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Fluval Edge 6 gallon / 12 gallon Aquarium Review

Aquariums are some of the things you could have that not only look chic and bring modernity to your workspace or home, but they are also counted as objects that help spread a hint of calmness and peace to your lives.

There are thousands of aquariums now on the market, each with its own unique set of features.

However, the product we are reviewing today is one of the very best that we could find after diligent product hunting.

The Fluval Edge Aquarium is one of the very best choices out there because of the sheer amount of features that it comes with.

Owning the Fluval Edge Aquarium and letting it grace your home or office will surely attract a lot of positive reviews and appreciation.

So without further ado, let’s start reviewing the product and its pros and cons as well as an FAQ section.

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Fluval Edge 6 and 12 gallon Aquarium Review

This is a very sleek and minimalistic looking glass cube-shaped aquarium with LED light. Fishkeeping with this amazing aquarium will be a visual every single time.

The Fluval Edge has a 3-D cube design to it, giving it a futuristic yet classy look at the same time. The compact shape of this aquarium allows you to set it as a showpiece or centerpiece anywhere without taking up too much space.

The LED lighting effect is a fantastic bonus as you can also use this incredible Fluval Edge Aquarium as a substitute for a table lamp. The lighting makes everything inside the aquarium pop out vibrantly, emerging guests to your home or workspace in a beautiful sight every time.

This amazing aquarium is designed in such a way, in which it appears to be hovering from the base because of the way the black pedestal that is attached to it hugs it. The top part of this aquarium has clear glass, so you can get perfect and apparent aerial view from above.

Also, the cover for this Fluval Edge aquarium is sealed up tightly, so you can easily fill this amazing tank with water to the very brim without having to worry about spilling anything.

This amazing aquarium is also backed up with a 2-year life warranty within which you can reach out for incredible customer service.


Coming to notable technicalities and features now, you will be glad to know that you can get this wonderful aquarium in two different sizes and three different colors, having a total capacity of 6 and 12 gallons respectively, in black, white or silver. Both products can still easily fit into any space.

The 12 gallon model comes with a total of 42 LED bulbs while the 6 gallon model comes with 21 LED bulbs, from which 3 are blue bulbs and the rest 18 are white bulbs. The dimensions of this aquarium are 14.3 inches x 17 inches x 13.7 inches for the 6 gallon and 14.3 inches x 17 inches x 22.2 inches for the 12 gallon.

You can either get all the bulbs to operate at the same time or just turn on the blue ones to enhance yourself in a calm and relaxing night time effect even during the day. The lighting system has three options for usage; Bright Daytime, Deep Blue Nighttime, and a simple no-hassle Turn Off.

Wires and Filter are hidden

The wires and the Fluval Power Filter are all hidden from plain view, situated behind the column so that the visual of the clear water and aquatic plants and creatures inside do not look obstructed. The pump used to circulate the water from the filter produces minimum noise.

For set up and maintenance, this lightweight and compact 11.6 pounds (34.5 pounds for the 12 gallon version) aquarium is very easy to assemble while also being of easy maintenance since the product itself does most of the maintaining itself. The water treatments of this aquarium include Nutrafin Aquaplus and Nutrafin Cycle.

You will also not have to worry about the removable cover becoming damp or heating up because of the LED lights attached to it. The covers detachable feature allows you to easily reach out to the filters media trays inside for cleaning.

Pros and cons


  • Lightweight
  • Compact and sleek design
  • Visually fantastic to look at
  • Unique 3-D shape and structure
  • One of a kind pedestal support gives off a levitating illusion to the strong glass tank
  • No noise water filter, pump alongside safe treatments
  • Amazing LED lights display gives the product a calming and serene look and feel to it
  • Easy to set up and to clean
  • High-quality water filtration.


  • Placing the aquarium on something that could be unstable such as a stand might be dangerous
  • The opening of the tank is a little too small (7” x 5”), so you might not be able to fit in slightly larger things.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Like the cover, can you also remove the base of this Fluval Edge Aquarium tank?

The tank itself can be detached from the gravel it is placed on quite easily in no time at all. The gravel can also be replaced with a new one if the user wishes to change it.

However, for cleaning the gravel, it is recommended to not use any kind of soap or harmful and strong chemicals. The residue could possibly be poisonous to your aquatic plants and creatures inside.

2. What are the accessories that come with this Fluval Edge Aquarium tank?

To users delight, this incredible aquarium comes pre-equipped with pretty much everything you are going to need. The strong glass tank itself (obviously), LED lights that also depend on which model you have purchased, and a water filter that includes very strong but safe water treatments.

However, the aquarium does not actually come with a heater though. If you live in a place with comparatively chilly weather drops, do get a heater separately for the aquarium.

3. Will I need an aerator since the cover is sealed and the water reaches to the brim?

This actually depends on the kind of fish and aquatic plants you have in mind for the aquarium. Some of the aquatic creatures do need relatively more oxygen circulation to stay alive, so keeping them in this aquarium would be a bad idea in the first place.

However, if you still want to keep those kinds of creatures in this tank regardless of the cover being sealed, buying an aerator might actually be a good idea since that way you can keep your high oxygen intake creatures and low intake ones in one place without having to get a separate aquarium for either.

4. What are some of the fish and/or aquatic plants I can keep in this Fluval Edge Aquarium?

Unless you want to keep plants and/or fish that require a lot of oxygen circulation, you can pretty much keep any kind of fish or plant in this aquarium.

Crayfish, snails, glofish, shrimp, guppies, etc are some examples of fish you can keep in this wonderful aquarium without worrying about their safety and comfort at all. They will also fit in quite easily in the smaller 6 gallon model as well.

5. What kind of surface can I place the Fluval Edge Aquarium on (either model)?

Since both models are made of really high quality and strong glass, this means that you will definitely require something really sturdy and strong to place the tanks on.

You should also keep in mind that there is a pedestal attached to the body of the aquarium tank so when you choose a place for the tank, you need to make space for it too.

Also, this sort of gives the overall tank somewhat of an unequal weight distribution. It is recommended to really just place the tank on something with a large base, maybe a counter or side table. Glass surfaces should be avoided though just in case.

Things You Should Look Out For When Buying an Aquarium

Video: “Thoughts on Fluval Edge Tank”

So now maybe after reading about this amazing Fluval Edge Aquarium, you are thinking of getting one yourself. However, if you have not ever done this before, it is no doubt you are going to be a little unsure of which features actually matter in an aquarium.

We are going to help you with that by giving you a list of the main key features you should keep an eye out for when placing an order for an aquarium.

Size of the tank

This is pretty important since this the size will pretty much determine what you can and cannot keep in the tank. You actually should not go for tanks that are either too small or too big, because they are both equally difficult to handle and are pretty high maintenance.

Small tanks actually build up toxins more easily and faster than larger tanks because the amount of aeration is slightly lower and the aquatic creatures and plants are also more congested in one tiny space for a living.

The temperature of the aquarium water can and will also change quite rapidly with smaller tanks, which means high maintenance since you will need to constantly keep a check on the temperature.

The same pretty much goes for unreasonably large aquarium tanks as well. Go for tanks with a moderate size of up to 10 or 20 gallons.

Weight of the tank

This is pretty self-explanatory. Obviously go for tanks that you know you have the resources to support it with. Keep in mind that the overall weight of the product will definitely increase after filling it up.

So it is better if you find a large base area for the tank just in case it does not slip off. A flat surface or countertop is also a better choice if you have kids or pets around who could possibly push the tank off.

But if you want a shelf or stand instead, just make sure it is very sturdy and will not be prone to toppling over.

Your budget

Lastly, this obviously ranges from person to person but if you are a newbie to the whole fish keeping world, you should definitely set out a proper budget plan because owning an aquarium and creatures in it, is quite a costly and time-consuming experience.

Just plan out the number of fish you want to keep, the extra decorations for the tank, etc. make a budget according to that and you will be good to go.

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So there you have it! This Fluval Edge Aquarium with LED Lights is surely one of a kind with amazingly unique and attractive features. There is absolutely no reason why you should not think of getting this amazing product because it is a win-win from every direction.

We hope you had fun reading this Fluval Edge 6 and 12 gallon Aquarium review and that it was helpful too. We also added an FAQ section and information section for more convenience. Happy aquarium shopping!

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