Best Pond Vacuum Cleaner – Top 8 Reviews

Vacuum cleaners are a fixture of modern life. Generally, homeowners use them to clean the insides of their homes. But did you know that you can also get a vacuum for your outdoor pond? Fishkeeping companies have designed vacuums specifically made for your ponds. These devices will keep your ...

How to Get Rid of Algae in Ponds

Everyone with a pond in their garden, either for ornamental purposes or for keeping fish, wants to make sure it is as healthy and pristine as possible. Algae is the enemy of a healthy pond. It is unsightly and can greatly damage the ecosystem. This means that your beloved fish could struggle to ...

Best Pond Filters – Top 9 Review

Home ponds can create rich biodiversity in your backyard. Bugs, plants, and critters all take refuge in your pond area. Even though it's a manmade structure, the ecosystem on your property will benefit from this body of water. But this can only happen if you keep your pond in good condition. ...

13 Best Types of Backyard Pond Fish (With Pictures)

Outdoor ponds are the perfect way for fish lovers to enjoy the beauty of their fish in the comfort of their backyard. A variety of eye-catching and colorful fish can be put in these man-made structures. You can even put larger breeds of fish in your pond if they are big enough! In short, ...

Best Pond Pumps in 2023 – Top 8 Review

Backyard ponds are eye catching and calming fixtures that only add to the value of your home. And with the addition of fish, plants, and other decorations you can really make your pond stand out. Still, you want to make sure your pond is properly prepared. Especially before you put your fish into ...

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Pond?

Many people want to build a pond on their property. In fact, home ponds are becoming more and more popular each year. Still, it can be difficult to know where to start. Ponds come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and types. And, if you have never researched ponds before, there is a lot to know ...

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