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Neon Tetra and Shrimp – Will They Get Along?

When adding shrimp to a tank, you want to make sure that you’re putting the right kind of fish in your aquarium. Some fish breeds can end up harming or even eating your shrimp if they are aggressive.

Not all fish will do this though. In fact, there are many types of small and large fish that can live peacefully with your pet shrimp. In this post, though, we’ll be talking about neon tetra and shrimp.

This specific pairing is one of the best for shrimp tanks. Luckily, your neon tetra and shrimp will get along well in the same waters. So, keep reading to find out the information you need to know about neon tetra and shrimp!

Will Neon Tetra and Shrimp Get Along?

Again, as we alluded to earlier, these two pets will be able to live in the same tank. Most neon tetra fish will fit in with your shrimp. Just make sure that the fish is not aggressive.

And remember you don’t want to put any large or hostile fish in with your pets. Both neons and shrimp can be the victim of an attack since they are smaller. So pick out other fish breeds and pets with care.

On a side note, though, while the neon tetra won’t eat shrimp, they might try and annoy or pester dwarf shrimp. We recommend getting some larger shrimp to prevent this outcome.

Dwarf shrimp won’t be injured, but they won’t be happy about being chased by a tetra. And, if you are breeding shrimp, watch out. The neon could end up eating baby shrimp. This all depends on the tank environment, though.

What are Neon Tetras Like in a Shrimp Tank?

Typically, your neon tetra will be peaceful in a shrimp tank. These fish get along with shrimp and other fish breeds quite easily. But, you want to keep in mind that these fish need company.

If they don’t have a few other neons with them, they can get testy. This doesn’t mean that they will attack your shrimp. This simply means that they will be less healthy and stable.

Neons are not the fastest fish, and they are not that agile, as well. So the likelihood of them swimming around and annoying shrimp is unlikely.

In addition, the neon tetra is of a similar size to shrimps. So this also makes them calmer in your tank. Just make sure you get a few neon tetras to make them happy.

Making Sure You Have the Right Tank Conditions for Shrimp and Neon Tetras

To make any tank pairing work, you want to have the right tank conditions for your pets. Shrimp and neon tetras have similar water requirements and needs.

Still, you want to keep both their specific needs in mind to make the best tank for them. With this pair, in particular, we recommend getting a large tank.

This way you can create a small school of neon tetras and leave enough room for your shrimp to hide. At a minimum, you want to have a twenty-gallon tank. If you want, though, you can get an even bigger tank!

Shrimp, in general, like to have coverage in their tank environment too. So you need to make sure to get plants and other decorations to fill in your tank.

Fake plants or real plants can work fine. Just get something that is safe and won’t hurt your pets. Both your pets will appreciate a fully decorated tank. In addition, make sure the water conditions are stable and correct.

Shrimp and tetras don’t like it when the water conditions change rapidly. The water needs to be warm, at around somewhere between seventy-five to eighty degrees.

You might even need to get a tank heater to keep these conditions constant. Also, consider the ph level.

Fish and shrimp can fit in the same range, but just make sure this measurement is right!

What Will Your Pets Eat

Your shrimp and neon tetra will have different dietary requirements. Shrimp eat pretty much anything. In fact, they even like to eat the debris and waste that floats around in your tank.

Lucky for you, this will help clean up your tank. Still, you want to make sure to give your shrimp something nutritious. We recommend going with flakes or pellets made for your shrimp specifically. This will help keep them healthy and disease free.

Neon tetra, on the other hand, like both meat and plant matter. So, you are going to have to feed them well to keep them happy and peaceful.

You can go with flakes and pellets, as well. But you can also add in other types of food like frozen or live meals. Freeze-dried foods can work for your pet too. Really, you just want to make sure to feed them a lot of different foods.

In addition, be careful during feeding time. It isn’t likely that your pets will fight, but you want to be careful. Watch your pets the first few times you feed them. See how they interact with one another. If no fights break out, they should be okay to feed them at the same time.


Shrimp can be put in a tank with all kinds of fish breeds and aquatic pets. Still, you want to be careful when pairing them with other fish. Some fish just won’t work with your shrimp.

Large fish in particular could end up eating your pets. Luckily, neon tetras are the same size as most shrimp. These small fish like the same water conditions as shrimp.

So, you can set up your tank for the requirements of both these pets. Just remember to keep the water warm enough and clean enough for your fish.

Get enough tetra in your tank as well, and make sure that your aquarium is large enough for all your fish. You want a well-planted tank with plenty of hiding space for both pets.

If you can keep to the tips we talked about your neon tetras and shrimp should do well together.

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