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7 Best Heater For Betta Tank In 2023

When you buy a tank for your betta fish, you don’t want to leave it bare. Bettas require accessories and equipment to create a livable habitat. Tank filters, substrate, and lighting are all important items your fish needs.

However, one element that needs to go in your betta tank is a heater.

Tank heaters are crucial to any betta’s health. This is because betta are tropical fish that need warm water to thrive. The temperature of the water needs to be constant and warm in a betta tank.

This can be difficult to maintain in a home though. Houses aren’t always able to simulate the same conditions as a fish’s tropical habitats.

Room temperature in houses often fluctuates with the weather. So they aren’t consistently warm enough for betta. Even if you have central heating the room temperature doesn’t specifically meet your fish’s needs.

Really, if you want to give your betta the proper environment, you’ll need to purchase a tank heater.

All pet owners want their betta to live a long life. To ensure this and increase the well being of your fish, you need to purchase the best heater for betta tanks.

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7 Best Heater For Betta Tank Reviewed

In this section of this post, we will go over some of the best heater for betta tank. They will keep your fish warm throughout the year.

Our buying guide will give you all the details you need to know about these products. This will make the purchasing process simple and easy.

FREESEA Aquarium Fish Tank Submersible Heater

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The first heater on this list is the FreeSea heater. The FreeSea has all the features necessary to make your betta tank habitable. Know that this device is submersible and should be placed inside your tank. The product must be completely covered in the water to function properly!

When you set-up the FreeSea, you’ll have an easy time. Use the suction cups to get the heater in with ease. Once it’s in you just turn it on and use the control switch. This button stays outside your tank. It will make the water heat up to the climate you want. You can see how much the water has been heated with the water reader on the front of the heater. This will tell you the exact temperature of the water in degrees.

All of this is available to betta owners for a low price. There is no hassle with this product. It’s safe, efficient, and power saving. The FreeSea turns off when your tank gets to the temperature your betta needs. If the temperature dips the device will turn back on.


  • Good price for the value of this heater
  • Has a simple adjustable setting to change temperature
  • Can be put all the way in your water
  • Temperature readings accurate because of submersion
  • System turns off when water is at the right temperature
  • Great product for small betta tanks


  • Fish can get caught in the cord so don’t let it hang too much
  • Powerful wattage but the temperature adjustment can lower the intensity
  • This product won’t turn off when the water gets to a lower level

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Hygger Submersible Aquarium Heater

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The Hygger heater is another submersible heater. This slim heater is powerful and comes in a beautiful design. It will look great in your tank as it heats the water up.

At 100 watts, the Hygger will get your tank to tropical conditions in no time. Simply put the heater in the water, plug in the device. Use the control dial to set the temperature you want.

Like the FreeSea, this product will shut down after reaching a certain temperature. It will restart the heater if the water goes a degree or two above what you set. And it will turn off completely if the tank goes above ninety-seven degrees Fahrenheit.

You can buy the Hygger knowing it is perfectly safe for your betta tank. This product has many benefits, as we have discussed. But it still has a few drawbacks.

The Hygger does not come with a temperature reading. So, unfortunately, you will have to check the water with your own thermometer. Furthermore, this device does not sense the water level. So you need to turn it off on your own when the water goes below the heater.


  • Will quickly heat up your tank
  • Turns off or restarts when tank is too hot
  • Easy to use controls and dials
  • Simple set-up and maintenance
  • Good for ten-gallon tanks
  • High-quality material used to conduct maximum heat


  • A little expensive
  • Wattage can be a bit on the powerful side
  • Doesn’t turn off when the water level diminishes
  • Not a great choice for smaller tanks

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Aqueon Preset Heater

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The Aqueon Preset is the tank heater to get if you are on a budget. This heater is simply designed and gets your water perfectly heated for betta. There are no adjustments dials on this product. But you won’t need to change the temperature for this device.

The Aqueon is preset to seventy-eight degrees Fahrenheit. And the water can go up to one degree higher or lower than this temperature. This is the perfect climate for your betta. You won’t have to worry about overheating. The Aqueon turns off when it reaches the set temperature. And when it heats up again, the LED light will indicate that the Aqueon is heating your water

This is a simple device, but it gets the job done. And it is highly durable. The product is shatterproof, compact, and works best for new fish owners.

Try this item out if you need to save a few bucks but want a quality product.


  • Warranty included for up to a year
  • Simple easy to use product
  • Basic product that is great for beginners
  • Low price for people that need to save money
  • Good quality and value for what you pay for it
  • Works for tanks under ten-gallons


  • No adjustment dial but this isn’t much of an issue
  • Not a huge range of temperatures available

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Eheim Jager Aquarium Thermostat Heater

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The Eheim Jager offers buyers many features for a reasonable price. This is an adaptable product that works great for all kinds of fish, including your betta.

With this product, you can heat up your water fast, or cool it down. If you live in a region that experiences hot summers and cold winters this might be the product for you. In the summer, some fish owners might want to keep their tank water cooler so their fish don’t overheat.

This heater could be great if you want to keep your tank at a constant temperature as the weather fluctuates.

The Eheim can fit in many types of tanks, even tanks up to one-hundred gallons. You won’t be able to use this in tanks under five gallons though. The Eheim is sleek but long so you want to be mindful of that. Wattage for this tank will be appropriate for bettas.

A twenty-five-watt heater can be purchased for five gallons and up tanks. Your water can also be easily changed with the temperature dial. With this feature, you can go from sixty-four degrees to ninety-three degrees.

While we highly recommend this product, there is no temperature reader with the Eheim. Make sure to put a thermometer in for your tank. You won’t know the temperature, but the Eheim turns off automatically when the tank gets too hot. It also turns off when the water level diminishes.

On the whole, this is a durable and convenient betta heater! And one of the best heaters for betta tanks!


  • Turns off when water evaporates or tank is too hot
  • Many temperature settings, nice range from sixty-four degrees to ninety-three degrees
  • Great price for this useful product
  • Is a submersible product


  • No temperature reader included will need to buy a thermometer

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Tetra HT Submersible Aquarium Heater

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The Tetra Ht is another affordable heating product for your tank. This device is meant for smaller aquariums. Tanks between two and ten gallons will fit with the Tetra HT. With this device, your water will stay at an ideal temperature for tropical bettas.

Like the Aqueon Preset, this heater stays at one consistent temperature. Your tank will maintain a climate of seventy-eight degrees Fahrenheit at all times.

While there is no temperature reader on this model, it does let you know when the tank has reached seventy-eight degrees. When the light on the Tetra is red this means it is heating up.

When the light is green the water has reached the right temperature. You should still get a thermometer, but this feature should help you keep your tank at the right conditions.

The Tetra won’t overheat your tank as it turns off when it reaches seventy-eight. So you won’t have to worry about your bettas safety. All in all, this is a cost-effective item. If you want a simple heater in your betta tank try this out.


  • Set to a temperature that is just right for bettas
  • Works for smaller aquariums
  • Easy to use this heating product
  • Submersible heating product


  • No temperature reader on the Tetra
  • No way to change the temperature manually

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Hygger Titanium Aquarium Heater

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The Hygger Titanium is by far the most expensive heating product on this list. But if you want to spend a little extra money for a high-grade heater this is a good choice.

The Titanium fits easily into a variety of aquariums. But there is a five to ten-gallon size that is great for betta. The heater won’t crowd your tank, it is a small machine that heats up and cools tanks efficiently. The scope in temperature for this product is wide. The device allows you to reach temperatures between thirty-two degrees and one-hundred and four degrees Fahrenheit. You won’t need to go to these extremes though. But it’s convenient being able to both cool your tank down and heat it up.

When the weather changes the temperature in your house might shift. So the water temperature might need to be adjusted. You can get the exact climate you want with the help of the temperature reader. And the tank will stay at the temperature. The device turns off on its own, but when the water goes a degree below what is set it turns right back on.

Get this product is you want a safe heater that will last your betta for many years. The quality of the heater is unmatched and makes it one of the best heater for betta tanks.


  • Great quality in this Hygger product
  • Durable material used that works in salt and freshwater
  • Small device that won’t take up a lot of room
  • Has a temperature reader and turns off on its own
  • Good range of temperature with this device


  • The Titanium might be too pricy for some people
  • Does not turn off when the water level diminishes

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Fluval Marina Submersible Heater

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The last product on this list is the Fluval Marina. This device is a simple fully submergible product that will heat a tank up fully. The temperature can get between sixty-four degrees and eighty-nine degrees Fahrenheit. Sometimes the temperature reaches higher.

With this heater, you’ll definitely want to get a thermometer installed. This is a pretty basic model. Its display isn’t digital, but it gives you an idea of what the climate is.

The Fluval turns off when it reaches the set temperature. But it won’t turn off when the water goes below the Fluval. We only suggest this model if you are on a budget.


  • Shows temperature to you
  • Can control the climate
  • Cheap pricing if you need to save money
  • Can be submerged in water
  • Good for smaller aquariums


  • The water can get overheated with the Fluval
  • Very basic features for this device
  • You will need to get a thermometer

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Maintaining Temperature in a Betta Tank

Betta fish do well in a certain temperature range. To extend the life of your betta, you should keep tank water between seventy-four degrees and eighty-two degrees Fahrenheit.

Betta fish are tough pets, so they could survive in water that is a little colder.

Just know that straying from these temperatures will impact your fish’s health and decrease their life span. This is due to the stress bettas experience in lower temperature waters.

When you look at the average temperatures of homes. Most homes fall in the range of sixty-six degrees and seventy-two degrees Fahrenheit.

Obviously, this climate is not right for your fish. This is where a tank heater comes in. With a heating machine, you can keep your aquarium at ideal conditions at any time of the year.

Just make sure you check the water with a thermometer often.

Even if the water has the right amount of heat you don’t want it to fluctuate a lot. For instance, you don’t want the water going from seventy-seven degrees to eighty-two degrees in a day. This can also cause stress and unrest in Betta.

Just keep everything consistent and warm. If you get the right kind of heater this should not be a problem for you. In the next sections, we will go over all the features your heater should have.

The Power and Adjustability of Your Heater

There are many important features to go over when you are purchasing the best heater for your betta tank. One thing to consider is wattage. You want a device that has enough power to heat up a whole tank. But you don’t want it to be so powerful that it fries your fish to a crisp.

An ideal ratio would be three to five watts of power for one gallon of tank water. To put this in perspective, in a five-gallon betta tank a heater should have around fifteen to twenty-five watts. If you are at all worried about using too much power in a tank, another option exists.

Two low powered tank heaters can be utilized instead of one high powered heater. This choice can also help distribute heat equally across an aquarium.

If you want to control the amount of heat in the tank, your heater should have adjustable functioning. The best heater for betta tank will have this feature.

Cheap and lower quality products won’t have this available. With an adjustment option, you can make the most out of a heater and keep your fish in a consistent environment.

This will create the best results for your fish in the long run. So keep this in mind when you buy a heater. This can be especially important for small tanks. If you don’t want them to heat up so fast, or too much being able to lower the heat will be good.

Getting a Temperature Reading

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Another important aspect of a heater is temperature reading. You want to be able to know the temperature of your betta fish tank. With any product, it should not be a mystery.

Quality heaters will show you the temperature of your tank. Readers put in tank heaters aren’t exact. Different parts of your tank could be colder than others.

But the reader lets you know the general condition of your water. They can also alert you if the temperature is changing too drastically. If you see this, you can use a thermometer to get a better temperature reading.

We recommend having a thermometer no matter what heater you get. This way you know the exact climate of your betta tank.

Maintenance, Set-up, and Safety

Video: “Aquarium heaters complete guide – all you need to know about fish tank heater”

Some final considerations for your betta’s tank heater involve set-up, maintenance, and safety.

With any device you purchase, you don’t want a complicated setup. The heater you choose for your tank should be easy to place in the tank. When you use the product, it should be similarly easy to operate and maintain.

No fish owner wants to spend extra time trying to figure out how to use a product. The controls on the machine should be big, visible, and readily controllable. This way you can get your tank to the proper temperature with as little work as possible. Overall, heaters should be easy to use and safe for betta fish and pet owners.

Companies are usually pretty mindful of safety. They will tell you how to use their products properly. They will also say which safety features are present. However, checking never hurts.

The first thing to look out for is whether your heater can be put in water. Some tank heaters are submersible. Other tank heaters cannot be put in water.

If you put a non submersible heater in a tank your fish could be electrocuted when the water diminishes. Or worse yet, you could get electrocuted.

As heat enters your tank, water naturally evaporates more. A heater should also compensate for this and turn off when the level of water dips below the heater. Other good safety features involve the material and durability of the heater.

You want non-toxic materials that will keep your heater safe if it falls. The heater should also be designed in a way that is considerate of your Betta. Any machinery should be kept well insulated and away from your fish. This way they won’t be exposed to excess heat.

If you can get a heater that fits all these standards you will find the best heater for betta tank!

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Your fish is meant for tropical climates that aren’t usually found in your home. To mimic a bettas natural environment and keep your pet healthy, you’ll need to purchase a tank heater.

And not just any tank heater can be bought. You need one that has all the right features.

In this article, we introduced you to some top products. Hopefully, with the information provided, you found the best heater for betta tanks!

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