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13 Best Kuhli Loach Tank Mates (With Pictures)

Although Kohli loach can be the tiniest addition to your aquarium, their interesting and unique appearance always makes up for it.

Their slender body and calm nature can make them one of the favorite fishes to have in your aquarium and make sure they thrive with other compatible fishes.

If that’s you’re here; you’ve come to the right place!

In this guide, I’ll walk you towards the best Kuhli Loach tank mates you can ever consider.

And I will also talk about the tank size and common mistakes to avoid that will equip you with all the necessary knowledge to take care of these little babies.

So, let’s dive right into it!

13 Best Kuhli Loach Tank Mates

Khuli Loach by Rmollik (CC BY-SA 3.0)

As a general rule of thumb, Kuhli Loach does great with other Kuhli loaches.

However, they bond really well with other non-aggressive fish to create a peaceful environment that they prefer.

This means before you begin your hunt to turn your aquarium into a community tank, make sure to see all the signs that will lead you to this decision.

Therefore, here are the top 13 best Kuhli Loach tanks you must consider for your community tank.


Corydoras are one of the most peaceful fishes out there.

They are best to be kept with fish as calm as Kuhli loach as they have the potential to bond well and have an overall happier environment.

Corydoras don’t like to socialize like most fishes. They love to spend time at the bottom of the tank to scavenge for the leftover food residing under the sand and rocks.

A Kuhli Loach is also a bottom dweller where they are likely to remain hidden during the day and dwell deep down the sand for food at night.

Celestial Pearl Danio

Celestial Pearl Danios by CheepShot (CC BY 2.0)

Danios can be an energetic spirit to add to your tank. They like to socialize with other active fish and swim around anywhere they find a place.

This is why they made excellent tank mates for Kuhli loaches as they can also be energetic once they get comfortable with their mates.

Bear in mind, although their bond can be strong, it takes a long time to build.

Harlequin Rasboras

Harlequin rasbora by Juan R. Lascorz (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Harlequin rasboras are shoaling fish. This means they need to work in a school to be the best version of themselves.

They get along with pretty much any fish breed so having a Kuhli Loach socialize with rasboras is a no-brainer.

Harlequin Rasboras are low maintenance but prefer spacious tanks with artificial coverage and plants.

All in all, if you are looking for an easy-going fish that will instantly mix well with your Kuhli loaches, rasboras are your way to go!

Cherry Barb

Cherry barbs have a vibrant cherry color that helps make them stand out from the rest. They are just like rasboras.

They also enjoy living in artificial coverage and plants instead of a plain tank where they have something to do and socialize.

They are one of the easiest to maintain and can work quite well with Kuhli Loach.

If you decide to go for Cherry barbs, you can rest assured that they will bond well with all the rest of the fishes in your tank.

So prepare your tank for these gorgeous cherry fishes, they have a long lifespan.

White Cloud Mountain Minnows

White Cloud Mountain Minnows by Nicklas Iversen (CC BY-SA 4.0)

When it comes to White Cloud Mountain Minnows, you don’t have to worry about finding the right tank mates for them.

They are easy to get along with thanks to their peaceful natures and prefer to work in the school of at least 5 to 6 fishes. In fact, the more the merrier.

Therefore, you won’t have any problem leaving your dearest Kuhli Loach alone as these incredible White Cloud Mountain Minnows can do the trick for you.

They aren’t particularly shy at first, so expect them to take over with their peaceful nature within the first few days.

Oto Catfish

These algae eaters would make an exceptional addition to your tank. They can keep your aquarium clean by making sure it never overruns by algae.

They are easy to look after and offer plenty of entertainment not just for you but for other fishes as well.

They like to show tons of activity during the day and will truly reflect their happy personality today.

You will get to see them approach Kuhli Loach and make them comfortable to bond with.

They are mainly used in industrial spades thanks to their aesthetics and lively characteristics to lighten up the mood.

With this in your tank, your tank is never going to be boring!

Red Cherry Shrimp

red cherry shrimp

Introducing a red cherry shrimp to your tank will not only add a pop of color to it but can rest assured they won’t harm the other plants or fishes at all costs.

They are peaceful creatures and prefer to work along while eating off algae in the tank.

This means you get to have guaranteed less mess in your tank to add an extra layer of convenience.

Considering how Kuhli loaches like to stay at the bottom of the tank, red cherry shrimps can also work quite well with them.


These are the most undemanding fishes of all time. They can go well with any kind of fish, especially Kuhli loach.

However, when it comes to pushing these little fishes, there may be a few extra things to consider.

For instance, it’s important to go for non-aggressive tankmates of a similar size so they don’t dominate the territory.

It’s also recommended to keep only one male Gourami in a tank and have a spacious aquarium to give them enough space to do their business.

If you failed to find a Gourami like that, it’s best that you ditch this option; non-aggressive Gouramis are the only ones with an outstanding bonding with Kuhli loaches.


If you are a beginner who still needs to work your way up to find the best fishes for your Kuhli Loach, you can never go wrong with Livebearers.

They are called livebearers because the female fishes have an incredible ability to retain eggs until they are fully developed and finally give birth to free-swimming fry.

You get to see them in a wide range of colors and body shapes to best suit your aesthetics.

Although they are relatively rare than most of the fishes mentioned in this guide, once you get your hands on them, it will totally be worth it.

Their peaceful and hardy nature can complement the serene vibes of Kuhli Loach for an overall healthier tank environment.

Zebra Danio

These beautiful fishes can fit in any tank you may have.

What makes them one of the best Kuhli Loach tank mates is how, with the right type of environment, they can adapt their behavior to work well with their favorite fish breeds.

In this case, Kuhli loaches can get to be happy and social with Zebra danio and have a safe bonding between the two.

It is recommended to keep them in a school with 6 to 7 fish as they don’t like to stay alone.

They also enjoy the same pH and temperature as most of the fishes.

As for your convenience, because of their compact size, they will forever remain small so you never have to worry about constantly changing tank sizes to fit all your fishes in.

Thus, Zebra Danio is one nonaggressive fish that is a must-have in your tank.

Neon Tetra

Neon Tetras are tropical freshwater fish that can be both color and peaceful to be an excellent friend of your favorite Kuhli loaches.

However, if you are going for one, bear in mind they tend to survive better with a few fishes of their own type.

Their lack of temperament means they are beginner-friendly and ideal to be kept along with other fishes.

They best perform with other nonaggressive fishes to create a healthy and calm environment.

Besides that, they are known for minding their own business and not harming other plants or fishes in the tank.

Unlike Kuhli Loaches, they like to stay in the middle of the tank but can work well with these Loaches if a need arises.

Another thing worth considering is that due to tetra-specific diseases, they can be difficult to keep.

So before you dive in headfirst and buy Neon Tetra, make sure you are fully equipped with the right knowledge to make a sensible purchase.

Mystery Snail

yellow mistery apple snail
Apple snail by Chapulines (CC BY-SA 4.0)

A Mystery Snail is everything you need to amp up not only the appearance of your tank but make you a good friend for your Kuhli Loach as well.

They are non-aggressive and soon after the lights go off they crawl towards the main surface to get some air and carry on with their regular activity.

They never attack other marine animals and only have their protective shell to keep them safe against any sort of harm.

One thing that not all people are aware of is that mystery snails tend to be very active during the day where they have interesting packers to explore, food to hunt, and a quiet place to rest.

As for in the dark, a Mystery snail will extend its siphon and have the time of its life.

Black Skirt Tetra

Black Skirt Tetra by Jackie (CC BY 2.0)

This freshwater species can be a great addition to your aquarium. Not only do they look quite distinctive but they are also very easy to take care of.

That is why it is recommended to keep these as tank mates for Kuhli loach.

They have a dark but translucent appearance and they usually thrive in community tanks and aquariums which are well-maintained.

The average lifespan of a black skirt tetra is about 4 years. However, some of the species may live longer than 5 years.

Although easy to take care of, these fish do not survive poor aquarium conditions and a habitat that is against their natural living style.

Their iconic tetragonal shape differentiates them from the rest of the families.

A mature black skirt tetra is no longer than 3 inches. Since they don’t grow beyond that, they are perfect for keeping in small aquariums.

Kuhli Loach Community Tank Size

The minimum tank size for keeping a kuhli loach is about 15 gallons.

However, it is recommended to add more gallons if you plan on adding more fish to the tank.

If you have a smaller sized tank, it is not advisable to keep the fish in it for a long time.

You may use it temporarily for transporting the fish from one place to another but not as a permanent home.

Which Tankmates to Avoid

It is not advisable to keep your kuhli loach with large territorial fish. Big fish often tend to be bullies and must be avoided.

Tiger Barbs, Angelfish and Cichlids are among the few fish that you must avoid keeping with your Loaches.


Kuhli loaches have been found to be fish, which are very peaceful and easy to take care of. They look lovely in almost any aquarium and community tank.

However, there are some things that you must be aware of before deciding to keep them as pets to avoid dangers and extinction.

First, you need to find out which tank mates will be best suited to keep a healthy and friendly aquarium environment for these fish.

I have discussed in this article 13 fish that make excellent friends of a kuhli loach.

I have also mentioned how you can make your aquarium more liveable for these small but beautiful fish.

Kuhli loaches are freshwater species and the average tank size needed to keep them is about 15 to 20 gallons.

Read the guide till the end and you will be all set to bring this beautiful fish home.

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