5 Best Pond Skimmers in 2023 Reviewed

We all know that a good garden pond should be a source of great joy for owners and observers alike. They should not be too much of a burden or a bother to the hard-working owner, who simply want to enjoy the fruit of their labor. That's why falling leaves, dirt and debris can be such an ...

5 Ways To Keep Mosquitoes Out Of Pond

Mosquitoes can be a real annoyance for any self-respecting pond owner. We all know that a good pond can be true feature of any garden, but unfortunately, in hotter climates, they can also be a real magnet for mosquitoes. This has the potential to not only ruin your perfectly planned summer ...

6 Steps On How to Winterize a Pond

Everyone knows that ponds can really brighten up and enliven a garden. It can become a real feature and is sure to impress all your visiting friends and family happy. This is just as true in cold climates as it is in warmer areas. However, keeping a garden pond in a cold climate brings with it ...

4 Different Types of Pond Algae (With Pictures)

Algae can disrupt the peace and balance of your pond in a number of ways. First of all, they can make what was once a very aesthetically pleasing feature of your garden into an absolute eyesore. This could be the ultimate wound for any self-respecting pond owner. What's more, the crimes ...

15 Best Plants For Your Pond Reviewed

Ponds should be a rich and immersive environment, full of color and vitality. This is best both for you as the observer and proud owner, but also for the fish and other aquatic creatures in your pond. It is crucial to try and replicate their native environment as best as possible, to set them ...

What Do Pond Turtles Eat? – A Feeding Guide

A beautiful little pond in the backyard only increases the value of your home. It looks stunning and you could easily spend hours there just watching in awe. What makes this pond perfect is not just the way you have designed it. The fishes that swim around in glee and the beautiful green plants ...

Best Pond Fish Food – Top 6 Review

All of our beloved fish deserve only the best food. But sometimes, deciding what is the best pond fish food is no easy task. This is especially true if you are a beginner in this area. There seems to be so much to learn and so much terminology that appears solely designed to bamboozle the ...

9 Best Pond Algae Eaters (With Pictures)

We're all familiar with that awful green mass that ruin a good pond and put even the most experienced pond keepers in tears. Yes, algae is truly the bane of every self-respecting pond owner's existence. Not only does this pernicious living matter destroy the carefully planned aesthetics of your ...

What Do Koi Fish Eat?  (Koi Fish Feeding Tips)

Universally, all pet owners want to make sure their beloved animals led the healthiest, happiest lives possible. This includes giving them a stimulating, immersive environment, regular health checkups, and cleaning out their habitats. But diet is another factor which could seriously impact your ...

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