introduce is another GloFish product.

This particular GloFish line is on the smaller side. So I can only recommend this product for one or at most two GloFish.

If you want bigger tank options, look at the first set of GloFish tanks I reviewed at the beginning of the article. Those are suited to larger amounts of Glofish.

With the [amazon link=”B00591C0KI” title=”GloFish Hood Tank” link_icon=”amazon” /], you can choose between two options. You have the gallon and a half tank, which should only house one fish.

Then, you have the three-gallon fish tank. Again, the 1.5-gallon tank is pretty small.

It comes in a rectangle shape and has a LED blue light with a filter. The hood also helps keep your fish safe from an escape.

The five-gallon crescent tank is much more suited to your Glofish. I recommend going with this option over the smaller tank.

As the extra room in this tank can make a big difference for your Glofish’s health. Still, this is up to you.

The same features from the smaller 1.5-gallon tank are found in the three-gallon tank. You have blue LEDs as well and a filter. The filter in this tank is a little more powerful though.

Really, these GloFish tanks are not the best option for your fish. But, if you want to spend a little less, and still have a working quality Glofish tank you can go with this.


  • Both GloFish options come with a filter that works efficiently and softly
  • Nice bright blue LEDs and a dark background that help your fish look great at night
  • Does not take up a lot of space
  • Very well priced Glofish tank
  • Different size and shape options


  • On the small side, not great for a large school of Glofish
  • No extra plants or gravel come with this

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Video: “GloFish 3 Gallon Seamless Curved Front Aquarium “

What to Know About Your Glofish and Why You Need A Quality Glofish Tank

Video: “Glofish Care Guide”

Many people don’t know this, but glofish are designed by scientists to glow in the water. Glofish are fish that are engineered and genetically altered to glow in your tank.

A Glofish tank helps enhance this effect for your fish and creates the perfect atmosphere for them to live in!

Glofish tanks are not difficult to find. And there are plenty of quality Glofish tanks for you to choose from. I showed you plenty of them in this post too!

Just make sure you are getting a high-quality tank for your Glofish.

Not only do you want good light and a dark enough tank, but you want something that will hold up. It’s hard to transfer your fish to another tank.

Especially if you get a poorly crafted one and it breaks or cracks. This can cause a lot of issues for you. So just prevent this and get the best Glofish tank you can find!

How to Choose The Best Glofish Tank For Your Setup?

When you are purchasing your Glofish tank, you want to choose your tank carefully. Really, this goes with any tank purchase.

Tanks are vital to your pet’s health and wellness.

So you don’t want something that is of inferior make or will not meet the standards and requirements of your pet.

We’ll go over everything you need to know here.

So it won’t be difficult to find the best Glofish tank for your pet. Still, you want to read the rest of this Glofish post carefully. This way you don’t end up making the wrong tank purchase.

Tank Size

To begin with, get a tank that is the right size for your Glofish. Glofish are pretty standard fish.

So, they do not need a massive tank. If you are only getting one fish or two, then a five-gallon tank can be okay.

However, if you plan on getting a lot of Glofish I recommend going up in your tank size.

Ten gallons to twenty gallons can be good for a small school of Glofish. But, again, it all depends on how many fish you put into the tank exactly.

It’s not bad to have a bigger tank for your pets either. So don’t be afraid to go up in size.

Size and Shape

After this, make sure that your Glofish aquarium is made from sturdy material and that is it designed nicely. Acrylic or glass is the preferred medium for tanks.

Acrylic can be especially good for Glofish since these tanks are more vibrant and clear.

Just know that they might scratch a little. You also want a tank that looks visually appealing for your Glofish. You don’t want anything bulky or ugly.

Plenty of modern fish tanks are available and they don’t cost a ton of money so give this advice some thought.

Background and LED’s

In addition, make sure that your Glofish tank has a dark enough background and that it has bright LED lights.

This is a basic requirement of any good Glofish tank.

Other than this, you want a tank that is not too expensive for you but is well made. I suggest getting a Glofish tank from a good brand.

The brands I have listed are of high enough quality. They also come in many different price ranges.

So you won’t struggle to find something that fits in your budget.

How To Set Up Your GloFish Tank Optimally and Other Accessories You Can Buy


The tank set up for a Glofish is pretty similar to other fish tanks. You might just be decorating your tank differently and getting different accessories.

Of course, you want to clean and cycle your tank before your fish enters its home.

[amazon box=”B00ZWHCQK8″]

But I also recommend getting some nice fake plants or decorations for your Glofish.

Fake plants can be great for your tank, and Glofish actually really enjoys swimming around plants. You can go with real or fake greenery.

Fake plants can be nice since they are low maintenance. Plus, you can get them in a lot of fun fluorescent colors that match your fish!

[amazon box=”B007TGMLVO”]

Gravel should also be bought as well. Again, you can get this product in a lot of neat colors as well.

And luckily, many of the kits I introduced in this post come with these items. So you won’t have to worry too much about going out to buy them.

[amazon box=”B071KZNYJV”]

You will have to get some food for your Glofish though. Glofish should eat fish food that was made specifically for them.

Other fish food is not bad for them. But they will just look better in your tank and glow better with the right type of food.

At stores, you can see this food labeled with a picture of a Glofish and the words Glofish food. It is not too hard to find!

[amazon box=”B00EF5YQ1U”]

Additional lighting can be bought for your tank as well, but this is up to you.

Filters are a must as well. But most tanks nowadays will have good filters installed with them.

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Glofish are unique and fun aquarium pets that add a nice flair to your water. These glowing fish are energetic and don’t require extra care like other types of special fish.

But you do want to have the right kind of tank set up in your home to really show off their glowing abilities.

I went over a number of Glofish products in this post.

The tanks I mentioned will all suit Glofish well. And, they come in several sizes and shapes to suit your sensibilities and fish’s needs!

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