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Amano Shrimp and Betta Fish, Best Tank Mates?

Amano shrimp are small pets with a unique look. These transparent shrimps usually sport a green hue with a mix of other eye-popping colors. But you can also get them in a few other varieties.

Amano shrimp don’t have a long life span, but they do look amazing in your aquarium. And when you add in other colorful fish and pets, your tanks visual can increase even more!

Typically, these peaceful pets can be added in with any aquatic pet. Still, some tank owners wonder if the Amano can be placed with Betta Fish.

While Amano shrimp are generally relaxed, Betta doesn’t share a similar disposition. In fact, these fish are well known to start fights and kill other pets. You want to keep your shrimp alive, so it’s important to choose a good tank mate for your pet.

Betta can be added to an Amano tank. But you will want to take precautions when putting these species together.

In this guide, we’ll talk about how these two pets can co-exist. There can be complications with the Amano Shrimp and Betta Fish.

But if you read through the information in this article you can keep them in the same tank safely.

The Temperaments of Amano Shrimp and Betta Fish

On the whole Amano shrimp are pretty mellow shrimp. Sometimes they are shy and will hide. But they don’t tend to cause trouble with other water pets. In fact, they get along with a lot of other fish and shrimp.

However, they can get feisty during feeding time. They could even attack your Betta, though this isn’t a huge possibility. To prevent this, it’s best to plan out any type of feeding in the day.

Both pets will also benefit from ample tank coverage with plants or decorations. But we’ll talk more about how you can lower aggression in both water animals later on.

Betta has a range of personalities, depending on gender, environment, and chance.

If you put a female betta in with this species of shrimp you are less likely to encounter problems. Most people tend to have male bettas though. And as you probably know they can get hostile with other pets. Not all Betta are like this.

But if you know that your Bettas personality is especially nasty, you might want to put in a different species of shrimp or fish.

What Size Shrimp to Purchase

Size is something else to think about when getting an Amano Shrimp and Betta Fish. Really, the bigger your Amano Shrimp the better the tank outcomes will be.

Generally, Amano is considered pretty big for shrimp. But some of these shrimps can be smaller. When you go out and buy one of these, go with the biggest one you see.

If your shrimp is really tiny your Betta might see them as prey. You want to minimize the possibility of an attack as much as you can. This is one way to keep your pets safe. It might even be helpful to get a smaller species of Betta. This way the size difference between your Amano Shrimp and Betta Fish is not too drastic.

Benefits of Keeping These Pets Together

So, you might be wondering why people put these two pets together in tanks. Their personalities don’t exactly match up, and there is a possibility of aggression from both pets.

Looks are one reason, as these species really add color and beauty to a tank. But there are bigger benefits that can occur when these animals share a home.

For instance, shrimp can actually decrease your tank bio-load. This species doesn’t produce much waste, even when multiple shrimp are present in the water. In addition,

Amano shrimp actually get rid of algae in aquariums. They eat it up and help keep your tank looking clearer.

Amano Fish and Betta are also well-sized and can fit in smaller tanks. You can put them in a five-gallon tank, but a larger tank is preferable.

What Do Amano Shrimp and Betta Fish Eat?

Amano Shrimp will eat algae and other water debris in the tank, but they do require other food to survive. Your shrimp enjoy plant and meat matter, so get them food that meets all their needs.

Shrimp pellets with a lot of algae are preferred, but make sure they have meat in them too. If you want you can also give them cut up veggies.

Any type will do just make sure the food pieces aren’t massive. Freeze-dried food also works for Amano, anything from bloodworms to other small critters. But you don’t want foods with copper in them. So make sure to check the food label for this.

Bettas also like to eat plants and meat. You don’t have to do much for them. Just get them betta pellets that have all their nutritional needs pre-baked into them.

Bettas don’t tend to like flakes, so stick with a pellet-like food. Other snacks like worms and dried shrimp can be put in with your Betta. But you should be giving them their pellet as a main source of food.

Veggies can also be a supplement to their diet. Overall a mix of foods can work well for both Amano Shrimp and Betta Fish.

Feeding Your Amano Shrimp and Betta Fish

Video: “How to feed Cucumber to Fish, Snails and Shrimp”

As we mentioned previously, feeding Amano can be important. If you have many Amano Shrimp and Betta Fish in a tank this is doubly important.

Your shrimp is generally well behaved. But when it comes to food their mood can shift drastically.

And it’s not just your Betta you want to look out for. Shrimp in the same tank can attack one another over food. Over time this won’t be an issue. Your shrimp won’t die, but they will establish a hierarchy and decide who can eat first.

So it’s perfectly safe to have multiple Amano shrimp in a tank. Just let your shrimp work this out.

However, when you are trying to feed them the same time as a Betta you’ll want to take certain precautions.

Shrimp actually eat a lot more than Betta. You can scatter more food on the surface of your water for them. Your fish only eats a few pellets in comparison.

Luckily though, Shrimp only need to be fed three times a week. This is because they eat other things in your tank throughout the week.

When you do feed either of your pets, make sure your Amano shrimp are on one side of your aquarium.

You’ll want your betta in his own territory. Give them their food, and watch to make sure nothing goes wrong.

After the first few weeks, if no fights break out, you’re probably in the clear. But continue to feed them on opposite sides of your tank.

Tank Size and Conditions

The tank size for Betta and Amano is important as well. You can put these pets in a smaller tank, but this won’t lead to the best tank conditions.

It’s true that your tank isn’t going to get dirty as easily as other tanks. But it can create a more hostile and cramped space.

So you’ll want to have a larger tank with at least ten gallons. This way you can fit in more shrimp and build up a more complex aquarium system.

This includes live plants and other items and decorations. And with extra space, your pets will have their own territory, and places to hide and relax.

Tank Conditions for Amano Shrimp and Betta Fish

Once you have the right tank for your shrimp and betta, start thinking about tank conditions. Both of these species are from tropical regions of the world.

So it is best to put your water temperature around 70 to 80 degrees. This will keep your pets comfortable.

Ph should also be adjusted for your fish. We would recommend getting your water to a Ph of 6 to 7.

In addition, do research on any plants you want to put in your tank. You want to make sure that the water conditions are suitable for all living things in your aquarium. This also includes lighting.

You’ll want enough illumination for your plants, but you don’t want to over-light a tank. You especially don’t want to fry your betta fish with over intense light.

Shrimp can handle a lot of light, but be mindful of both your pets.

Make sure you aren’t overdoing it with light exposure. You shouldn’t be leaving the light on at full blast all day anyway. This could actually wilt your plant.

Plants, Decorations, and Tank Coverage

Amano Shrimp and Betta Fish need proper coverage in order to live peacefully together. You’re going to want to put in large plants or decorations in order to achieve this.

Live plants are preferred options for both your pets.

But if you aren’t up for caring for them you can use fake plants to add coverage. Just make sure you are getting soft products that won’t cause your shrimp or fish to get scratched.

Whatever plants you get, know that the addition of them will increase the safety of your shrimp.

When Betta and shrimp have more room to hide they are less likely to get into fights. Your pets will also feel more secure with plants around them.

If you choose to get some live plants there are some great options for both your pets.

We recommend going with something easy like java moss or a hornwort water plant. You can even try out a larger Anarcharis plant. You will need more tank space for your plants and pets. But this will make your tank more homey and more natural-looking on the whole.

Also, when planting greenery, try to use a finer substrate. This way your shrimp won’t get injured.

Other types of objects can also be placed in a shrimp and Betta tank to create desired results.

Driftwood is a good addition to your aquarium. Shrimp like to hide under this a lot.

Rocks and other types of larger structures can be used by your Betta to hide in as well. Moss balls are also great to put in a tank. They are nice resting areas for both pets and create extra algae growth.

What Happens if My Pets Don’t Get Along?

There is always the chance that your pets won’t get along like you want them to. While this is unfortunate, it’s best to separate your Amano and Betta.

If fighting occurs often one of your pets will die. So put one species in another aquarium. If you have a tank divider this could also help solve in fighting.

Just watch out for both pets, especially when you add in your Amano Shrimp for the first time.


Amano Shrimp are great pets for your tank. You can have a few or a whole group of these in your tank and watch them flourish.

But if you want to add another pet, consider the Betta fish. At first, this might not seem like the best possible pairing.

In fact, many people like to keep their fish alone in a tank. But if you have the right conditions in a tank, and watch over your fish you can keep them together.

Betta is temperamental and aggressive at times. But not all Betta will be prone to fighting with Amano Shrimp.

Getting a large tank will make their co-existence a lot easier. You want at least ten gallons. And you should be putting plants and rocks in for extra coverage.

The more tank coverage you have, the better behaved your pets will be. In addition, consider your feeding schedule.

You want to let your Amano Shrimp eat first so they won’t fight with your pet Betta. You also want your shrimp to be far away from your Betta when they eat.

Really though, if you can stick to these simple instructions, your pets will stay happy and healthy for a long time.

Amano Shrimp and Betta Fish aren’t difficult to manage and they look amazing in underwater environments!


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