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Tetra SafeStart Plus Review

So, you have just brought home an aquarium and plan to add water, plants, and fishes right away. Well, that will not be a wise thing to do.

Adding fishes to a tank that is not cycled or established yet is not a good idea. The water that you use for your tank contains many substances that can be harmful to your pets. These substances include nitrite, nitrate, and ammonia.

However, when you use a high-quality biological filter, these substances will be broken down into harmless ones.

If both your tank and filter are new, the helpful bacteria that support the breaking down of nitrites and ammonia will not be present in a good amount. Thus it will not bring about the kind of difference that you need.

In such a situation, Tetra SafeStart Plus can come to your rescue.

You obviously will want to learn more about this product and this is exactly what we will now help you do through this Tetra SafeStart Plus review.

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What is Tetra SafeStart Plus?

Tetra SafeStart Plus is a humble little bottle that has been designed to shorten your wait time. It contains those bacteria that otherwise would naturally be present in your tank’s biological filter.

However, your filter remains sterile for nearly 40 days, and thus lack in those bacteria that make your tank healthy.

These bacteria take quite a few weeks to grow and then multiply. In this period, you cannot stock your tank with all your desired fishes. But when you use Tetra SafeStart Plus, things are different.

As it already contains beneficial bacteria you do not have to wait long for the process to start naturally in your aquarium. Instead, just add SafeStart Plus and then stock your aquarium with your desired fishes.

The proprietary formula of this wonderful solution helps prevent New Tank Syndrome and speeds up the development of the bio-filter. It does not matter if you are a novice or an experienced aquarist, as Tetra SafeStart Plus is going to prove helpful to one and all.

Things to remember before you start

  • It will be best to get a bottle that has been manufactured recently. I will also advise getting at least two bottles.
  • Select a bottle that has been created for a bigger tank than yours.
  • Ensure the ammonia in your tank is not already way too high. Anything more than 2.5ppm of ammonia is harmful to the bacteria and your fishes. Before you start with the nitrogen cycle, the ammonia must be lowered as much as is possible.

Steps to follow when using Tetra SafeStart Plus

Video: “How to setup a Freshwater Fish Tank WITH Fish in it SafeStart No Waiting.”

Now, you are ready to begin using Tetra SafeStart Plus by following the steps given below.

1Dechlorinate your water at least 24 hours before you add the solution. You need to use a de-chlorinator and allow your filters to keep running at that period. Chlorine will help you get rid of those cycling bacteria that are not established yet.
2The next thing you need to do, which is obvious, yet ignored, is to shake the bottle of Tetra SafeStart Plus really well.
3Now, add the full bottle of the Tetra solution. Do not be tempted to add little and see what happens. It is anyway beneficial bacteria that you are adding so it will cause no harm.
4Add 1 small fish for every 10 gallons of tank water. You need to follow this step within about 2 hours of pouring the bacteria solution. By adding 1 fish for 10 gallons of water you will be able to control the ammonia levels in a safe way.
5It is possible to stock your aquarium up. However, you need to select clean fish that do not poop too much. Also, you will have to feed them just the right amount. If you overfeed, you will be leaving excess ammonia for bacteria.
6Feed your fishes on alternate days. Test your tank water regularly and if you see a rise in ammonia levels, then you need not feed your pet that day. Do not worry as fishes can stay even a week with no food.
7Change water, not before the 14th day. However, if you notice the ammonia spiking way too high for no understandable reasons then you can change water to get the levels down. This is why earlier in this Tetra SafeStart Plus review I recommended buying at least 2 bottles. When you change the water you yet again will need to add a bottle of the bacteria solution.
8Keep your UV lights off for a day or two. Ultraviolet lights will most likely have a negative impact on the bacteria. Since you want it to establish successfully, it will be best to keep the lights off for a day or two after adding the solution.

The different sizes available

Tetra SafeStart Plus is available in three different sizes – 1.69-ounce, 8.45-ounce, and 3.38-ounce.

  • The 1.69-ounce bottle is ideal for tank size up to 15 gallons.
  • The 3.38-ounce bottle is ideal for tank size up to 30 gallons.
  • The 8.45-ounce bottle is ideal for tank size up to 70 gallons.

Pros and Cons

Now that you know what Tetra SafeStart Plus is and how you need to use it, let us discover some pros and cons of this popular solution.


  • It adds helpful bacteria to your aquarium immediately.
  • It helps establish the biological filter in your tank right away.
  • It gives you the chance to introduce fish into your new tank without cycling the tank or establishing the filter.
  • It begins breaking down nitrites and ammonia instantly.
  • It is effective and extremely easy to use.


  • It can make the tank water a little cloudy.
  • It has a short shelf life.

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To conclude this Tetra SafeStart Plus review, it will be safe to say that it is the best solution for you if you do not want to wait.

If you are really eager to watch beautiful fish swimming in your aquarium and cannot wait for the beneficial bacteria to grow and the biological filter to establish naturally, then this SafeStart Plus is exactly what you need.

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