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5 Best Aquarium Dosing Pumps In 2023

We all want to keep our aquariums healthy and thriving. Still, this might not be easy to do on your own. You can change your aquarium water yourself and add supplements to your tank to fit its specific needs.

However, you might not be putting in the exact amount of tank additives required. Really, you need to be precise and get the best equipment for your tank. This way you can create the highest quality aquarium environment possible.

Dosing pumps are one way to ensure that your aquarium is being cared for correctly. These devices can be used in saltwater tanks and in freshwater tanks with equal effectiveness.

Dosing pumps keep track of certain water properties and help balance your tank water efficiently and automatically. Some tank owners might not see the need for a dosing pump.

But if you have a large marine tank with corals and other invertebrates this product is a must. Similarly, freshwater tanks with many plants can also benefit from a dosing pump.

We’ll talk more about how dosing pumps can help you and your aquarium later on in the post though. More importantly, we will introduce the best aquarium dosing pump products here!

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Top Aquarium Dosing Pumps

There are several dosing pump products to choose from. How you choose a dosing pump though will depend on the type of tank you have.

What you are looking to do with your aquarium will factor in too. Dosing pumps have many capabilities of course. And you want a dosing device that can minimize the hassle of tank maintenance.

The following dosing pumps are fully loaded and have the best features for aquariums!

1. Jebao DP-4 Programmable Auto Dosing Pump

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The first dosing pump for tanks we will talk about is the Jebao. Jebao is one of the most cost-effective options on our list. So we want to start with this device first.

This programmable dosing pump offers effective water management for large and small aquariums. Any type of aquarium can use this pump as well. So if you have a reef tank or a freshwater tank we highly recommend the Jebao.

With up to four channels of use, this pump will help put in the tank additives you need to get your aquarium water on the right track. For certain tanks its important to have balance in the water with certain minerals and properties.

This device makes that balance a reality and doses tanks up to twenty-four times each day. You won’t be stuck dosing your tank each day anymore.

Instead, Jebao does everything for tank owners automatically. You just have to program it and use the included remote. Everything is controllable from output to when your dosing happens.

Really, this is one of the best aquarium dosing pumps. Jebao is perfect for people new to dosing pumps and it fits within a budget too. It runs all day and gives you great value for the price.


  • Great price for the Jebao Pump
  • You can program this dosing pump very easily
  • A very accurate machine that mixes your water every day, multiple times
  • Keeps your tank in great condition, and takes on large and small doses well
  • This dosing product can be used in any type of tank


  • Some people could find the manual confusing
  • Very good for large dosing in a tank, but for smaller dosing it’s a little less accurate

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2. Hygger Aquarium Dosing Pump

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The Hygger Aquarium Dosing Pump is slightly pricer than the Jebao. But, it can be worth the extra money to bump up the quality of your dosing pump a bit.

This tank device is sleek and well equipped to handle marine aquariums in particular though. Coral tanks will really see the most benefits from this pump.

The Hygger has four channels in its system. This allows you to easily distribute calcium, magnesium, and other necessary trace elements to your tank daily. Sturdy tubes, eight in total, are also affixed to the Hygger and help dose your small or big aquarium rapidly and often.

In addition, it is easy and simple to program your aquarium dosing pump. This product is made for any level of experience. It has a prominent display that tells you everything you need to know.

When your tank will be dosed, at what times this will happen, and how much liquid is being put in is all told to you. You can also customize the schedule and the output of your dosing pump whenever you need to. So this makes it extra convenient.

Hygger comes in two different options as well. You can get the pump alone which can save you around ten dollars. But if you want a holder for your Hygger dosing pump, you will pay extra money.

There are no differences in terms of technology or capabilities between the two Hygger devices. The only difference is that you get a holder to attach to your tank and hang it up.


  • Still a great price for this dosing pump
  • An ideal product for marine coral tanks
  • Hygger is resilient and only made from the best possible material
  • You can program the device however you want with ease
  • A number of channels available for tank dosing


  • Price increase might not fit everyone’s budget though
  • Hygger is designed for marine and coral tanks, not freshwater tanks

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3. CoralBox Wi-Fi

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CoralBox Wi-Fi Pump is on the expensive side for an aquarium dosing pump. Again, this is another tank item that requires careful consideration before purchasing. The quality of this device is unmatched if you want to dose and balance your tank well.

But you will definitely be spending more money on the CoralBox. Not only because it offers you high quality, but because of its extra features.

CoralBox Wi-Fi, as you can guess from the name, can be controlled remotely through Wi-Fi.

You can set up an app on your phone and connect to the CoralBox on it or another smart device. Not many dosing pumps offer this feature. So this really makes the CoralBox stand out!

In addition, not only are you getting the convenience of controlling your pumps through your phone. You can also customize everything about your pump more seamlessly and with a lot less hassle. For some people, this will be worth the price of nearly two-hundred dollars.

The dosing pump itself is pretty standard, albeit of a much higher quality. You have your usual four pumps that disperse your nutrients and additives to the tank. CoralBox can also be used in both freshwater and marine tanks. Though mostly marine tanks are set up with this device.

Overall, CoralBox is one of the best aquarium dosing pumps you can buy. It will last for years and you even get a warranty to go along with your purchase!


  • There is a great one-year warranty with this dosing device
  • Very high-quality product from CoralBox
  • Can use Wi-Fi to control this device more easily through your phone or smart device
  • Very Accurate dosing pump that does not disappoint
  • Can be used with almost any tank


  • The CoralBox price might be too much for some tank owners
  • More geared towards marine aquariums though

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4. Marine Color Dosing Pump MCD-3-M

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The next dosing pump device is on the cheaper side. This dosing pump won’t necessarily be for every tank owner. But if you can’t spend a ton of money on a dosing pump this is one option to consider.

You will want to know how to operate one of these products well. They are not always easy to set up. But if you have some experience you can get away with getting this more inexpensive pump from Marine Color.

Really, the Marine Color Pump is compact but offers a lot of power for all kinds of tanks. The good thing about the Marine is that this product has a pretty sizable performance range. It can be set up to function all day or half the day.

In addition, the Marine also lets you control your pump accurately. However, it does not offer the same level of specificity as other products we have talked about.

Still, this is not a bad dosing pump to get for your aquarium. It definitely is not the best aquarium dosing pump out there. But it does get your tank well balanced. Your water will be healthy and full of the nutrients and trace elements it needs!


  • Very inexpensive price for this dosing pump
  • Runs through up to twenty-four doses each day
  • Helps to properly calibrate the water in your tank
  • Completely programmable device
  • Large dosing range can disperse between 1-4999 milliliters


  • Only has three channels included with the system
  • Easy For the tubes to get clogged
  • Might need more experience running this particular pump

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5. Bubble Magus BM-T11 Dosing Pump

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Bubble Magus is the last dosing pump we will be talking about in our guide. This dosing pump is another expensive one, and it comes at a marginally higher price than the CoralBox even.

This device is used around the world and utilizes the latest technology to keep your tank in top condition. It is high-powered and its design was made using the best modern marine research.

The Bubble Magus can be programmed to dose your tank all day, up to twenty-four times in a day. It also uses precise measurements and readings to keep your water exactly how it needs to be.

Only three pump channels are included, unfortunately. But you can add more if you want to!

On the whole, the quality of the Bubble Magus is top-rated and scientifically backed. It does not include Wi-Fi controls like the CoralBox. But the accuracy and precision of this professional-grade dosing pump make it worth your money!


  • Great quality and performance with the Bubble Magus Pump
  • Bubble Magus will last for years and years
  • Can be used on marine tanks and freshwater ones too
  • High-quality material and design for this dosing pump
  • Very easy to set this up and to program it to dose your tank


  • No Wi-Fi Connectivity with the Bubble Magnus
  • The price might be too high for some tank owners looking for a dosing pump
  • Only has three pump channels on it

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Why Should You Get An Aquarium Dosing Pump?

We briefly talked about why you should get an aquarium dosing pump at the beginning of this article. But in this part of the guide, we’ll explain a little more, this way you can know for sure whether you need this product.

In general, marine tanks, and some other types of tanks, require certain water conditions and parameters. This way fish and other inhabitants can survive in their man-made environment. Saltwater pets and life are especially reactive to changes in the water.

You can of course monitor your water manually and add in salt and other additives. Calcium and magnesium levels are important as well as alkalinity and salt levels. But it can be very difficult to do this on your own. This is where dosing pump technology comes in.

These products help monitor your tank and help keep it at the parameters it needs to be. Good dosing pumps are accurate and stabilize tanks so your pets live a long life. Again, you don’t want the water in your tank to be changing all the time.

The dosing pump prevents this and keeps the tank healthy. Coral tanks are especially in need of this type of pump device. In fact, the health of your coral tank could hinge on whether you have a good dosing pump!

Still, marine tanks are not the only tanks that can have these products. Even freshwater tanks can use a dosing pump to keep their water in check. Really, if you know that your tank needs very specific conditions, we recommend purchasing one of these devices as soon as you can!

Why You Need A High-Quality Dosing Pump?

Some cheaper dosing pumps can service your tank well enough. But know that they won’t last as long or perform to the level of higher quality dosing pumps. Really, we suggest going with the best aquarium dosing pumps you can find.

Freshwater tanks with a lot of plants and especially coral and marine tanks can be sensitive. If you get an underperforming device your coral and other tank life will die.

This could cost you a ton of money in the long term. So just consider this as you think about which dosing pump you want to get for your aquarium.

It can seem simpler to go with something cheaper at first. But if a dosing pump breaks down or leaks you could be dealing with a lot of hassle and extra expenses.

How To Pick The Best Aquarium Dosing Pump?

Finally, if you want to get the best aquarium dosing pump, you want to keep some key factors in mind. Not all dosing products are suited to your tank. You want something that you can afford but will help keep your tank in great shape.

First, though, make sure you get a dosing pump that is the right size for your tank. Each dosing pump has a dosing range which determines how much liquid they can release at a given time.

If the range of your product is not high enough, and you have a bigger tank, your pump won’t work right.

A device that releases at least 4000 milliliters or more should be fine for most aquariums though. And a pump with at least three to four pump channels should help you tank stay balanced and unchanged as well.

In addition to this, make sure that the build of your pump is good. You don’t want a dosing pump that will break easily or is not water-resistant enough. Really, if your pump is not strong enough it will malfunction and cost you extra money.

Getting a dosing pump from a well-reviewed brand is one way to avoid this outcome. But choosing from the dosing pumps on our list will offer you plenty of options as well. We have compiled the best devices for you so you shouldn’t have to search too hard for something suitable to buy!

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Dosing pumps for aquariums are a necessary product for any healthy tank ecosystem. If you have a marine tank with coral or other sensitive creatures these pumps are especially crucial to your setup.

So you should be thinking about getting one of these pumps. Similarly, if you have sensitive plants and fish in your freshwater tank, you might need to get one of these devices as well.

Dosing pumps range in capabilities and prices, but we tried to put together a list of top products for you here today. This way you know what your best options are for your dosing pump purchase. Other information about dosing pumps was also included as well.

You want a quality device for your tank, of course. This way your water is accurately balanced and suited to your tank pets and tank life. With our guide on dosing pumps, you should have no issues with this!

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