Freshwater Aquarium
Ghost Shrimp Breeding – How to do?

Ghost shrimps (Palaemonetes paludosus) are a class of decapods characterized by their small, translucent, and segmented body. They have many alternative names such as American Freshwater Glass Shrimp, Glass Shrimp, and Grass Shrimp. This species of freshwater shrimp is highly active and social. ...

How to Lower Nitrite Levels in Freshwater Aquarium

Nitrites naturally occur in your aquarium, but you and your fish definitely don’t want them. However, they play an essential role in your tank, so you should understand why they happen and how to lower nitrite levels in freshwater aquarium. Nitrites are invisible but they have a huge ...

How to Lower PH in Freshwater Aquarium Naturally

Having an aquarium is a great tension reliever for everyone. Fish are peaceful and colorful, and air bubbles constantly flow through your mini aquatic ecosystem, but this all becomes a sad scene when one of those fish floats to the surface. You might have noticed something unnatural happening ...

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