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12 Best Celestial Pearl Danio Tank Mates (With Pictures!)

Celestial pearl danios are a great species of freshwater fish that can thrive in both big and small tanks.

These fish are on the small side and are one of the easiest breeds to take care of. So, I highly recommend them to new tank owners.

They don’t have a lot of specialized needs, and they have some unique patterns and coloring.

Still, you might be wondering which fish you can put in a tank with your celestial pearl danios.

In this post, I’ll go over some of the best celestial pearl danio tank mates. There is plenty of great fish that you can place in a tank with your celestial pearl danio.

But, you want to be careful about your selection. Predatory fish and some more aggressive fish could harm your pet.

So, look over my list of top tank mates to find the right combination of tank mates for this breed.

Pearl Danios

Pearl danios are the first fish I will recommend as a tank mate.

Pearl danios are related to celestial pearl danios, as you have probably guessed with the name.

But, these fish are less rare than the celestial danio, and they are a little less colorful.

Pearl danios tend to be a little bigger than celestial pearl danios as well.

But, overall, these two breeds make for great tank mates. Both danio types are peaceful and will be able to get along with one another in the same tank.

They have many similarities and the water conditions for both breeds are basically the same.

Overall, this is a tough species that can get along with all types of fish. Just make sure to put them in a school of pearl danios.

As they like to be with at least five other pearl danios.

Neon Tetras

Neon tetras are another great option for celestial danios. The neon tetra is a brightly colored fish that is small and easy-going.

There lovely combination of colors can really make your tank stand out. And their personality and temperament make them great community tank pets.

Tetras in general are the ideal fish for any tank owner. Also, this breed does not demand a lot of its owner.

The temperature range for this pet is pretty large ranging from slightly cooler temperatures to warmer climates.

And, tetras can get along with a lot of different fish breeds. Again, this is another schooling fish.

So, make sure that you have plenty of tetras in your tank, at least six. I also recommend having plants or coverage in your tank.

And don’t put your lights on max volume, Neon tetras like a more subdued environment.


Celestial pearl danios and guppies make for a great pair in any tank. If you are looking for a more simple setup I would recommend this breed.

Especially if you don’t want to have multiple schools of fish in your tank. Guppies can be kept alone in a tank or you can have a pair of these fish in your aquarium.

Overall, these are great tank mates for your celestial danio. Not only do guppies look stunning, but they come in all kinds of colors and shapes.

You can find the perfect tank mate for your celestial danio as you pair them with a guppy.

Though, I recommend getting a bigger tank for this fish, it’s not that guppies are all that big.

But you want them to have plenty of space to swim and to put decorations in.

I would say that you need to have at least 20 gallons for this fish and your celestial pearl danio. Other than this, care requirements are pretty minimal.

Just make sure to clean your tank and create the right tank environment.


A Boraras Brigittae Male by Atulbhats (CC BY-SA 4.0)

Boraras fish are around the same size as celestial pearl danios. Their deep reds and purples match well with the color tones of the celestial danios.

These fish used to be a part of the rasboras family, but now they have been separated because of their smaller size.

Boraras are now considered micro fish.

Usually, you would want to keep these fish separate from other species. Mostly due to how small they are.

However, since boraras and celestial pearl danios are both so small. You can comfortably keep these fish together.

Just make sure to have a decent size school of boraras to keep these fish happy. And try not to introduce large fish into your tank in case they eat your boraras.

Ember Tetras

Ember tetras are another type of tetra that can pair great with celestial pearl danios. These fish are even smaller than your celestial danios.

But they make up for their small size with their colorful bodies and fun personality. Ember tetras are full of energy and love to swim in tanks.

They are also ideal pets for a tank community as they enjoy being around other peaceful fish.

So, if you want a fish that is active and simple to take care of definitely put these fish in with your celestial pearl danios.

Glowlight Danios

Glowlight danios are similar to celestial pearl and pearl danios. They are smaller than the pearl danio but around the same length as celestial danios.

The only real difference would be their coloring and patterns. They have more luminescent coloring, and these fish also like to be in very large schools.

You can put six and even upwards of ten of these fish together.

Just make sure to get a tank that is over twenty gallons if you are going for a large school of glowlight and celestial danios.

Plants and other decorations should also be used as these fish can be shy.

Harlequin Rasboras

Harlequin rasbora by Juan R. Lascorz (CC BY-SA 3.0)

Harlequin rasboras are popular among a lot of different tank owners. They have some of the most distinct coloring and patterning of any fish.

And, I would say these are some of the most popular tank mates for a lot of different species. This is because these fish live a long life and can be placed in many different tank conditions.

This is a schooling species, so make sure to put at least five of these fish together. But overall this is another great pick for celestial pearl danios.

Amano Shrimp

Amano shrimp

If you want to make your community tank a little more diverse, I recommend putting in some amano shrimp.

You don’t want to put young amano shrimp in your tank, though. Your fish could end up eating them.

But if you can find fully grown Amano shrimp they make for great tank mates for your celestial danios.

Amano shrimp are not very hard to take care of and they love living in groups. I recommend having at least six of these shrimps together in your celestial danio tank.


Killifish are one of the more unique-looking fish I have included in this list.

These small fish have a similar look to the mollie fish, but they are a lot less aggressive.

Still, these are not the most peaceful fish. They won’t harm your celestial pearl danio, but they do like to hunt.

So make sure to have plenty of live food prepared for your fish. And consider getting a larger tank to give your killifish room to swim and mark their territory.

Typically you can have more than one killifish in a tank, but only have one male and at least three females. This way aggression levels are brought down.


Corydoras are great tank mates for celestial pearl danios.

Not only do they occupy different regions of your tank, but they are generally peaceful and easy to care for.

These bottom dwellers mind their own business and come in all kinds of varieties. They can be a lot bigger than your danios depending on the type you get.

But overall these are another great species to put in with celestial pearl danios.

Apple Snails

Apple snail by Chapulines (CC BY-SA 4.0)

Apple snails can be another great way to liven up your community.

Along with shrimp and a few fish breeds, you can have a unique tank community in your aquarium.

Apple snails have a pleasing look and they can be placed with almost any fish species. They don’t take up a lot of room.

And they are easy to care for.

Endlers Livebearers

The final tank mate I will be talking about is the endless livebearers. Endless livebearers are one of the best tank mates for your celestial pearl danios.

They are the same size as your fish, like to be in a small school and very low maintenance.

Many tank owners like to put these fish in a community because of how tolerant they are to a range of climates.

You can tailor your tank to your danios and won’t have to worry about harming livebearers.

In addition, the coloring and personality of this fish are perfect for a tank community.

This fish will stand out visually, but won’t bother other fish in your tank. So, if you are looking for a low-key tank mate for your danios definitely consider this breed!

Are Celestial Pearl Danios Good Community Fish?

As I have talked about throughout this post, celestial pearl danios can get along with many different kinds of fish.

So, they can be great community fish.

However, you want to make sure that you are getting the right kind of fish for your tank.

Non-aggressive fish and fish that are of a similar size to your danio will produce the best results for your community tank!

How Many Celestial Pearl Danios Should Be Together?

Celestial pearl danios will feel more safe and secure in a school of fish.

What this means is that you want to have your celestial danio in a group of fish that are the same breed.

I personally recommend having at least five or even seven Celestial Pearl Danios in your tank at once.

They aren’t super dependent on others of their breed.

And they aren’t your typical schooling fish, but it’s better to have more danios together. However, make sure to get more females than males.

If you have a lot of male celestial danios they could start fighting over the female fish. So limit your celestial danio school to one or two males and make the rest female.

What Tank Size Do Celestial Pearl Danios Need?

Celestial pearl danios are only an inch long. So, they won’t need to be placed in a large tank normally. In some cases, you can even put this fish in a smaller micro tank.

However, I would recommend having these fish in at least ten gallons of water. These are schooling fish that usually stay together in a group.

So if you have more than one celestial pearl danio you will need to have them in a bigger tank. In addition, if you are making a community tank, you will need an even bigger area for your fish.

For a community tank, I would recommend at least 20 gallons.

But, it is better to go with an even larger tank especially considering the tank requirements for some of the fish on this list.

You also want to make room for tank decorations and plants.

So, just consider this as you buy a tank for your celestial pearl danios and any of their tank mates.


Celestial pearl danios have many great qualities that make them perfect for a tank community.

Through you want to be careful about which tank mates you put in an aquarium with your fish. I went over the best celestial pearl danio tank mates here.

There is a wide range of fish that you can choose from. Just make sure you have the right tank for your fish and that you maintain the right water conditions.

As long as you do this you can have a thriving tank community with your celestial pearl danios!

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