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9 Best Canister Filter For Turtle Tanks In 2023

It can be a lot of fun keeping a turtle tank in your house. For one, turtles look cool and add a lot of visual appeal to any aquatic setup.

Turtles are great pets for your home tank of course. But you want to consider their care needs before you fully commit to having a turtle tank.

Pet turtles can be more challenging to have as pets than you might think. It is not that you should not get a turtle. But, you do need to know that they require a certain type of aquarium environment.

Firstly, you need a sizable tank space to house turtles in. Smaller tanks can be detrimental to turtles’ health. In addition to this, you also need to have a clean tank with plenty of water movement!

Really, the only way to upkeep a turtle tank with these conditions is with the help of a canister filter. Most large tanks will use a canister filter anyway. So you want to buy one of these products when you get your pet turtles.

We’ll talk more about the best canister filter for turtle tanks here though. All the canister products you need to know about will be contained in this post!

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Penn Plax Cascade Canister Filter

[amazon box=”B0002DJ9OS”]

The Cascade Canister Filter is the first turtle tank product we will be talking about here. The Cascade is well priced for any turtle owner, and it comes in a ton of different options. So you can get the right filter for your turtle aquarium no matter what the dimensions of your tank are.

We recommend going with the Cascade sixty-five-gallon version, the Cascade one-hundred-fifty version, the Cascade one-thousand, or the Cascade fifteen hundred. All of these Cascade models fit well with the standard sizes of a turtle tank.

The sixty-five-gallon Cascade works well with turtle tanks that are a little smaller. It is not as advance as the other versions but it will keep your turtle tank clean and you can adjust the water flow!

The hundred- and fifty-gallons Cascade, on the other hand, is a little more powerful. You have more media containers available and you can use this with a much larger tank. In comparison to the hundred and fifty, the Cascade one-thousand is a little less powerful.

It only works with turtle tanks that are one-hundred gallons. It also has one fewer media cartridge. But the technology is similar to the other Cascade canister filters we have listed.

Lastly, the Cascade fifteen hundred is one of the most powerful canister filter models from Cascade you can get. This particular model is built for turtle tanks that are up to two hundred gallons.

Not every turtle owner is going to need a tank of this size. But if you do have a large turtle aquarium this model is the one to go with. Really, just choose the Cascade canister that fits best with your turtle tank size.

Overall, this is one of the best canister filter for turtle tanks. Cascade uses all types of filtering you need to keep your turtles safe and healthy. Bits of debris and waste, as well as, chemicals will be dealt with effectively.

You can do all kinds of adjustments to your device as well. You can change water flow and even choose what kind of filtering media you put in. Best of all, the price is really affordable!


  • Plenty of size options and choices with this turtle product
  • Good price for this canister filter for turtles
  • Plenty of media space and storage
  • Good water movement and flow
  • Effective at keeping your tank clean for turtles


  • Some of the Cascades are not suited to turtle tanks
  • No tubes included with this turtle filter

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Marineland Magniflow Canister Filter

[amazon box=”B010PLGI5O”]

Next on the list is the Marineland Canister Filter. This product is perfect for turtle tanks and has just the right amount of power to keep filth at bay. You also have three options for this device.

You can get the thirty gallon, the fifty-gallon, and the hundred gallon for your turtle tank. We don’t recommend getting the thirty-gallon for your turtle though.

This option is not big enough for most turtle tanks. Nor is it powerful enough. The other options should be fine though.

All three versions of this turtle filter have the same build and design. Really, the only difference is Gph capabilities and size. The fifty-gallon works in turtle tanks fifty gallons and under. It also has a Gph of 360.

The hundred gallon works for a bigger turtle tank but has the same Gph as the fifty-gallon Marineland. The thirty-gallon device has less Gph and is not a good size, so we don’t really suggest getting this particular model.

Again, though, the other options are great and offer high quality for turtle aquariums. It can get a little pricy going with a Marineland filter, but they are good products for turtle tanks. One of the best canister filter for turtle tank setups.


  • A lot of different media options with this
  • Good quality and powerful device for turtle tanks
  • Different size options for your turtle tank
  • Great water flow with this particular turtle filter
  • Keeps your turtles in great health


  • Much more pricy canister filter for turtle tanks
  • Some options are not suited for turtle tanks

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Fluval FX4 Canister Filter

[amazon box=”B00N45GLZQ”]

The Fluval FX4 is a high-tech option for your turtle tank. It’s definitely more pricy than the other canister filters we have put on this list for turtle tanks. So not every turtle owner will want to buy this device.

However, if you are looking for something that is seriously powerful, this is a good product to look into. FX4 gets rid of turtle filth, especially in large tanks.

Turtle tanks have waste problems, but with this device, you won’t have any issues. FX4 is made to streamline the process of filtering tanks. It’s totally automated and it has tech that helps measure the effectiveness of your pump.

In short, your pump will be able to manage itself and make the processing of filtering more efficient for turtle tanks.

This is truly one of the best canister filter for turtle tanks. All filtration types are included of course and the abilities of this device are unmatched.

But, not every turtle owner will have the money for this canister filter. It’s pricy, and it’s meant for much larger tanks. The Gph is around seven hundred gallons per hour.


  • Very high-quality canister filter for turtle tanks
  • Has very high-powered machinery
  • Great if you have a big turtle tank
  • Efficient cleaning of large amounts of waste
  • Plenty of media customization for turtle tanks


  • The price of the Fluval FX4 can be a lot
  • Meant for much larger tanks not smaller turtle tanks

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Polar Aurora Canister Filter

[amazon box=”B00JYEL2VE”]

This filters are sold under different brand names like Polar Aurora, Sunsun or Flexzion, beside of the brand name they are all alike.

If you need to save a little money for your turtle tank setup, the Polar Aurora might be the right device for you. Polar Aurora comes in a few different sizes. And it doesn’t cost a ton of money.

The models you can choose from include the two-hundred and sixty-five Gph, the two-hundred and sixty-six Gph, the three-hundred and seventy Gph, and the five-hundred and twenty-five Gph.

All of the Polar models are outfitted with similar capabilities for turtle tanks. The difference lies in the Polar’s gallon capacity and Gph. Each model has different Gph. And each model will fit with a different turtle tank size.

For instance, the two-hundred and sixty-five Gph is meant for seventy-five-gallon turtle tanks. The five-hundred and twenty-five Gph model is meant to be used for two-hundred-gallon turtle tanks.

On the whole, the Polar Aurora has a lot of value for turtle owners. The power is good for these devices, and this brand offers a nice range of size options for turtle tanks.


  • You will save some money with this turtle filter
  • Different size options are available
  • Great Gph for turtle tanks
  • Different media options with this device
  • All types of filtration included for your turtle tank


  • A little on the cheaper side but still offers good quality
  • Not as advanced as other canister filters

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EHEIM Classic External Canister

[amazon box=”B0002AQXV8″]

Eheim is another canister filter option you can go with for your turtle tank. It’s a small canister really. And some versions of this product won’t fit with your turtle tank. But you can easily add this into your turtle aquarium and keep your pet turtle happy and healthy.

There is a forty-gallon choice, which is too small for turtle tanks. Then you have the sixty-six and the ninety-two-gallon versions. Both of these are suitable for turtle tanks.

There is not much difference between either option. The ninety-gallon model is just a little more powerful and works in a slightly larger tank. Besides this, the Eheim is an efficient canister filter.

It’s affordable and comes with a hose, a spray bar, and other necessary accessories for turtle tanks. You can put any type of media in your canister as well.


  • Affordable for turtle owners
  • Good power and quality from Eheim
  • Cleans up after turtles well in smaller tanks
  • Sturdy and well-made canister filter
  • Comes with a hose and other accessories


  • Not all of these models are suited to turtle tanks
  • This canister won’t work for massive turtle tanks

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Video: “EHEIM Classic 150 – quick overview and initial setup | External Filter”

Fluval 407 Performance Canister Filter

[amazon box=”B07JFY2QW6″]

Fluval 407 Performance is similar to the Fluval FX4, but it is slightly cheaper and has a little less power. This is a good option if you want something a little more quiet in your turtle tank.

Fluval has specially designed this canister filter to reduce noise. It has also been created to take up less space and stay lightweight.

Other canister filters are more clunky and loud. So this filter really stands out among other products you can get for your turtle tank. It has a pretty big Gph range.

Usually, it cycles anywhere between one-hundred and fifty-seven gallons to three-hundred eighty gallons an hour. This is great for any larger turtle tanks.

However, not all turtle tank owners will be a good fit for this product. If you are looking to save money, or if you have a smaller turtle tank this might not be an ideal option.

Still, we highly recommend the 407. It’s one of the best canister filter for turtle tanks.


  • A lot of power in this canister for turtle tanks
  • High-quality performance with this canister filter
  • Does not consume a ton of power
  • Quiet and has all types of filtration for turtle tanks


  • This can be a pretty pricy canister filter
  • Smaller turtle tanks are not a good match for this device

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Fluval G6 Advanced Filtration System

[amazon box=”B002WJ34IC”]

Fluval has all kinds of high-tech products to choose from. This next canister filter for turtle tanks is no exception. Turtle tank owners that are looking for something that is top of the line will want to get the Fluval Advanced.

This is a luxury item really, and its quality is of the highest caliber. For really serious turtle tank enthusiasts, this can be the ideal device. However, if you are new to turtle tanks or need to save money you might want to go with another model.

Fluval Advanced has everything you need in a turtle canister filter and more. It takes water measurement in your tank and allows you to easily adjust several settings. This includes water movement and temperature.

Buyers can choose from two turtle canister options. You have the forty to eighty-gallon Fluval or the eighty to one-hundred sixty gallon. The only thing that is different is the gallon capacity.

The smaller Fluval is better suited to a lower gallon turtle tank. The larger is better for bigger turtle tanks.


  • The quality of the Advanced is unmatched
  • Your turtle’s tank will get a very thorough cleaning
  • A lot of power and Gph in this Fluval device
  • Sleek looking design and a very sturdy turtle tank filter


  • Very pricy canister filter for turtle tanks
  • Massive turtle tanks might need a larger canister

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Hydor Professional External Canister Filter

[amazon box=”B00D5WHC8S”]

Hydor Professional is another option for turtle tanks. This turtle device will cost you a substantial amount of money. But if you are looking for a product with a lot of range we suggest Hydor. There are up to five different Hydor canisters to choose from.

Each canister fits with a different size tank and each has its own Gph output. For instance, the four-hundred fifty, seventy-five to one hundred twenty-five model has a Gph of 475 and is suited to a medium-sized turtle tank.

We suggest picking a canister that fits with the size of your turtle tank. The tech and design of each Hydor are similar. So only Gph and gallon size are different. You have different media options for all Hydor’s. And, you can even control the temperature of your water.


  • Many different size options for turtle tanks
  • Not hard to set the Hydor up
  • Good if you need to temperature control your turtle tank
  • Quality of this canister filter is high


  • Can be a little pricy
  • Some options are not for turtle tanks

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Aqueon Quietflow Canister Filter

[amazon box=”B07DJXNQSF”]

The last canister filter for turtle tanks we will talk about is the Aqueon Quietflow. The Quietflow is an outstanding choice for turtle tanks. It comes equipped with a ton of cartridges and media. And it has a range of models, three in total.

You can get this for a small fifty-five-gallon turtle tank, a one-hundred-gallon turtle tank, or a one-hundred and fifty-gallon turtle tank.

Each option will provide you with quiet technology that cleans up after your pet. But the higher gallon devices, like the one-hundred and fifty gallon, have a higher Gph. So they have more power in comparison to the smaller models.

Really, this Aqueon is one of the best canister filter for turtle tanks. It works well, and it comes with hoses and even bio balls. In addition, this Aqueon turtle filter has all types of filtration for your turtle tank!


  • Aqueon is great for large and small turtle tanks
  • Great quality from this brand
  • Not a noisy turtle tank filter and has all filtration types
  • Decent price for this turtle tank filter


  • Massive turtle tanks might need something more powerful
  • Price is not bad for a turtle filter but could be more expensive for larger models

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

Video: “Aqueon Quietflow 300 canister filter UNBOXING, SET UP AND REVIEW.”

Why You Need A Quality Canister Filter For Your Turtle Tank?

If you have owned a tank with other aquatic pets, you might not think much about the type of filtering you are getting for your turtle. This would be a mistake though.

Turtles are vastly different from fish and other pets. They require much more heavy-duty filters and devices in their tank. This is why a good quality canister filter is necessary for your turtle tank.

Turtles tend to produce a lot of waste, in concentrated amounts, while they live in tanks. The amounts of waste are much higher than other pets. In addition, since turtles are bigger, they need much larger aquarium spaces to swim in.

So a canister is necessary. Canisters help keep your turtle tank in check. They also keep water flow and movement ideal for turtles.

Still, you don’t want to get any old canister filter for your turtle tank. Tanks with turtles can get pretty dirty. Especially if you don’t have a canister powerful enough to move water around and filter it.

Really, a cheaper canister filter that is of lower quality can be bad news for your pet turtle and you. Think about it, if your canister filter breaks down, you will have to replace it. In some cases, your turtle could even get sick or die because of an underperforming device.

So, you want to get the best canister filter for turtle tanks to avoid all of this.

How To Pick Out Your Turtle Canister Filter?

So, how can you pick out the best canister filter for turtle tank setups?

Really, the most important component of any canister filter for your turtle is power. You need something that has the strength to keep your large turtle tank clean.

Because turtles produce so much waste this is a necessary requirement of any canister filter.

All of the canisters on this turtle product list meet this requirement of course. Still, consider this as you choose your device. Especially if you have a much bigger turtle tank. You need to get something that is really powerful and can move a lot of water.

A higher Gph is a good indication that you have chosen the right product. The more water that can be cycled per hour the better it will work for your turtle.

Getting the right size canister for your turtle tank is crucial as well. Most turtle tanks are more than fifty gallons. This is just a minimum requirement for most tanks.

Considering this, don’t get a canister filter that is meant for smaller setups. Match the model you get with the specifications of your turtles home.

Furthermore, you need a turtle canister filter that is fully loaded. Any canister filter you purchase needs to have all types of filtering options. You want to get rid of big pieces of waste from your turtle. You also want to have beneficial bacteria and protection against chemicals.

Having a lot of media space is good for a turtle tank. And being able to customize and mix up your media options is good as well. Really, you want a model that will effectively clean up after your pet turtle.

Lastly, get something that will last. We talked about this, but you don’t want a cheap canister for your pet turtle. It’s a lot more hassle if your canister breaks down.

So get something that is sturdy enough and high quality enough to handle turtle filth. Following these requirements will get you the best canister filter for turtle tanks!

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You want to choose the best canister filter for turtle tank setups. In this post, we talked about some of the best products for your turtle tank. This way your tank can stay clean, even when you have a lot of turtles.

There is a lot to consider as you purchase your canister filter for turtle tanks of course. You might even be wondering whether you need a canister filter.

However, this product is a necessity for any turtle owner, as your pet creates a lot of waste in tanks. Hopefully, the devices in this post gave you an idea of what you can buy for your turtle set up.

There are many products you can go with that are powerful and high-quality!

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