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Best Food For Angelfish – Top 5 Review

To provide your angelfish with the best nutrition and health we have compiled all the necessary information. You will know everything about angelfish food by the end of this post.

Really, you should only give your pet the best food for angelfish. Fish food is not one size fits all. In fact, there is a variety of fish foods and brands out there for angelfish. You want to know which products are right for angelfish. And you should only be picking out the most quality foods for your pet.

In this article, you’ll be introduced to the best food for angelfish. Towards the end of our information guide, we’ll get into the varying types of foods you can feed your angelfish with.

We will also talk about which foods might be better for freshwater and saltwater angels. Again, there are some overlaps between breeds, but some minor differences exist. Our buying guide will give you what you need to successfully feed for your angelfish!

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Best Food For Angelfish – Top 5 Review

1. Tetra Blood Worms

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Tetra Blood Worms are the first product we want to show you. Your fish needs protein, and Tetra Blood Worms are a protein-packed product. The Blood Worms can be used as a meal for your angelfish. But we recommend using flakes or pellets to supplement your angel’s diet.

Blood worms have a lot of nutrition in them, but angelfish also need nutrients from plants. Adding a fortified fish food to this item will give your angelfish what it needs. You can use Blood Worms as a snack. Alternatively, you can give them a meal of worms in the morning and flakes at night.

Overall, the Blood Worms are a great product. They are made with quality and don’t have any contaminants or bacteria you might find in live critters. This is freeze-dried food, so you won’t have to worry about storing this or keeping it alive. It’s simple to get these worms to your pet angelfish!

Tetra Blood Worms are not the best food for angelfish. But they are good if you want to mix up your angel’s diet!


  • Good price for this and good nutritional content
  • Works as a good snack or meal for angelfish
  • Has lots of protein for angelfish
  • High-quality worms
  • Freeze-dried for convenience and health


  • Might need to add pellets or other food for variety
  • Can’t be used for every meal, more of a dietary supplement

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2. API Fish Food Flakes

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API Flakes come in several different versions and sizes. For angelfish, you’ll want to get either the Marine Flakes or the Tropical Flakes.

For freshwater angels, the tropical flakes are the best option. These flakes have the nutrition your freshwater angelfish need.

They could be used on another type of angelfish. But we recommend getting the Marine Flakes that are made for saltwater angelfish.

In terms of size, you can choose from under one ounce or up to five ounces. Get the amount of food that you think you’ll need. But bigger bulk size API flakes could save you money in the future.

All API flakes are made to give your angelfish a well-rounded diet. These flakes will keep your fish strong and healthy. They are also formulated to reduce waste and keep your water looking good.

The price is reasonable on this angelfish product and it has a ton of variety. There is another version of the Tropical Flakes. It’s called Tropical Green it has some extra nutrients to make your fish look shiner.

Only use this for freshwater fish though. Two other versions of the product exist but they are not meant for angelfish.

On the whole, this is a healthy and good priced fish food that will keep your angelfish full and satisfied. It’s one of the best food for angelfish and a great option for new angelfish owners!


  • This product has a ton of variety
  • Has options for marine and freshwater angels
  • Formulated to meet the nutritional needs of your pet angelfish
  • The price is good, especially for the value your angelfish gets
  • Different sizes are offered as well
  • Good if you don’t want murky water


  • This offers the bare minimum of nutrition needs
  • Might want to switch it up with pellets as well
  • Food can get clumped up in the container
  • This product does not smell the best

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3. TetraMin Plus Tropical Flakes

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Tetramin Plus is another great angelfish food from Tetra. These flakes are perfect to use in combination with Tetra Blood Worms! But Tetramin Plus already has plenty of protein put in it. It uses natural ingredients and real shrimp to keep your fish fed well.

This food is meant to be used by any tropical type of fish. So your saltwater and freshwater angels can eat these flakes without any problems. Tetramin Plus is also made to be digestible and healthy. The nutrient content is perfect for angelfish! And the flakes should not make your water cloudy or dirty. Still, put in the right amount of food and clean up if your fish has leftovers.

In short, Tetramin Plus is affordable, meets your angel’s dietary needs, and doesn’t dissolve as fast as other flakes. This is another contender for the best food for angelfish! It comes in a few different sizes. But a bulk size of Tetramin could save you a little money. You can get up to seven ounces of this!


  • Good price for angelfish food
  • Plenty of size options
  • Has the nutrients your angel needs
  • Made out of shrimp and other natural ingredients


  • Might need to switch things up with plant-based food for variety

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4. Omega One Freeze Dried Blood Worms

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This is another Blood Worm product that we recommend for angelfish. Like Tetra Blood Worms, this diet supplement is also made for marine and freshwater fish. As you know, blood worms have plenty of protein. So this product works as a great snack or occasional meal substitute.

Angelfish love Freeze-dried bloodworms. So if they aren’t eating or you need to find them new food this is an option. But remember to give them other types of food. This is not meant to fill their entire dietary need. Angelfish eat a lot of plants and you won’t find that type of nutrition in this product alone.

Still, this is a high-grade food that can be used for your pet!


  • Very good price for these blood worms
  • Good snack and occasional meal
  • Can help keep your pet’s diet fresh
  •  A lot of protein in this food
  • Angelfish like the taste of this


  • Not meant to be your fishes only meal
  • Will need other foods to provide full dietary needs

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5. San Francisco Bay Brand Freeze Dried Mysis Shrimp

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The last product on our list is the Mysis Shrimp from San-Francisco Bay. This freeze-dried product will keep your angels content and healthy. The shrimp have all the nutrients an angelfish needs. They are freshly caught an then drained of moisture.

This item is specially made and will work for freshwater and saltwater angels. Whether you choose to use this as a snack, or a primary meal, you can’t go wrong. Mysis Shrimp make your angel look better and feel better.

We recommend giving your angel vegetables or greens every once in a while. It’s only a suggestion, but it’s good to have multiple food sources for your fish. This keeps them the most healthy. One food can have a lot of nutrition, but if you add other foods you can further your fish’s health.

Still, Mysis Shrimp is a great overall product for angelfish. It’s one of the best food for angelfish in fact. The price is a little high, but you get a lot of food in one container of this. It has a lot of flavor and a ton of value!


  • Great nutrition in this product
  • Good for any type of angelfish
  • High-quality angelfish food
  • Great value and you get a lot of food


  • High price for this item
  • Might want to switch up food every once in a while

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Caring For Your Angelfish

Angelfish are a unique breed of fish that originate from tropical regions all around the world. This specific fish has several different species and can be found in both saltwater and freshwater.

Depending on which angelfish you choose, care requirements will differ. Some may require different tank setups and water requirements. Others might have specific food needs.

For the most part, though, many angelfish share a similar diet. But some dietary needs differ between saltwater and freshwater angelfish breeds.

What Kind of Food Can Angelfish Eat

Fish food for any breed has a wide range of choices. But there are four main types of foods that are common to any of these products. In addition, two other categories of food exist. These will be discussed as well.

In general, though, angelfish can have any of these types of food. You can make a choice after we talk about these food options. Still, the important part to remember is that you want food to be varied enough and nutritious enough for your pet. Angelfish need protein, but they also need nutrients found in plant material.

The different breeds might have different needs as well. For instance, in contrast to freshwater angels, saltwater angelfish also eat algae and plankton. Fish food might be formulated differently for saltwater angels to make up for this extra nutritional need.

Other saltwater angels need to have a sponge in their diet. This is not all angelfish, but make sure you know what your angel needs. Most formulated angelfish food and other foods can work for multiple breeds. Still, it doesn’t hurt to do a little bit of research on your specific angelfish.

In short, don’t just give your fish any food. Make sure that you are getting the right kind of sustenance for your angelfish! Read the label on anything you buy, this should help you get the correct product.

Flake Type Foods

Fish flakes are a common and versatile commodity. This type of food is easy to find and is made to feed almost any type of fish. Flakes specifically formulated for angelfish can be found at your pet store. Angelfish won’t have trouble eating flake type food. The taste and smell of this food is appealing to your angelfish.

Flakes for angelfish are a good starting food, but they only offer fish the basics. Other foods might need to be added to one of these products. A snack with protein or pellets can make up for any nutritional deficiencies.

But some flakes can give your fish everything it needs. It just depends on the brand. On the whole, though, it is good to mix up your angelfish’s diet. Try some other food out when you can.

Pellet Type Foods

Pellets are pretty similar to flakes. They are also cheap and readily found at stores. And they are made for different breeds of fish too. The difference is that pellets have more nutrition packed in them. The added nutritional content is due to the shape, more ingredients can be clumped together.

With a pellet, you won’t need to supplement your angelfish with other foods. You can try other food if you want to add variety though.

Another benefit of this food is longevity. Pellets tend to last longer than other types of fish food. You can keep these products around longer than you can with flakes. They also float in tank water and will not decay in your aquarium right away like a flake.

Frozen Foods

Frozen food is another great option for pet angelfish owners. Frozen food has even more nutrition than pellets. It should be obvious, but live foods pack more nutrients than frozen. Still, this food is a lot more convenient.

All you have to do is put it in your freezer and take it out when your pet needs to eat. You’ll have to thaw this food out, but overall it gives your angelfish something fresh and different. Pellets and flakes are great but they are processed food.

With frozen foods, you can give your angelfish all sorts of critters. Angels love eating shrimp and bloodworms.

And if you have saltwater angels you can also get them planktons. The options are the benefits of this food can be great. This might not be for every fish owner, but consider giving this a try.

Freeze-Dried Foods

Freeze-dried food is comparable to frozen food. Unlike frozen food, the specimens are not frozen but dehydrated. Some of the nutrients are lost in this process. But you still get more nutrients than flakes and pellets. The trade-off in health content is worth it for the convenience.

You won’t have to store this or thaw these products. You just pop them into your angelfish’s water. Freeze-dried food is also easy to find and pretty cheap! We recommend this if you want to switch up the food in your pet’s tank!

Live Foods

The last two types of food are some of the most nutritional foods you can get for your angelfish. There are some trade-offs but if you want to give your fish something special they are worth it.

The first type of food you can feed your pet is a live food. Live food provides health benefits not found in the other listed food types. Fish that are fed live food have the potential to live healthier and longer lives.

This isn’t the easiest food to handle though. You will need a place to keep your live specimens. There is also a risk of disease and bacteria if live critters are not treated or stored right.

You can definitely feed your angelfish this type of food. At the beginning of their life, this is often considered the best type of food. Just be mindful of the possible complications of this option.

For angelfish, they’ll like different kinds of shrimp. Bloodworms and plankton are also another great live choice for angels.


In addition, to live food you can also feed angelfish fresh vegetables. Angelfish like vegetables, they are omnivores after all. Greens like peas, cucumbers, and other fresh produce can be put in your tank.

Prepare them and make sure they are the right size for your pet! Angelfish really like peas, but lettuce and other veggies should fill their nutritional needs too. Just make sure to clean up your pet’s water afterward. You don’t want anything to rot and infect your tank.

How to Feed Your Angelfish

Feeding your angelfish is simple but important. Pets need to be fed the correct amount to thrive in their environment. So read the instructions on the package of your food. If you are using live or natural foods do some research. Your angel does not need a ton of food to survive.

Usually, you’ll want to put small amounts in and see how much they can eat within two minutes. Pellets and flakes make it easier to measure out amounts, but you do want variety in their diet. So don’t be afraid to use different types of food.

On the whole, it’s better for your fish to get less food than it is to overfeed them. Overfeeding can cause all sorts of issues for angelfish. Not only that, more food in a tank can mess with the quality of your tank water. Be mindful of this and your angelfish and tank should be just fine!

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You need quality and nutrition to give your angelfish a good life. In this guide, we talked about some of the foods you can use to feed your angelfish. There are a lot of options out there for angelfish.

We used this guide to show you some of the best food products for your pet angelfish. Hopefully, with our guide, you can find the best food for angelfish!

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