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5 Best Aquascaping Tools and Kits

Aquascaping can transform an ordinary, plain old fish tank into a wonderful lagoon environment, filled with shaped rocks, features, coral or plants.

We’ve all seen some really impressive setups, with carefully sculpted rocks and specially sourced coral, but, for novices, it’s surprising easy to start aquascaping your own tank.

You just need a few simple tools to get started.

That’s why this article exists, to give you some guidelines into what you should be looking for, and to discuss some of the best aquascaping tools on the market right now.

So, if you too want to get involved in this exciting art form, then keep reading!

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Fistoy 4 in 1 Stainless Steel Aquascaping Tools Set

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This is one of those packages that really includes all you need to get started in this hobby. As a result, it is a great purchase for any novice or total beginner.

There are 4 tools contained in this [amazon link=”B07C1ZC27D” title=”Set from Fistoy” link_icon=”amazon” /] including a straight tweezers, curved tweezers, scissors and an aquascaping spatula.

The curved tweezers is particularly nice as it allows you to reach potentially difficult spaces, such as around corners or under rocks.

These tools are also made of the highest quality stainless steel, which is strong, durable and extremely resistant to corrosion.

As a result, these tools are likely to last you a long time, so in the long run this investment could really pay off.

This set also has some very nice design features including anti slip grips on the tweezers to make sure you never lose hold of whatever small item you are placing. Features like this prove that this a premium product.


  • 4 in 1 package, so it’s an all-inclusive starter pack for this hobby
  • Stainless steel design and velvet package is both aesthetically pleasing and very practical


  • Premium product with a premium price-tag

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Mandala Crafts Long Stainless-Steel Tongs

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[amazon link=”B074WC7SYJ” title=”This set of tongs” link_icon=”amazon” /] is made of forged stainless steel but has an attractive matt black finish.

This means it has good grip and the required corrosion resistance for aquatic environments (saltwater and freshwater tanks).

It also has a very unique design, which features a long 12.5” handle with a noticeable curve.

This is specially designed to make things easy to grip at length, and to then carefully place them in your landscape.

This is perfect for delicate aquascapes, where the designers need precision.

It also comes in a very nice hemp bag, and an equally nice 45-day warranty. This gives you great peace of mind in your purchase.


  • High quality product, with good materials and a strong brand name behind it.
  • Unique design allows for careful handling of smaller aquatic plants and rocks, suitable for precision work.


  • Doesn’t come as a set with other required tools, so each tool must be bought separately.

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Wallko’s pet store Aquarium Gloves

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[amazon link=”B07D766R57″ title=”These gloves” link_icon=”amazon” /] are perfect when you have no option but to get stuck in to some hardcore aquascaping, and don’t want to get your hands wet.

They are made of the finest quality rubber, which is bought to keep you nice and dry.

Also, because they are 22 inches in length, they are going to suffice for working in all but the very deepest of tanks.

The color might not be to everybody’s taste, but the very reasonable price tag quite makes up for that.

A good set of watertight gloves is essential for anyone who wants to aquascape, and this product does just the job.

There is also a 100% money back guarantee with these gloves.


  • Latex rubber is stiff and unlikely to tear or rib, so you don’t need to worry about getting your hands wet.


  • Is only available in a somewhat garish orange color.

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LILYS PET Straight Stainless-steel Tweezers

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These impressive, [amazon link=”B01EFYG5HS” title=”metallic tweezers” link_icon=”amazon” /] come in a range of sizes, from just a few inches to over 18 inches. They also have both straight and curved variants available.

This means no part of your tank should be out of reach to the nimble aquascaper.

The stainless-steel finish gives them strength and rigidity, and makes them perfect for the aquatic service conditions.

They are quite thick as well, so it requires quite a bit of force to bend these tweezers, though it can be done.

There retail for about $20 depending on the exact size and style, which is on the upper end of the market for aquascaping tools.


  • Range of sizes allow items of any scale to be quickly and easily handled.


  • Even stainless steel will eventually rust in harsh service conditions, so it must be rinsed and dried after every use, and stored in dry conditions too.

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Liveek Aquarium Aquascape Tools Kits

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This is also a [amazon link=”B07TRLK3P7″ title=”4 in 1 Set of Aquascaping Tools” link_icon=”amazon” /], similar to the offering from Fistoy.

Unlike those products, these are made from black coated stainless steel.

They have a similar level of anti-rust properties and strength.

The product features two types of tweezers, a sand spatula and a very practical set of scissors.

The special spray paint is designed to not fade, so this product should retain its luster for many years.


  • 4 in 1 package, so it’s an all-inclusive starter pack for this hobby
  • Stainless steel design and velvet package is both aesthetically pleasing and very practical


  • Premium product with a premium price-tag

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What is Aquascaping?

This is a common question for novices who have never heard the term before to ask. As you can guess, it is essentially landscaping in an aquatic environment.

The aim of this often-overlooked craft is to place aquatic plants, rocks, stones or driftwood in your tanks to make it both aesthetically pleasing for observers and stimulating for the resident fish.

It is important to place compatible plants only in your tank, and to make sure they blend in well with the overall surroundings.

As well as being pleasing to the eye, you must make sure that things such as filtration, carbon dioxide and phosphorous levels remain in balance in your aquascape.

There is nothing more rewarding than seeing your fish swimming around enjoying the landscape you have carefully crafted for them.

Best Aquascaping Tools and Kits

As with any purchase, there are a few factors you should consider to see whether it is worth your money. Firstly, think about your specific requirements.

How often do you plan to use it and in what way?

Is it really necessary or would some other implement perform the same task?

You should consider not just the price but also such things as the quality of the build, the reliability of the manufacturer, the materials used, and the size of the tool.

All these factors and more are considered in our review of five popular aquascaping tools currently on the market..

What Tools Do You Need?

To get started with this exciting hobby, you first need to possess a few basic tools.

For most beginners it is recommended that you just buy the basic set of implements, and then if you really enjoy the hobby and become more interested in it, you can always expand your arsenal later on.

Really, there are only a handful of key items:

First of all, you should have a good pair of scissors or trimmers, one that cuts well under water and will easily slice through any aquatic plants that you need to tend.

For the same reason it is also advisable to have a pair of tweezers. This will allow you to carefully arrange your plants under the waterline in your tank.

You should also invest in a good pair of gloves, as this will allow you to really get your hands wet and dirty when working in your tank.

Many people also suggest buying an algae scraper, to get rid of any troublesome green gunk hanging about in your tank, or where necessary to ornamentally place it.

Finally, a simple siphon can allow you to suck up water from the bottom of your tank for extensive cleaners, essentially like a vacuum cleaner for your tank!

Remember, some of the best aquascaping tools are the simplest.

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These are undoubtedly some of the best aquascaping tools you can find anywhere in the world.

They are reasonably priced, durable, and generally resistant to corrosion.

So, if you’re interested in getting started with this art-filled hobby, you should consider picking up some of these items.

You could definitely do worse!

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