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How to Get Rid Of Green Spot Algae in Aquarium

Algae growth is very common in every aquarium. While it is not a problem when their growth is limited, but when they grow out of control, they look unsightly. And, they can even be harmful to your plants and fishes.

One of the most common types of algae found growing in tanks is the green spot algae. It does not grow tall and is green, hard to touch, and flat. The green spot algae appear as green spots and grow on objects that do not move.

If there is a slow-growing plant in your tank, then this algae may grow on that as well.

You might first observe these algae as green spots on the well-lit parts of your aquarium. They initially appear as isolated spots. But, if they are not tackled on time, they begin merging and form a blotchy green carpet.

Green spot algae are not harmful to your fishes and nor for your plants, not unless they completely cover them. However, they do look unsightly and thus must be removed at the earliest. Naturally, you will now want to know how to get rid of green spot algae.

Well, this is exactly what we are now about to discover.

1. Remove Green Spot Algae Manually


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Using a Credit Card

The best way to get rid of the algae from your fish tank will be to scrape it off manually. Do not worry you literally will not be using your hand or nail for the purpose.

There will be no need for you to invest in a new product to eliminate the unsightly green spots that have developed in your tank. What you need for the purpose is readily available at your home. You will be using your credit card here.

You must be having an old credit card at home so use that. If you do not have one, then you can use any other plastic card that is similar in size to your credit card.

Now, keep your card ready in your hand (wear gloves if you do not want to get your hand wet) and follow the steps given below.

First, angle your card and move it down the glass of your tank. You will see the green spot algae itself starts coming off.

Repeat the procedure until you notice all the green spots have been removed from the glass of your tank.

Next, you need to change the water of your tank so that you can remove all the algae that you have accumulated in your tank during the process.

Using an Algae Scraper

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You can even consider investing in an algae scraper to get rid of the green spots from your tank. This scraper basically is a stick with a razor blade attached. It will scrape off the green spot algae easily and you will not even need to wet your hands at all.

Just like you moved in your credit card, slide the blade of your scraper inside the tank (touching the glass).

Be careful when you are loosening the green algae from your aquarium’s corner. You will not want to slice through its silicone seal.

You may even remove the razor blade, and attach a credit card in its place to be extra safe.

Once you have successfully removed the algae, change the water to eliminate those that have collected during the removal process.

Manually Removing Algae from Plants, Driftwood, and Rocks

To remove green spot algae that have covered your plants, you will need to cut each of the leaves that have been impacted.

As far as the driftwood and rocks are concerned, you will have to get them out of your aquarium and scrub them using a rough sponge.

If you are not being able to get rid of the algae completely, you can use a hydrogen peroxide solution. This will get rid of any algae that were clinging strongly and you could not scrub and remove.

2. Remove Green Spot Algae with the Help of Algae Eaters

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If you did not find the manual process very helpful, or if you do not have the patience or time, then you can introduce some algae eaters in your tank.

But, how to get rid of green spot algae using algae eaters, and which algae eater should you opt for, you mask ask?

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Well, the best algae eater for green spot algae is the Zebra Nerite Snail. The only step you need to take is to introduce it to your aquarium, and it will handle the rest.

The Zebra Nerite Snail loves green spot algae. Whether the algae has covered your glass, rocks, driftwood, or plants, the snail will find and eat them all.

Other algae eaters too might try to eat the green spot algae. However, it is quite hard, which is what most algae eaters may not like and give up. But Zebra Nerite Snails will finish them off eagerly.

If the problem of green spot algae has grown a bit too much then you will need to add more than a few snails.

One thing you need to remember here is that after eating up all the green spot algae present in your tank, the Zebra Nerite will be left with no food source. If you forget feeding them, they will starve.


Green spot algae are quite gentle algae that affect almost every aquarium. Now that you also know how to get rid of green spot algae you will never have to worry about its presence at all. This also does not mean you will let them grow even after you have figured out their existence. The earlier you treat it, the less will be the efforts that you will have to invest.

Always remember, just investing in the best quality aquarium, filters, lights, and introducing healthy fishes and plants is not enough. Your responsibility only starts here. There will be problems that you will face and you need to know how to identify and treat them at the earliest. Your fishes or the other lives in your tank cannot express their problems, so you always need to be watchful.

If you are attentive, you will be able to tackle issues like green spot algae at the earliest. Your aquarium will then forever be healthy and look beautiful, just the way you have always wanted.

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