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Coralife BioCube 32 Review – Worth the Money?

You love fishes and you have always desired to have your own tank complete with beautiful live plants, attractive coral, and adorable fish that would be extremely happy in their little home.

Yes, a properly maintained aquarium does look great, but maintaining is not an easy task, not at least as easy as it appears.

You need to make sure the tank water always has the right pH levels and temperature. The lighting has to be perfect – not much, not less.

You must have the best filter and that needs to work perfectly all the time. Also, your fish always must be healthy and happy in the beautiful home that you have created for them.

If you are a novice, then remembering all these and also always following it might not be that easy. This does not mean you can never have your own aquarium, of course, you can, as Coralife

BioCube is here to your rescue.

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Coralife BioCube 32/16 Review

It is a small scale aquarium with a canopy design, an integrated timer, LED lighting, temperature control feature, and an adjustable filter.

To put it short, this tank offers you everything that you need, leaving you with nothing to worry about.

Sounds interesting right?

So why not dive further into this Coralife BioCube 32 review and learn more about this amazing product.

Beautifully Designed

Yes, you need an aquarium that functions well and does not require you to do much. But wouldn’t you be glad if together with doing its job well, the tank also looks attractive?

This is something BioCube clearly understands and thus has come up with an interesting design.

With its canopy design and sleek hood, the aquarium will only enhance the beauty of the area where you place it. You can view it from 3 sides.

So, whichever side you see it from you will only be left further amazed by the beautiful life residing within.

The filter of this tank is placed at the back. Thus, you will not have to adjust your plants and tank ornaments according to the filter.

Also, as your filter cannot be seen it will not come in way of an otherwise beautiful sight that you would want to enjoy every day.

Perfect LED Lighting

Many people do not even consider lighting when they are imagining a beautiful aquarium.

Well, perhaps you are just used to seeing those small glass bowls that can be placed on a counter. The only lighting that such tanks receive is from a lamp that is placed quite away from it.

If, however, you are interested in a true fish tank then lighting is something that just cannot be ignored. As BioCube does not want you to put in extra efforts [amazon link=”B06X958X7Z” title=”Coralife 32″ link_icon=”amazon” /] includes the light as well.

It has color enhancing in-built LED lighting that makes your tank look stunningly beautiful. Also, it stimulates natural lighting and this is something the lives within your tank will certainly love.

It has two types of lighting – the blue LED for moon-set/moon-rise stimulation and the white LED for sunset/sunrise stimulation.

The lighting will basically help make your aquarium look as natural as is possible, and this certainly is amazing.

Helpful Integrated Timer

Right at the top of your tank’s hood is present a timer using which you can adjust the lighting of your tank.

Set the time that you think will be ideal for your fish and the lights will then keep changing accordingly.

This will free you from remembering and manually changing the light to make sure your fishes can be as close to the natural lighting as is possible. Just set the time using the integrated timer and BioCube will handle the rest.

Perfect In-Built Filtration and Pump

Filters are absolutely necessary for a fish tank. There, of course, are many options available and these will only get you confused.

Just buying a filter does not end your job you have to manage it really well. There is a lot of maintaining, cleaning, and adjusting needed and this can scare you if you are a beginner.

But you do not need to worry as [amazon link=”B06X958X7Z” title=”Coralife BioCube 32″ link_icon=”amazon” /] has its very own in-built filtration system which will make things so easy for you.

You can customize the filter with your choice of media. It is compact, has dual intakes, and a submersible pump.

Also, it has a return nozzle which is adjustable and you can thus control if or not the water cascades into the tank or trickles into it.

The Pump

Coralife BioCube has a submersible pump which is discreet and pretty quiet, much more compared to the other pumps that you get at this price range.

This pump, which is connected to the in-built filtration system, has dual intake and a return nozzle which is adjustable. It is pretty simple to clean and customizable too.

The filtration system has 3 chambers – 1 to hold the submersible pump, 1 for algae and bacteria growth, and 1 to hold the phosphorous-based filter media and the heater.

Useful Temperature Control

If the water temperature of your tank is not right then the lives within will not be safe either. The water cannot be too cold nor too hot, else, in the worst scenario, it can prove to be fatal.

As a part of this Coralife BioCube 32 review you will happy to know that there is a solution for this as well. BioCube includes a temperature control so that the tank water stays at the optimal temperature all the time.

Naturally, if you love your fishes and do not want to hurt them, you will love this feature for sure.

It even has a cooling fan, which can prevent the tank water from getting way too hot owing to the warmth of the LED lights.

Your job is now going to be easier. You will not have to keep going and checking the temperature now and then as you know BioCube is handling it perfectly well.

Fit for Fresh As Well As Saltwater

Video: “How to Set Up a BioCube Aquarium”

Some of you may have wanted your aquarium to look like a wonderful coral reef and some want a flowing river. Either way, this tank will prove to be a perfect option.

Whether you opt for Coralife BioCube 32 or Coralife BioCube 16 they are spacious enough to accommodate your choice of fish, plants, and corals.

Just customize your aquarium the way you want and BioCube will manage the rest.

Extremely Durable

BioCube certainly looks beautiful and sleek and may appear fragile to many. But the fact is this aquarium is actually very durable.

The glass and all the parts included in the tank are crafted out of high-quality materials. You can thus be sure your tank will last you very long and the lives within will always be healthy and happy.

You Have Another Option Too

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So far, we have been speaking about Coralife BioCube 32, but you have another option and that is Coralife BioCube 16. The difference between these two is basically just the size.

If you think as a beginner you want to start with the smallest size available then you might consider BioCube 16, else, BioCube 32 makes a perfect fit.

Low Maintenance

BioCube 16 and Biocube 32 takes care of your fish, corals, and plants and other than that it takes care of itself as well.

The LED lighting is timed, it maintains its temperature, and the filter too works amazingly well with regular maintenance.

If you are not sure if at all you can manage an aquarium properly, then this Coralife BioCube 32/16 review clearly shows this is the best option for you.

Also, if you cannot find much time to maintain a tank and yet want a beautiful aquarium then too this will prove to be the best choice that you can ever make.

Pros and Cons

Now that we have learned a lot about Coralife BioCube 32/16, let us draw our attention to its pros and cons.


  • It has a sleek, attractive design.
  • It is easy to set up.
  • It has in-built temperature and lighting control.
  • Its filtration system is customizable.
  • It is not noisy.
  • It is low maintenance.
  • It includes a fan to cool the tank water from excessive LED light heat.


  •  It slightly malfunctions at times
  • There is no mention of a warranty, and this can be a cause of concern to many.

Video: “LED BioCube 16 & 32”

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Fish certainly can prove to be one of the best pets. They look so beautiful, colorful, and we can spend hours just gazing at them in awe. Along with fish, when we also have coral reefs and live plants in our tank, it looks no less than a dream.

However, this dream comes with a price. You need to invest time and effort into regular maintenance. You have to make sure everything is always perfect – the temperature in the tank, the condition of the water, the lighting, and much more.

This is when you start thinking twice. You may not have the time or maybe are just unsure if you can do things right.

To conclude this Coralife BioCube 32 review we can fairly say that these tanks have been created keeping both your dream and concern in mind.

It has been made to help make your dream of owning a tank true even if you are a novice and even if you do not have much time.

So, invest in a Coralife BioCube tank today and watch your dream turn into a beautiful, colorful reality.

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