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Fluval Aquasky Bluetooth LED Review

Impressive Bluetooth Lighting with a Few Flaws

Lighting is one of the most important considerations for people in the aquarium hobby.

The right lighting system not only makes the aquarium setup look spectacular but is also a vital part of the health and wellbeing of the aquarium’s occupants.

Plants, for instance, rely on an intense light source to produce food through photosynthesis.

Whereas animals like fish rely on lighting to determine their behaviors based on day and night cycles.

Aquarists have a broad assortment of lighting options to choose from. Identifying the right lighting system for their needs is crucial.

It’s an investment that will serve them and their pets well for a long time.

This Fluval Aquasky LED review explores the features of this specific model and evaluates its pros and cons.

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The Fluval Aquasky comes in several models. The 36-inch model, for instance, is ideal for standard aquariums of up to 50 gallons in capacity.

In addition, the lamp has a pair of pull-out spacers on either side, which would allow it to be securely placed atop tanks that are slightly longer than the lamp itself.

A 36-inch lamp has spacers that allow it to be used in standard aquariums up to 48 inches long.

Instead of a remote control, the newer Fluval Aquasky models are controlled entirely through the Bluetooth-enabled Fluval App. More importantly though, the Aquasky features several super-bright 6500K LEDs.

Besides LEDs in the three primary colors—which allow the user to change the color of the illumination—the lighting system also has a fair number of white LEDs to easily adjust the brightness and intensity of the lighting.

Sufficient for low- to medium-level lighting

The lighting intensity is sufficient for low- to medium-level lighting requirements such as planted freshwater tanks and fish-only marine tanks.

The strength and color spectrum of the lamps is enough to promote the healthy growth of aquatic plants.

The Aquasky, however, can not be used for reef tanks.

Despite the illumination it gives, the lamp can’t provide the lighting conditions necessary to keep corals and anemones healthy.

The Aquasky line is sleek and low-profile. It’s fitting snuggly into many standard aquariums without looking obtrusive.

In addition, the lamp’s IP67 waterproof rating makes mounting just above the water’s surface possible.

Thus allowing the aquarist to place the lamp as close to the water’s surface as possible for maximum lighting penetration without putting the fixture at risk of corrosion.

The Fluval Aquasky is expected to perform well in normal conditions for up to 50,000 hours.


Video: “Fluval AquaSky LED demo”

Like many modern aquarium lights, the Fluval Aquasky aquarium light relies on LEDs.

Light-emitting diode technology has a unique range of features that make it an excellent alternative to most traditional forms of aquarium lighting, such as actinic and fluorescent bulbs.

Chief among these is energy efficiency. Systems that use LEDs create an astonishing amount of illumination using less energy. Which makes them an energy-efficient alternative to other forms of aquarium lighting.

The Fluval Aquasky consumes about 18 watts of power and delivers an intense lighting solution ideal for tanks with medium lighting requirements. For deep tanks with higher lighting requirements, you may use two.

One other key advantage of the Fluval Aquasky is lighting penetration. The fixture was designed to maximize the dispersion of light throughout the aquarium, with the LEDs casting 120 degrees of illumination across the entirety of the aquarium.

This position minimizes the likelihood of dark zones within the tank, which allows for maximum penetration across the water column.

The Aquasky also has an intense selection of colors, which mimic the natural spectrum of sunlight and can highlight the beauty of an elaborate aquarium setup.

Once programmed, the Aquasky’s LEDs can accurately simulate the passage of daylight and the effects of weather in the tank.

The customizable lighting let you pick the appropriate color and intensity, which can help you select the appropriate lighting conditions for your fish.

Adjustable Settings

Unlike fluorescent lamps, LED lighting systems are adjustable, letting aquarists to carefully and easily change the lighting intensity to meet the needs of the tank’s occupants.

Much like other Fluval lighting systems, the Aquasky’s LEDs are programmable, giving unprecedented control over the tank’s lighting, allowing aquarists to program the lamp’s setting to imitate the natural lighting conditions common in many fish habitats, with options to mimic seasonal variations such as monsoon lighting.

The Aquasky differs from other Fluval lighting models by providing the user with a 24-hour cycle, meaning it’s possible for the lamp to automatically replicate the passage of daylight through four preset parameters.

The special weather options can also be incorporated into the cycle. In addition, the app allows the user to edit these parameters and change between automatic and manual settings as needed.

Besides relying on presets mimicking day-night cycles and weather conditions, the Fluval App gives the owner the option of adjusting the red, blue, and green values to achieve the desired lighting color.

The lamp’s manual, however, does not delve into the specifics of custom lighting. There are no recommended guidelines for light intensity settings such as those for optimum plant growth.

Although some aquarists might relish the thought of adjusting and customizing the lighting to their own needs, others might find it troublesome and inconvenient to have to search for these specifications themselves.

The lamp is also always on, with a low-power night mode that can only be manually activated through the app.

The app currently does not support shutting off the lamp entirely, nor does it have an option for total darkness.


Video: “FluvalSmart app v1.03 new features”

A review of the Fluval Aquasky LED wouldn’t be complete without discussing the Bluetooth Control.Unlike most lamps on the market (and older Fluval lighting systems), the settings of the Fluval Aquasky is operated entirely through a Bluetooth-enabled mobile app.

With an interface reminiscent of the remote controls of other Fluval lamps, the Fluval App allows the aquarist to fine-tune the intensity of the Aquasky’s LEDs to achieve the desired effects.

Those more accustomed to the remote control of older Fluval lighting models, however, will not need much of a learning curve to adapt to the app.

Of all the control systems, the Bluetooth app used by the Fluval Aquasky might not be the easiest to use.

Although most would find the automated settings to be sufficient for their tank’s needs, people who want to fine-tune the light fixtures may find it difficult to navigate and customize.

The Bluetooth system has a very short range, requiring the users to be at least eight to ten feet of their tanks to effectively change the aquarium’s settings.

Moreover, problems with the Bluetooth unit can keep the lamp from working as intended. Although some Bluetooth app problems could be resolved by resetting the entire lamp.

Pros and Cons

Let us now go through a few of the pros and cons of this amazing Bluetooth LED light.


  • great price
  • good for low light plants
  • good for medium light plants
  • has IP67 waterproof rating


  • no on/off switch
  • can not be used for reef tanks

The Different Size Choices

Fluval Aquasky Bluetooth LED  comes in two different sizes for you to choose from.

1Model number 1 – weighs 1.8 pounds and is fit for tanks from 24 to 36-inch wide

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2Model number 2 – weighs 3 pounds and is fit for tanks from 48 to 60-inch wide

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The Fluval Aquasky is among the brightest medium-intensity lighting systems available on the market. And is also one of the most affordable.

It’s inexpensive enough that two can make an excellent alternative to bigger lamps when you need brighter lighting conditions.

The main downside of this is the occasional difficulty encountered when using the Bluetooth app. There is no other way to control the Aquasky except through the app, and problems with the Bluetooth system can render the lamp all but inoperable.

Despite that, it’s clear from this Fluval Aquasky LED review that because of its extensive customization options, the Aquasky is an excellent lighting option for aquarists who want to the extra mile in recreating accurate regional biotopes for their fish.

The lighting system’s automated presets also allow casual aquarists to set and forget, eliminating the need to manually change the lighting conditions.

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